Sunday, November 1, 2020

✱✱Audio Book Review✱✱ Angels, Demons, and Designer Shoes by Sandra Sookoo

Angels, Demons, and Designer Shoes
By: Sandra Sookoo
Narrated by: Anneliese Rennie, Alan Adelberg

Can wearing sexy stilettos win the heart of a demon, or will it cause Heaven to protest? 

Anne Jenkins never bought into the concept of a heaven or hell, but when she’s rescued from a runaway horse hurtling toward a steep ravine by a guy who claims he’s a demon, her freak detector goes off. When she demands proof, the leather-clad biker sets some local wildlife on fire. She starts to believe in a hurry. 

IRS agent Gregg Carter, bound to the Devil for all eternity for an audit gone wrong, seizes the opportunity to take possession of Anne’s soul as a way to please his boss. What he didn’t count on was the fact his libido would take the one-way bus to crazy town as he gets to know her better. When dreams of a future come calling, he’s screwed. 

Trouble is, Anne and Gregg spend so much time trying to hide their true selves from each other, that they can’t escape their mutual attraction. But everyone knows demons and humans don’t mix, and neither can two people destined for two different eternities. In the matter of heaven or hell, maybe the answer is somewhere in between.

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Momma Says: 3 stars⭐⭐⭐

Angels, Demons, and Designer Shoes is a quick, fun listen. It's a lot cheesy, but it's also witty and lighthearted, which makes for an entertaining twist on the trope. The characters are likable - yes, even the demon, and the fact that he's an IRS agent is an interesting touch. The narrators for this one were very well chosen. Anneliese Rennie wasn't new to me, and I'll admit that I wasn't sure about her for the voice of Anne. At least, I wasn't sure at first, but she quickly won me over. She has just the right amount of snark in her tone for this story, and Alan Adelberg worked perfectly for Gregg. The two of them together make for an engaging listen and they add that little something extra to the story in my opinion. In the end, this one was an amusing story, and I enjoyed the twist at the end. Yes, it's just this side of corny for the most part, but it's exactly the kind of feel good read that we can all use a little bit of.

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