Thursday, October 1, 2020

Bigelow Bay Series Tour and Giveaway


Keeping Control
Bigelow Bay Book 3
by Jakki Frances
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

MICHAEL - He's the king and Bigelow Bay hospital is his domain.  A lifetime of single minded focus and self discipline has ensured his life is exactly the way he always wanted...  Until tragedy threatens
to disrupt his well ordered life.
SONNIE -  Her life is out of control, one moment changed everything. A new home, new school, new life with new challenges.  When your life is chaos you hang onto even a small shred of control all the harder.
MEL:  Offering guidance to those who need it most while battling the darkness that still lives inside her - it's a delicate balance between controlling her past of allowing her past to control her.
AS three lives collide, sometimes the only thing you can hope for is some order in the chaos, but sometimes the best outcome doesn't come from KEEPING CONTROL.

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Hey, can I ask you something without it coming across completely
inappropriate and creepy?
Umm, I don’t know…  If you have to ask, then it might actually be
creepy.  But consider me forewarned.
Ahh, ok.  So this is in no way a precursor to anything but I need to
know…  Is it normal for kids to know about sexting?
Mel dropped her phone and gasped.  Running through the dealings with the
students at school she almost cried trying to hold back her giggle.
Oh if only you knew.  I bet they could teach you a thing or two Doc. 

It's Complicated
Bigelow Bay Book 2 

Welcome to Bigelow Bay, where everyone has a story and gets their own, special, happy ending.
After years of being moved from place to place Greg has finally put down some roots and he likes his life just as it is. He works hard in his job and equally hard to avoid complications in life; especially the female kind.
Until he literally stumbles across Helene, a fun-loving free spirit without a home or a past who crashes into his life and complicates everything.

 “Just keep going!” he grumbled softly.
I hope you’re not a serial killer stalking me to chop me into little
pieces and use them for black magic or something!  If you are, could you
let me have a head start?  I guarantee there is no way I could outrun a
snail but give me a chance ok?”  Her voice clear and slightly
amused.“Anyway if you’re not, have a nice day and enjoy the water, it’s
wonderful!”  And with that, she disappeared down the trail.

It's Safer
Bigelow Bay Book 1 

Frank leads a quiet life and is dedicated to his job, but there is a redhead who keeps distracting him. He's seen her around town and at work and the more he sees the more curious he gets.
Kasey keeps to herself, hiding from the world. She loves her job and does it well, but after work hours she's alone in her home with a cat and books for company. It's a lonely existence but at least it's safe.
Until a stormy night changes everything and life no longer seems safe. Now it might become something more. Can Frank break through the walls around Kasey without breaking her completely? And is Kasey strong enough to let him in?

"What did my poor hedge do to you?"  Frank chuckled reaching for the
"In my defense the only clippers I've ever used are on hairy chests at
work.  We're not exactly manscaping when we shave a chest for cardiac
monitoring...  It's just hack the fur off and slap the stickers on!"

A life long book dork, voracious reader, book blogger, regular dreamer and slightly crazy cat lady, living in small town southern Australia. Cheat days are the best days because they involve pancakes and tacos.
A lifesaving superhero by day and putting whatever crazy is running through her head into words by night. Dreaming of love and creating different versions of the perfect book boyfriend... all with a little Aussie spin.
Everyday life is weaved through each story, a roadtrip I took, a person I once knew, a friends quirks - every character you read you are meeting someone in my life... see if you can find yourself. I write whatever crazy happens to be in my head at any given moment. Whether a friends to lovers, a fairy tale, a fun escapade, a filthy good girl gone wrong or a sweet shifter love, you never know what you're going to get. Why limit yourself to a single genre right? The only guarantee is that love wins in the end; I don't promise happily ever after but I do promise the perfect love for the story.

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    1. Thanks, I really love KEEPING CONTROL cover, it took quite a bit of tweaking but the final feels so perfect for the story.

  2. Thanks 'Momma says'for featuring KEEPING CONTROL and my Bigelow Bay series. The support of bloggers and book dorks in general means so much to mea.


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