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Friday, December 25, 2020

The Bound Series Tour and Giveaway


Unapologetically Nessa
The Bound Series Book 3
by S. Courtney
Genre: Paranormal Romance

This is book #3 of the Bound Series, parts of #1 (Bound to You) are incorporated into the story.

In the quiet town of Lovenshire, nestled in the deep forest is the almighty Cheshire Pack and among their members we meet Vanessa Vanderbilt, a spitfire who lives everyday like it's her last and for a single girl fated to a mate, it's only a matter of time before he comes for her. Outfitted with an out of control wolf with an unfiltered mouth and a hot tempered witch, they protect her while trying to live carefree. If it were her choice she'd party forever but she's starting to feel the undeniable pull towards everlasting love and her trysts weren't satisfying anymore. She could blame her love sick best friend for rubbing off on her but her fate was sealed by the Moon Goddess long ago. Until the tie comes, it's going to be stiletto heels, endless drinks, loud music, and wild times! Her mate better be ready to tame the wild girl within!

Disaster Date

Later that night:

“You did WHAT?!” Kam shouts from the top of her lungs at me as I peel myself out of my dress.

"I slept with him, so what? Why is this shocking news, you saw him? He wined and dined me, so I wanted to see if he had potential..."

"AND?! Well, don't leave me hanging!"

I wash my face and while patting it dry, I turn to her. "And, I should have gone out with Colby, at least I felt what he was offering, and it was nice, definitely doable. But Greyson was all about himself and you know that is a major turnoff for me, might as well be named after a city he was that bad...oh, and quick, too. I gave him a second chance...and a third but still nothing. Had to finish the job myself in his bathroom because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Such a tragedy, too."

Kam shakes her head in disappointment, "Damn, that sucks. Well, you still have a chance with Colby."

I grin widely while pulling my hair up into a ponytail, “That I do because he texted me between round two and three with boring ass Greyson so I said I would go out with him sometime next week.”

Kam looks shocked, "You texted in-between rounds of sex?"

I scoff as we settle into the living room for an after-date movie, “That hardly counted as sex so yes, I did.” We can’t help but bust out laughing. “Nessa, you’re a mess and I love you for it.”

The following Friday, I went out with Colby and I came back to report the details to Kam. She takes in the smile plastered across my face as I lean against the door.

"Hmmm, I take it this went better than what's his name?"

I nod proudly while putting my jacket in the closet, "Mhmm, so much better even after the fourth and fifth round. He’s got the stamina of a champion stallion! Wow...I just might be in love." I stagger to the sofa, my legs achingly weak from pleasure.

Kam can't contain her amusement, "Oh you're in love alright but not with him, just a part of him." She tosses the blanket from behind her as I wrap myself with it.

"And I will love it over and over and over again, you hear me?! Are my pajamas still in your dresser drawer? I'm too tired to go to my place besides we can have some girl time."

"Nessa, your place is 15 steps away."

"Well, when you've been worked over like I have your legs get a little weak..."


I wobble to her dresser grabbing some pajama bottoms and a tank top joining her back in the living room.

Kam looks over at me and I can tell she has something on her mind.

“Umm Nessa? Something happened earlier today that I want to talk to you about, John Michael asked me out today. Yeah, he came into the studio and said he had no purpose other than to ask the beautiful owner out on a date."

She’s fidgeting with her hands, too nervous to even bring up the situation but she needs my advice.

I leaned forward almost falling out of my damn chair in anticipation. "And? Talk about keeping people in suspense! What else did he say?!" She shrugs her shoulders, "Nothing much after that he was waiting for my answer. I told him I'd think about it. But isn't he messing with Bridget?"

"Girl, who isn't messing with the town slut? But I think that if he put that much effort into coming down to your shop to ask you out, I don't see why not! Did you give him your number?"

She nods while checking her phone, "Yeah, he's been texting me since then."

I snatch her phone and scroll through their conversation just reading his responses. I know hers are shy and stoic.

(7:38) J: Hello beautiful

(8:18) J: Hope you have thought about my proposal, I would love to take you out

(8:20) J: Don't keep me waiting long, princess.

(9:05) J: I'm calling at 10pm for my answer, I hope you have one.

I checked my watch, it was 9:55pm.

"He's going to call in five minutes! What are you going to say?!"

Again, she shrugs her shoulders. "I think he's cute but if he's messing with Bridget then I can't, for some reason she doesn't like me and honestly, I don't like her, either. I don’t want any confrontation because she thinks I took her man."

I scoff loudly, "Screw that promiscuous bitch, this is about you and him, no one else. Tell me, what do you WANT to do?"

She's quiet for a moment before a mischievous smile forms across her face, "I want to go out with him." 

Just then her phone buzzes. I signal for her to put it on speakerphone so I can hear.


"Hello, gorgeous. So, will you let me take you out tomorrow night? I promise it will be the perfect date."

"It doesn't have to be perfect; you just have to be you. I'd love to go out with you, John."

"Thank you, beautiful, I can't wait to see your gorgeous smile. Be ready at 7pm, okay?"


"See you tomorrow sunshine. Sweet dreams."


I can’t help but squeal like a pig, “Oh my goodness! Does my Kammi Kam have a date tomorrow?!” She joins me in shrieking, and we start a pillow fight, chucking pillows at each other until we collapse, laughing giddily.

"Oh my gosh, this is the first date in so long, I hope this works out Nessa. I…I really like him."

I pull her to her feet as we dance around celebrating her upcoming date.

"Well, it all starts with the first date and I will be here to make you look spectacular! You gave him my apartment number, right?" She nods.

"Well let's get to bed, you have work in the morning."

"WE have work in the morning." She casually reminds me.

I sigh, “Oh, yeah right. I haven't mysteriously won the lottery today, bummer."

Bound By Destiny
The Bound Series Book 2

In the second installment of the Bound Series, we meet Kayari and Kamden Miller, twins of Alpha Kayden and Luna/Violet Legacy Princess Kamari Lee-Miller. Once Kayd & Kam retire from their roles as Alpha & Luna of the Cheshire pack it's the kids turn and with that dad drops the bombshell...they will share the Alpha role. But how do twins SHARE the Alpha title? How do they choose their Beta or Betas? What if one finds their mate before the other? All those questions to answer and still protect the pack and themselves, oh and don't forget about LOVE. It's quite the adventure to be a Miller heir.

Bound To You
The Bound Series Book 1

Kamari Lee was just a small hometown artist with an obsession with drawing wolves... She doesn't know why she is obsessed but she is, she feels a love and attachment she just can't describe. Her studio is popular among the residents but she refuses to sell any pertaining to her muse until one day a man walks in...
Kayden Miller is the Alpha leader of the Cheshire pack, he finds solace in drawing his mate, or features of her. He hasn't found her but he draws what he sees in his dreams and fantasies.
When he runs out of supplies in the middle of an intense session, frustrated, he decides to go into town to get them himself. It's when he finds her shop, he sees her painstakingly painting her white wolf, but wait...
This sparks a story for the ages because NOTHING about her is normal.

S. Courtney is new to the published writing community but has been a lifelong writer and began creatively writing in junior high. She is the author of the werewolf romance series, The Bound Series.

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