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Overcoming Autoimmune Tour and Giveaway


Overcoming Autoimmune
Natural Health Warriors Book 1
by Tirzah Hawkins
Genre: Nonfiction, Health and Wellness

Are you looking for an accessible and actionable book to help you restore your health? Then look no further.

In the pages of this book, you will learn some things you can do immediately to start feeling better now. This information is presented in a concise, easy-to-read format to help the reader avoid overwhelm. 

You’ll learn how to rewire your thinking to become the healthy, energetic person you can be. "Breaking habits we don't like isn't about quitting something. It's about becoming something else." -Tirzah Hawkins 

This book shows you how to look deeper than the symptoms and instead look at what is causing the symptoms: the root cause. Neglecting the cause is like trying to clear smoke out of a room without first putting out the fire.

This book comes with complimentary access to a private support group and an online learning center full of additional resources. Those who need help implementing what they’ve learned in the book can purchase the companion workbook: Natural Health Warriors Workbook 1.

Tirzah Hawkins is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She originally started studying natural health in order to overcome her anxiety, allergies, depression, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue issues. She writes this book from her own experience as well as from helping many clients over the years.
If you are ready to start healing yourself, this book is the place to start.

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Three Components for Healing”


““There is no cure for what I have.” I hear this from so many people when they talk about their diseases. Usually, this is because they are looking for a pharmaceutical cure and are repeating what a Western medical doctor told them.

Have you noticed that pharmaceutical drugs are composed exclusively of components that can be patented?

The cure for your disease can never be patented because YOU are the cure. No company can manufacture the healing ability your body contains innately inside itself.

I know this may sound difficult to believe because it goes against mainstream wisdom, but the people reading this who are willing to give the innate healing ability of their body a chance are the ones who will be able to heal from their “incurable” disease.

The mind and beliefs are powerful things. If we believe and tell ourselves that we are terrible at math, then our mind will do it’s best to prove us right. If we believe and tell ourselves that we are terrible with remembering people’s names, then we often don’t even seek out the tools that can help us be better with our memory.

We have to first acknowledge that maybe we can be better; maybe we aren’t so terrible with math or names at all. We have to quit identifying ourselves as failures in regards to something we want.

But I have an autoimmune disease,” you say. The more you say that, the more you identify yourself as a person with a disease. It becomes a “this is this and that is that” situation. It becomes unchangeable.

Self-identity is huge. If we identify ourselves as something positive, we never seek to be the opposite of that. If you identify yourself as an honest person, do you ever seek to be a dishonest person? If you identify yourself as a fit, athletic person, do you ever seek to be a plush couch potato?

If you are identifying yourself as a person with a disease, are you actively seeking to be a healthy, whole person?

Many people say they want to be healthy. Wanting something and seeking it are two different things.

Growing up, I wanted to be able to fly. Did I actively seek it? No. I didn’t believe it was possible. Hover boards and jet packs are no longer only talked about in science fiction books. They are becoming real life.

We need to actively seek health and self-identify as healthy people in order for change to happen. When we change our mindset and allow for the possibility that greater health is within reach, the blinders we have on can fall off; and we see that the cure is right under our nose and inside ourselves.

One of my brothers broke his ankle many times as a teenager. Did he then decide he was a person with a broken ankle? No. He went to the doctor, got it set and secured in a cast, and let his ankle rest.

He is in his 50’s now and doesn’t have a broken ankle. Who healed his ankle? My brother did. The innate, God-given ability inside his body to repair itself knit his bone back together. In this case, the doctor created an environment to support healing by aligning the bones and applying a cast; but it was my brother’s body that did the work.

What do we do when a child falls and scrapes their knees? We clean the wound, apply ointment to keep it germ free, and cover it with a bandage. Essentially, we remove and prevent toxins, and support a healing environment. Who does the work of knitting the body tissues back together? The child’s body.

What about people who have wounds that are slow to heal? They are missing one of the three components for healing: building materials (nutrients), pathogen-free area (toxin removal or prevention), and a healing environment (which can include their mental environment).

Unlike scrapes and broken bones, diseases typically start internally and develop over time instead of acutely. Don’t let this fool you. The three components needed for your body to heal from acute injuries are the same for chronic diseases. Give the body the materials it needs to make new properly functioning cells; clean out harmful invaders and pathogens; and support a healing environment inside and out.

The first place we have to start with is the internal healing environment, and that begins with our mindset. When we spend all our thoughts creating anxiety, our internal environment is one of emergency and survival, not healing.

We can quit identifying with the things in our life that we don’t want as well as ceasing ownership of negative things.

If your spouse were to say, “Our cat peed on the bed again,” you would be quick to remind them, “It’s YOUR cat.” When the cat misbehaves, you don’t want ownership of it.

Watch your verbiage. When another diet attempt is over unsuccessfully, are you more likely to say, “I’m a failure” or “I failed another diet”? The first option is insight into how you see yourself as a person. Instead of acknowledging a failure, you have identified yourself as the failure.”

Tirzah Hawkins was born in 1983 in Silverton, Oregon. Her struggles with her health began in childhood and continued through her teen and young adult years. At the age of 25, she discovered the wonder of natural health and, since, has been able to heal from many lifelong chronic health conditions, including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, acne, anxiety, depression and more. As she began healing her own body, her passion manifested for helping others heal themselves using natural means. Over the next 6 years, Tirzah completed a naturopathic program and became a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
In 2015, Tirzah assumed ownership of her retail store, Stayton Vital Health, in Stayton, Oregon, where she also began working with clients as a natural health practitioner. Over the course of several years, seeing the health transformation of many dedicated clients, she began to focus more on helping clients overcome autoimmune issues. In order to touch as many lives as possible, all of this is being presented in the first printing of her book, Overcoming Autoimmune, an NHWarriors (Natural Health Warriors) project.
Tirzah currently lives in Aumsville, Oregon with her husband, Daniel Hawkins, and their two dogs and two cats. She enjoys running and writing fiction as well as nonfiction and recently discovered paint by numbers.

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