Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Spark of Fury by Kira Nyte Release Blitz


Spark of Fury by Kira Nyte

Series: The Firestorm Dragon Chronicles Book 4

Genre: Fantasy Romance/Shifter Romance

Available on Kindle Unlimited 

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Caryssa Parker’s life since her father was sent to prison for murdering her mother has been one of pain and degradation. Her uncle’s thugs monitor her every waking moment, while her sadistic cousin takes pleasure in keeping her in line. Somehow, she finds the courage to seek out a hidden legacy her estranged father insists will protect her from their machinations.

Vengeance and duty have kept Tajan Rosklov going since his Keeper cut him from his life. While his Firestorm dragon brethren have found happiness with their lifemates, Taj sinks deeper into a pit of rage, guilt and self-loathing. After three decades of silence, he is shocked to find a clue to his Keeper’s whereabouts—and even more shocked when the trail leads him to the beautiful, damaged woman destined to be his.

Caryssa has learned not to trust anyone, least of all a man. She should be terrified of the fierce, hulking man who breaks into her apartment. She isn’t. She’d be a fool to believe his vow to keep her safe. She wants to. But she won’t trade one jailor for another, no matter how tempting he is.

Taj will do anything to become the kind of man who deserves a lifemate like Caryssa. He just needs to convince the damsel that he is a dragon worth saving.

*This story contains adult content, language, steamy love scenes, and darker elements.

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