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Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Island Series Tour and Giveaway


Pavey Boulevard
Island Series Book 1
by Rie Anders
Genre: Contemporary Romance

When Shaye dropped out of college mid-semester, and moved to Lopez Island for the summer, she’d hoped to figure out what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. Instead, she reconnects with childhood friends Jason and Nick, and good intentions spiral into harrowing confrontations. The summer ends in tragedy and Shaye flees the Island, haunted by her mistakes.

Eight years later, Shaye is forced to return to the place she’d hoped never to see again. Now, she must face the people, and the pain she left behind. She must confront the person she was, and decide who she will become. Can Shaye forgive herself enough to let the past go, and let love in?

“C’mon, let’s go back downstairs. I want to dance.” Evie grabbed my hand and dragged me down the steps and back into the bar. She signaled Jason for another round and we headed to the dance floor.

We danced and drank and danced some more. Later, when I reflect back on that night, I think I knew then that my world would change monumentally. All the events of my life had been so simple, so predictable. This summer had been a shift in my, and my parents, best laid plans, and I felt like I was going off-script. 

I could see heads turning and heard, “Welcome home,” and, “How are you doing?” The air around me thickened, and the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. Somehow, I knew Nick had arrived, and my reaction to his presence was visceral. I hadn’t even seen him, and yet I knew something intense was about to happen.

When I finally turned and saw him for the first time, my chest constricted and I couldn’t get a breath. Something in me shifted, and it was almost as if it was pre-ordained that my life would never be the same.  Even if I had known the outcome of that summer, I couldn’t say for certain I was mature enough to have made different decisions.

Staring at him, I tried to process my sudden, overwhelming emotions. Feeling like a weight just landed on me, I put my hand to my collar bone and took a deep breath. This was insane. He was beautiful. He looked like Jason, but taller, sexier and more masculine.

His faded jeans, gray T-shirt, and Eddie Bauer vest gave him that “Seattle look,” and he would have been clean shaven if it wasn’t almost midnight. I couldn’t look away from his face, with his short, blond-tipped hair and kissable mouth—I was simply mesmerized.

His face was perfectly symmetrical, with a straight nose and a mischievous grin. His teeth were perfectly straight and white, and I noticed a dimple in his cheek. Everything about him was calm and strong. He appeared confident, but not arrogant.

If I hadn’t already known he was studying law, I would have taken him for just another pretty, island summer boy. Guys were slapping him on the back, and the girls were working their way towards him, like moths to a flame. His eyes were sensuous and carnal, and he was looking at the girls as if they amused him. I could understand why they were hovering around him, waiting their turn for a hug and a greeting.

On Island
Island Series Book 2

Growing up on Island the sister of Nick and Jason Reid was not easy when it came to dating. All the guys looked at her as a sister and the island's darling daughter. Evie runs the bakery and when her brother hires Attorney, Ethan Archer, to run the Island office, she thinks he is going to be just another friend.

Ethan is a cowboy at heart and a gentleman. Not wanting to ruin his career and his friendship with his boss, he steers clear of a romantic attachment to Evie. But their friendship grows until one night they cross the line and change their friendship forever. As their relationship begins to grow the past comes back to haunt Ethan and could destroy another relationship for Evie.

"This book is so incredibly moving, and quite honestly, there are parts that are just laugh out loud, righteously hilarious. Evie Reid is kind, and good, and loving, and Ethan has to be the sexiest man alive. Not only is this a beautiful story of love and family, but holy smokes, Ethan and Evie are so sexy." - Chelsey S.

"Can I please just move in next door to these people? In this second book, Anders builds on the relationships of all the characters from her first novel, and introduces us to some incredible new additions to the story. Her ability to weave them in, and make you fall in love with them, is extraordinary. Find a couple of hours to yourself, because you wont be able to put it down." Lisa L.

I was lounging on a couch with my back to the front door, and Julie and Shaye were across from me. “I think Ethan owes us dinner for all of this work we did today,” I announced as I dangled a diet Coke from my hand. I had one leg thrown over the arm of the couch. 

“I’m sure he wouldn’t be opposed to that,” Shaye said. “I could go for a burger from the pub.”

“UGH! A burger after a pizza lunch? Gross!” Julie protested. “I need a salad. Maybe we can get him to take us to the Bay Café.” 

I had closed my eyes, and spoke without opening them. “I don’t feel like getting cleaned up to go to dinner. I’m with Shaye.” 

 “Maybe Ethan likes a dirty girl,” Julie said archly.

“Oh, please, Julie, if I remember correctly, you didn’t even give him a second look.” I opened my eyes and saw the glint in hers. 

“I wasn’t talking about me.” 

“He works for my brother, Julie. It would be inappropriate. From what I remember, he was a very nice guy.” I had more heat in my voice than I intended, and Julie, sensing weakness, continued goading me. 

“And from what I remember, he was a hunky, yummy man. You should totally try and climb that.”

Julie was starting to piss me off; I was tired of her innuendoes. 

Doing my best to shock her, I said, “Oh, yes, I should totally climb that. I might sneak over one night and seduce him. Maybe I’ll put on a tiny black lace thong and a push-up bra, climb in bed with him, and whisper, ‘Ethan, you big hunk of a love-man, I’m gonna ride you like a quarter horse, and fuck you ‘til you can’t see straight.’ Then I’ll wait until he nods off, and do it all over again. Is that what you would do, Julie? Is that how it’s done?” 

Both Shaye and Julie sat speechless on the couch in front of me.  

“You could start with that, but at least let me take you to dinner first,” Ethan said. 

I jumped up off the couch and almost spilled my soda all over me. Shaye and Julie both snickered behind me. 

Shaye spoke first. “Hey, Ethan. You made it.” She was smiling at him.

Hunters Moon
Island Series Book 3

From a young age, Julie Hunter had her whole life planned. She would inherit her parents' vineyard and live happily ever with her childhood sweetheart, her first and forever love. When he dies, however, her dreams die with him. She retreats within herself, burying her wounds under a facade of hedonism and debauchery.

Over the years, her friends have come to accept her sometimes crass behavior. But as Julie matures, she tires of the act. When she inherits the vineyard, she decides to chase her dreams on her own and develop the property into a world class resort.

Enter Dax Bentley, a prominent Seattle investor. She finds herself drawn to his sleek, polished demeanor.  But her construction manager, Riley Johnson, challenges her motives. He forces her to examine her feelings, and her true self.

Julie, Riley, and Dax find themselves grappling with a history of lost loves and past resentments. With the future of her resort at stake, Julie must learn that sometimes you have to let go of that which is most precious to get what your heart desires.

I turned to run up the dock as best I could in my wedges, trying to catch Riley before he made it to us. 

Fortunately, Shaye had already stepped up into the plane, so I avoided a scene in front of her. Riley had a backpack over his shoulder, and a scowl on his face. 

“Riley, I am so sorry.” 

He was pissed. “I know you had a really important breakfast with your investor this morning, but at least answer your fucking phone.” 

“I felt bad because I was already late. I thought it would be rude to interrupt our conversation.” 

Hitching his backpack higher up on his shoulder, he glared at me. He ran his eyes down my body, resting on my feet and my blue painted toes. 

When he brought his eyes back to mine, he said, “It was rude to take my truck and leave me stranded.” 

His voice had softened, and I felt my insides warm. “I…I didn’t know you were going anywhere.” 

“I need to go to Friday Harbor. I was going to drive, but now I’ll take my boat. I’ll be back in a few days and I’ll fix your truck then. You can use mine.” 

Turning away from me, he continued his trek down the dock to his boat. My heels made it difficult to keep up with his long stride, so I waited until we reached his boat to continue the conversation. 

“When are you coming back?” 

He stepped into a forty-foot fishing boat and answered, “In a few days. My sister needs me to help her with the customer. They changed the scope of the project but not the budget. I think they thought that since we left her in charge, they could bulldoze her and take advantage. I just need to give her some support.” 

Riley’s boat was so beautiful I found myself stepping in after him. It swayed and I grabbed his arm for support. 

He laughed. “Are you coming with me?” 

“This boat is gorgeous. What is it?” 

He paused, as if he was gauging my motives, and then he said, “It’s a Scout 420.” 

I wandered along the sides of the deck, admiring the caramel, faux leather seats. 

“Does it have a cabin?” 

He tilted his head to an entry way. I stepped carefully down into a cozy galley, with a sleeping berth and small dining area. 

Following me down, he ducked his head and scooted past me to toss his backpack on the bed. It was difficult to maneuver around him, and I regretted my decision to step in. 

Riley took a seat at the tiny table, his legs stretched out in front of him, watching me with amusement, and I had to step around him to leave. 

He reached out a hand to steady me, and I inhaled sharply at the feel of his palm on my leg. 

“I…I should get going.” 

His voice was husky when he spoke. “You could come with me if you want. The lumber won’t be delivered until later this week. Not much is going to happen on site.”

He hadn’t shaved and I briefly imagined him kissing my inner thighs, the soft hairs tickling me. His eyes sparkled with humor, as if he knew what he was doing to me. 

Abruptly, I pushed his leg to the side. “I really need to get back. Thank you for letting me use your truck. I’ll make sure I put gas in it. And text me when you get back, I’ll come get you.” 

I’d scrambled to the boat deck and then out onto the dock before he reappeared from the cabin. 

He shouted after me, “Don’t crash it Juliette!” 

I gave him my middle finger. 

Rie grew up in the Pacific Northwest and spent her summers as a child in the San Juan Islands.
"Pavey Boulevard", released in 2018, is the story of Shaye Richards & Nick Reid, and is the first in the Island Series. The second in the series, "On Island", released in May, 2019, continues the saga with Evie Reid, the sister of Nick, and her love story with Ethan Archer.
Rie currently lives in Texas with her family and returns home to the Pacific Northwest as often as she can.

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