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The Forbidden Series Tour and Giveaway


Prequel to the Forbidden Series
by Zee Shine Storm
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Sometimes the journey towards true love can be dark and twisted.

This story contains an illicit affair, erotic romance, true sexual awakening and some very flawed human beings.

An orphaned Jasmine Khan finds herself falling for and indulging in an affair with her best friend's married brother, Hamza Qureshi, who she believes is her one true love and who showers upon her the kind of care and attention she desperately needs after she loses her family.

But life has other plans for her and throws Armaan in her path who makes her discover a sexual aspect of her nature which she had never explored.

Torn between love and lust, Jasmine must decide who she really wants to be. The heartbroken yet devoted girl who has sworn her heart to someone else's husband or the bold and brazen woman that she finds herself becoming in Armaan's charming company. He is sexy, sweet and incapable of taking no for an answer.

Jasmine must recognise the difference between love and lust before it is too late and she loses the man who would be willing to do anything to ensure her happiness.


Trigger warning: Infidelity

*Mature Themes 18+ readers only

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Three's a Crowd
The Forbidden Series Book 1

When I first fell for him, the man of my dreams, I never for a moment imagined that he could be in love with someone else. I certainly did not imagine that someone else would be his long term boyfriend, the same man who had been eyeing me like he wanted to eat me alive mere weeks ago.

I had been in love with Jasper Wells since I first laid eyes on him. It felt like we were two halves of a whole. We were perfect together. So then, why did I find myself yearning for her?

From the minute I found out about her, I hated her with a passion. I wanted to destroy her for being the reason Cole decided I was no longer enough for him. But what I was not prepared for was the way she ended up destroying me.

Note: This story is an MMF romance and contains mature themes meant for 18+ readers only.

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"Don't hurt him, Skye," he warned me roughly. "Cole means more to me than he ever would to you and the last thing I want is to pick up the damaged pieces that you leave behind when you finally grow tired of this arrangement. There's still time to back out."


I looked up him up and down, ignoring the cavewoman instincts in me which wanted to be handled so roughly by this man that she did not even remember her own name, and gave him a smirk.


"Thanks for the heads up," I said arrogantly. "You don't know how much Cole means to me because you don't know me. I noticed how you used the word 'when' and not 'if' which gives me the impression that you're just waiting for me to show myself out the door as soon as possible." Standing up, I tried to stare him down despite the fact that he was way bigger and taller than I was. "Good luck with that."

Once a Cheater
The Forbidden Series Book 2

Sometimes, happy endings are not all they are cut out to be.

Relationships take work when misunderstandings, fights and insecurities creep in and people have to make hard choices.

'Once a Cheater' is a novel exploring the dark side of relationships focusing on five individuals introduced in the previous book of the FORBIDDEN series.

Join Skye, Jasper, Cole, Jasmine and Armaan as they navigate the ups and downs of a live-in relationship/marriage.

How far of a step is a person willing to take just to erase pain from their hearts? Can forgiveness be an option when someone you care about intentionally hurts you? And the most important question of all...

Can love survive betrayal?

*This story contains mature themes meant for 18+ readers only. Proceed with caution.*
Trigger warning:

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Twice Inflamed
The Forbidden Series Book 3

Two years have passed since the events of 'Once A Cheater'.

Lives have changed. People have moved on.
Or so we think.

Sometimes, we lose ourselves in routine and obsessions just to avoid dwelling on what directions our lives are headed in. Sometimes, we even convince ourselves that we're happy, that our mistakes have been erased over the years and time has healed our wounds.

But most of the time, we fill up that gaping hole in our chest with things and people we don't really need, thinking that one day, we'd become whole again. One day, we'd be able to reflect ruefully on our losses but still look hopefully towards the future.

Nothing works though. Nothing takes away the pain. Nothing we do is enough. All life does now is keep reminding us at every turn that...

Letting go isn't always that easy.

*Mature themes meant for 18+ readers only.

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Taming Wells
A Jasper Wells Novella

*Join Jasper on his journey during the first few years post moving to Pavia.

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The Forbidden Series Book 4

Spin-off novel. (Book 4 of the FORBIDDEN series.)

I've always been good at everything. Soccer. Girls. Grades. I don't even have to try. My dad says I get it from him. That I remind him of the teenage version of himself.

None of it really matters to me though. I value relationships more. My friends. My family. I'd do anything for them. And in their eyes, I can never do wrong.

Except that one autumn.

When I forgot my place and ended up in bed with someone I never should have looked at the wrong way.

But it felt so good.

So good that I didn't care if I got a little carried away. Being respectable started to seem like a chore.
So I decided to find out what it would feel like to be a little...shameless.

Trigger warning : Infidelity.
**Contains mature themes meant for 18+ readers only.

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The Forbidden Series Book 5

'Every once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.' I'd given up believing in the magic of those words. Until the day he walked into my life and changed everything.

My dream was to become a legend in the soccer world and the unwanted affections of some girl obsessed with me was not going to stand in my way. But then, she started flaunting her relationship with my father in front of me. My father, whom I'd worshipped so much before I discovered the reality of who he was.

After getting my heart broken by the same woman for the third time, I decided to do myself a favour and move on. But life threw three unexpected turns at me all at once. A son who suddenly started to hate me, a sixteen year old girl determined to bring some colour into my world. And a woman making me feel things I didn't ever want to feel again.

He tore me apart piece by piece. Broke whatever was left of me until wickedness was my only relief. But then I got a taste of how a real man treats a girl, a man who wasn't even aware that he was healing me slowly. A man I was determined never to let go of.

A sweet, sexy, angsty twist of a romance novel...with lots of wickedness and a HEA.****

(The final book of the 'FORBIDDEN' series.)

*Mature themes (18+ readers only)

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