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1 BANNER Trust in You by Julia Firlotte Book Blitz  
Welcome to Magic Pen Book Tours' organized book blitz for the debut novel Trust in You by Julia Firlotte taking place November 30 - December 4, 2020!

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Title: Trust in You Series: Falling for You #1 Author: Julia Firlotte Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance, Single Dad and Nanny Romance (Standalone Romance) Published: 2015 Publisher: Indie via Vixen Publishing Number of pages: 256 pages

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A first love summer romance full of intrigue, lust and lies. From the moment she met him, Ella Peterson had questions. As always, though, she’s too shy to ask.
Older and sexy as hell, mysterious Adam Brook soon sweeps sheltered Ella off her feet; but is he as perfect as he appears to be, or is there more to him than he’s telling her? Ella’s world has already turned upside down after moving from England to rural Kansas. She and her sisters were hoping for a more secure future, but instead find that life can be tough when jobs are scarce and the stakes often higher than anticipated. When events spiral out of Ella’s control, she learns the person she needs to rely on most is herself and her instincts on who to trust in the future. It’s just that her instincts are screaming at her to trust Adam; it’s what he tells her that makes that a problem. This is the first book in the Falling for You series.

Praise for Trust in You:

“A very well written page turner.” – Goodreads review “The story is intriguing, taught, complex and sinister in a subtle way.” – Goodreads review “Pacey, shocking, thriller so if you like your romance to have a bit more edge and drama you will love this.” – Goodreads review “Trust in You is an enjoyable first love romance with some intriguing characters and a surprising storyline that will keep you entertained.” – Goodreads review “The prose is edgy and tight. The characters are troubled, impulsive, and possessive. And the plot is a push-pull tale of life, love, attraction, emotion, familial dynamics, smouldering chemistry, deception, secrets, and violence.” – Goodreads review “It's a coming of age love story with a darker side.” – Goodreads review “A beautiful read with a few naughty bits, highly recommended.” – Goodreads review “Fast paced, exciting, romantic and unpredictable, totally recommended!” – Goodreads review “The couple’s romance is as enticing as it is suspenseful.” – Goodreads review


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Some mornings you wake up and just know that something has got to change. Not that things haven’t changed for me recently. I’ve lost my dad, finished college, moved to a new country, started a business; there’s not much more that possibly could change in my life right now, but that’s beside the point. I’m talking about things that you’ve got to change about yourself. I was bullied as a kid by the boys that lived on our estate, so I hung out with my older sisters and Hannah from next door rather than make friends of my own. It didn’t mean I was happy, though; I didn’t want to always be treated as the baby of the family that everyone had to look after. I wanted to be that confident girl who could saunter up to those boys hanging out at the end of my street and cut them dead with just the arch of a carefully plucked eyebrow, but I wasn’t that girl back in school, and at almost twenty I’m still not that girl.

About the Author:

The Photography Lounge (high res) 065 Julia Firlotte is a self published romantic suspense novelist and romance blogger from Southern England. As an avid reader of the genre, Julia started writing her own novels in 2018 and has five novels drafted. Her debut novel is Trust in You, a slightly dark romantic suspense which went on sale in April 2020, the sequel is Faith in Him and goes on sale in December 2020. Julia’s genres of choice are dark romance, enemies to lovers and romantic suspense. When Julia is not writing or editing, she is reading romance by her favourite authors. Julia has a day job in Logistics and looks after her children, cats and husband. To subscribe to Julia’s mailing list for a monthly newsletter and blog updates, go to


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