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The Delphi Bloodline Series Tour and Giveaway


Athena's Secrets
The Delphi Bloodline Book 1
by Donna Del Oro
Genre: Crime Drama, Romantic Suspense

Athena Butler, the twenty-year-old descendant of an ancient bloodline of psychics, yearns to live a normal life. She wants a career in art, a boyfriend, independence. Her clairvoyance has taught her, however, that people can be false and dangerous. Although warned to keep her psychic gifts a secret, she’s recruited by law enforcement to help search for a serial killer and to uncover a terrorist cell that threatens her own diplomat father.
She bonds with an intriguing, handsome man, Kas Skoros, who knows her secret and accepts it. Of the same bloodline, his own mother is precognitive and predicts they are meant to be together…someday. Kas realizes that life is too uncertain, but he can’t resist his growing passion for the strange young woman.
Still, they face obstacles beyond their control. Can Athena and Kas overcome these obstacles? More importantly, can Athena stay alive long enough to fulfill her dream of a normal life?

Athena realized now how different her mother was from her father. The miracle had never come to her father, just her mother, and Nonna and Nonna’s mother before her. A long line, her mother had told her, all the way back to the ancient world of Greece. To the priestesses of Delphi. Athena wondered about that, but before she could do or say anything more, her eyes drooped. The trauma of the past night had wrung her out. Miracles…and curses…were indeed exhausting.

Athena's Fears
The Delphi Bloodline Book 2

Kas Skoros, his marriage to Alex’s former fiancée now annulled and no longer intimidated by Athena’s psychic gifts, begs her to move to San Francisco and manage an art gallery that his family’s company owns. However, burned once, Athena holds him at arm’s length.
Athena is enticed to consult in another serial killer case. As time passes and secrets are leaked, others—including the killer’s brother—find out that Athena is the one who’s helping the police. Meanwhile, a strange young woman on a motorcycle appears to be stalking her. Warning bells go off as Athena realizes the woman is not who she seems to be.

Mikayla’s black eyebrows furrowed.

Athena rushed to explain. “She’s not a chick. She’s a man, a dangerous man. A killer.”

“What? How do you know all that?”

Athena sighed.

“Ohh.” Mikayla murmured. “Your clairvoyance. But are you sure?”

“Oh yes, I’m positive. You and I are both in danger.”

Mikayla sank down on her bed and stared hard at her. Athena inhaled and ran her hand over the windowsill. Even now, she could sense his evil presence. The acrid emanations flowing off the places he touched in their apartment…were unmistakable and as palpable as a skunk’s stench.

Athena's Dilemma
The Delphi Bloodline Book 3

After Detective Ochoa’s cousin, Detective Inspector Villalobos, persuades Athena to help him with this baffling case, she realizes a truth that horrifies her and threatens both her and Kas. While at a crowded Christmas festival in the Sierra foothill town of Grass Valley, they encounter a man who attempts to kidnap Kas’s nephew. It was Athena’s lapse of attention which nearly causes this tragedy and threatens to destroy her relationship with Kas. Only their seeking of justice can right this wrong, and they risk their lives to do so.

Outside, as they climbed into Kas’s SUV, wearing their winter parkas and mountain boots over jeans and sweaters, Athena couldn’t resist teasing him. “Do you normally lie to your father?”

Kas grunted. “If I’d told him what we were about to do, he’d insist on coming along. Besides, Mom knows and she won’t tell him, either. She doesn’t like it but she knows we must stop this creep. And no, she didn’t tell me the outcome, either.” He checked the back seat where he’d put the steel-toothed metal cutter, then patted first his ankle, then his jeans pocket. “Okay, let’s do this.”

Her pulse began to pound even as Kas pulled out of the driveway. She knew he’d strapped a gun holster to his right ankle. He sometimes carried spare bullets in a pants pocket.

No turning back now, she told herself.

Donna Del Oro's dream since childhood (when she used to create her own comic books and share them with her friends) has been to write fiction. Escaping the humdrum of ordinary life always seemed to her an ideal form of self-entertainment. Better than TV and even better than some books! As soon as she retired from high school teaching (which was a suspenseful adventure in itself), Donna turned to fiction writing. Becoming a member of the RWA and Sisters in Crime has helped her to learn the craft and focus on what she needed to do to get published.

Besides writing Chica Lit, she writes romantic suspense and thrillers. THE DELPHI BLOODLINE is a hybrid thriller about the present-day descendants of an ancient bloodline of women with extraordinary psychic powers and how they must fight against enslavement by a ruthless high-tech tycoon.

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