Tuesday, April 6, 2021

✱✱Audio Book Review✱✱ Fortuity by Jewel E. Ann

A Standalone Contemporary Romance
The Transcend Series
By: Jewel E. Ann
Narrated by: Tia Rider
Transcend Duet Series, Book 3

From USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Jewel E. Ann comes a sexy, unforgettable, and powerful story about unexpected love, sacrifice, and daring to dream again.

Forty-something Gracelyn Glock is living the dream.

No husband.

No retirement plan.

And since her self-imposed man-ban — no need to shave above her knees.

After a tragic accident, Gracelyn inherits her 10-year-old nephew. She signs a lease on a San Diego beach house and learns their neighbors for the summer are a sexy anatomy professor and his young daughter.

Professor Nathaniel Hunt has spent the last decade being a single dad…and not having sex.

So when he discovers Gracelyn has a peculiar outdoor stripping ritual, a million inappropriate thoughts fill his responsible mind.

When kisses are stolen, man-bans are broken, and summer comes to an end, will hearts stay in one piece and hope stay alive? Or will saying goodbye destroy everything?

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Momma Says: 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

First things first, Fortuity is the third book in the Transcend series. It's also the first book in that series that I've read or listened to, but if I was missing anything from the earlier books, I didn't notice it. That said, I'm thinking I need to go back and check those other two out because Jewel E Ann weaves a wonderful story. 
I absolutely love that Gracelyn and Nathaniel are closer to my own age, which made them much more relatable than the usual twenty-somethings I find in romance. I also like the pacing of the romance - this is a lengthy book by today's rush, rush, rush standards, but there are no lags in the story. Things move along at a good pace that kept me interested in the characters and their lives. 
So, we have a solid combination of great characters and a story that feels real. Some things may not be the norm for the time, but they work for this book. It kind of feels like this is exactly where these people are supposed to be at this particular time in their lives. But, I digress. The point I was aiming for is that the stand-out element of this book is the writing and flow, at least for me. It's crazy emotional with the loss these characters have suffered and their grief is almost palpable. Then the author takes us from tears to laughing out loud no matter who might be around, and she does it seamlessly. Even the things I saw coming had an emotional effect of one kind or other - case in point: the haircut scene. I saw something of the sort coming a mile away, and Ann managed to have me laughing and feeling so bad for Gracelyn at the same time.
After suffering my own loss a few months ago, the healing these characters go through as well as the silly laugh-out-loud moments were just what I needed. And to further enhance an already solid story, Tia Rider breathes life into the characters. Now, I'd normally prefer dual narration for romance, especially when chapters alternate between the characters like this one, but Rider does a good job with Nathaniel. It's not quite as manly as I'd hope for, but it works well, and I didn't feel the loss enough to lessen my enjoyment of the story. 
All in all, Fortuity is a lot of emotion, be it gut-wrenching or full-out laughing or somewhere in between, and it's a wonderfully written story that you don't want to miss. 

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