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Lazarus Town Novellas Tour and Giveaway


Shotgun Cowgirl
Lazarus Town Book 1
by Iris Trovao
Genre: Historical Western Romance

She's a grouchy loner. He's a hardworking traveler. Fate, it seems, has a sense of humour.

When a mysterious traveler turns up at Lilian's doorstep, she thinks that he's just another person trying to take something from her. It turns out Davien has a lot to give.

But as he gets more and more enmeshed in the danger that surrounds her, the fear that something horrible will happen to him becomes more real. With the Sheriff breathing down her neck, wild gangs attacking, and the looming ghost of her father ripe in her memories, Lilian knows that her life is no place for anyone she cares about.

Now that she's had a taste of happiness, she has to choose between selfishness or giving up the ones she loves forever.

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He followed her directions, parking himself on the stool, the low light from the fire dancing over his handsome features. She tried to ignore that as she brought over her washbasin and a cloth, and pulled another stool directly in front of him. As she settled in, one of her knees on either side of his, leaning in to inspect his wound, she was suddenly very aware of their states of undress.

Her nipples hardened beneath her tunic, the fabric brushing against the sensitive nubs making her want to clench her thighs together. She tried to keep her breathing steady and focus on her task, but it wasn’t easy. She leaned in and brought the cloth up to his arm, slowly washing away the blood to reveal the wound.

It was a clean one, just a tear across his bicep. Lilian couldn’t help but be impressed that Davien had nary a hiss of discomfort as she washed him.

“Won’t need stitches,” she murmured, innately cursing the breathiness of her traitorous voice. She brought the cloth back and forth from the bowl, reddening the water as she cleaned him of the blood, his and those of her enemies.

He stayed still, obedient under her care. “Who were those men?”

“How should I know?” she snapped, jutting out her chin and avoiding his gaze. She took a clean swatch of cloth and began tearing it into strips to make into a bandage.

“You didn’t seem surprised they were here.” He cocked his head, and she could feel his eyes boring into her even as she avoided his gaze. “Not to mention prepared.”

She sighed, stifling a growl as she began tying the strips together into a long ribbon, one by one. “Stupid rumours started when my Pa built on this land,” she said gruffly. “For some reason everyone thought he had gold under the house. No matter how many times I tell people it ain’t true, bandits keep comin’ for it.” She tucked the end of the clean fabric over the wound, and slowly began winding it snugly around his thick bicep.

“Have you checked under there?” He raised an eyebrow, amusement glinting in his steel eyes.

She deadpanned. “There ain’t no gold under my house.” She tied the ends of the bandage into a tight and neat little knot. 

He chuckled, and shook his head. “Well. Thank you ma’am, for cleaning me up.” His voice was low.

“You keep callin’ me ma’am.” She didn’t know why she said it, but it definitely didn’t have to do with the fact that she could feel his body heat radiating off of him, that she couldn’t quite make her legs move from either side of his, or didn’t want to get up and move away from him just yet.

His tongue darted out, wetting his satin lips. “You still haven’t told me your name.” The firelight danced in his molten eyes, mesmerizing.

“Lilian,” she breathed.

The distance closed between them, hands grasping, fingers threading, arms curling, their legs tangling as their mouths came together in a flurry of desire, sucking lungfuls from one another in their need, passing life between them and sending electric shocks from the top of Lilian’s head to the tips of her toes.

Shotgun Wedding
Lazarus Town Book 2

In the Wild West, everything threatens to tear two lovers apart.

Lillian and Davien have been living blissfully together in the woods, taking life day by day. Unfortunately, those days are about to take a sharp turn and set them in the path of trouble all over again.

Fergus Black, the ferocious gang leader, is out for blood and gold. He is ruthless and well-connected, and Lillian is determined once again to keep everyone she loves out of his way. Though, that plan falls flat as her neighbor, Finny, and the pastor's daughter, Abby, get caught in the lies and corruption and it’s up to Lillian to save them.

With the lives of people she loves on the line, Lillian must navigate blackmail, sacrifice, and unwanted advances as she fights to end corruption in Lazarus Town.

Heads will roll like the tumbleweeds through the desert as Lillian strives to save her town, her friends, and her relationship from the men intent on destroying it all—and then her.

Shotgun Sheriff
Lazarus Town Book 3

The Wild West just got wilder.

Newly minted as the Sheriff of Lazarus Town, Lilian has a lot on her plate. Their economy is failing, tourists are a rarity, and to top it all off, Lillian still can’t put a stop to the shady dealings going on beneath her feet. Underground crime turns the homey town Lillian dreams of governing to nothing more than a mirage.

When she appoints Davien as mayor, things go from bad to worse. The town and its miscreants are furious as they attempt to take on the less-than-savoury money-making activities polluting their lives. Tensions burrow into Lilian and Davien’s relationship, and it becomes not only the town's financial situation that is in deep trouble.

The place Lillian loves has turned it’s back on her, and now she risks losing the love of her life too. Lillian thought she could have it all, but the Wild West proved her wrong. She isn’t a woman to go down without a fight, and with the pieces she has left of her town and her heart, she’s about to gear up for the biggest fight of her life.

I hail from rural Nova Scotia, curled up on a tree stump with a bubblegum pink notebook and a steaming mug of french roast coffee. I'm a thirtysomething mom of two humans and a furbaby. My lumbersexual husband doesn’t actually work in lumber anymore, but he still wears the plaid and the beard.

I'm an established self-published author, freelance editor, and ghostwriter. My books range in genre from Romance and Erotica to Horror and Science Fiction, and everything in between.

When I'm not writing and/or momming, I'm sipping espresso, crocheting, and listening to audiobooks.


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