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Desert Rose Tour and Giveaway


Desert Rose
Seasons of Love Book 3
by Jayne Townsley
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Eight years ago, Sarah trusted Christopher on her 16th birthday, and it was trust misplaced. His abusive nature reared its ugly head, and Christopher was removed from her life so that she could raise their child in safety.
Eight years ago, Benjamin Reed told his girlfriend Pam that he couldn’t take any more of her physical abuse. He couldn’t handle any more betrayals. Pam either needed to get clean and commit or leave his life and never contact him again. She chose to leave and took with her the baby he knew nothing about.
As Ben and Sarah cautiously work their way to trusting one another, both Christopher and Pam come crashing back into their lives.
Christopher returns to Oklahoma, professing to be a changed man and hoping to reclaim both Sarah and Amber, the child he left behind. He is done missing his daughter, and Christopher swears he is ready to make things right.
Ben and Sarah are working their way through these rocky waters when Ben gets a call from Georgia that he never expected: Pam wants to talk to him about their son, Tristan. A son that Ben didn’t know existed. Pam’s clean, sober, and had a life-changing event that has her reaching out to him for help. Can he come to Georgia so she can explain everything?
Can two people newly in love and with significant trust issues overcome their fears to give each other the room they need to deal with such overwhelming circumstances?

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“Momma,” Sarah said, entering the kitchen where Darlena was making dinner. “I’m going to my room to call Ben. Amber’s in her AirFort playing on her tablet, but would you listen for her while I talk to Ben?”

“Sure, Sarah. Of course. Come ‘ere and hug your momma.” Sarah did as Darlena asked and thanked God again for her family. “You got this, Sarah.” 

“Thanks, Momma. I’ll be back in a few.” 

Sarah headed down the hall towards her room and called out to Amber. “Amber, I’m making a call. You need anything, Mimi is in the kitchen.”

“OK, Momma!” Amber replied.

Sarah entered her room and closed her door. She punched in her code and went to contacts, and stopped.

‘Maybe I should wait until he’s home. I don’t want him driving upset. On the other hand, he might be upset if I wait. This is one of those things we don’t know about each other yet,’ Sarah thought to herself.

“Well, I’m gonna call. If it’s a mistake, I’ll know for next time.”

“Hey, Babe,” Ben said when he answered. There was a catch in his voice, and Sarah instinctively knew something was off. Wrong. Ben Reed was always steady. But he did not sound steady right now.

“Ben, what’s wrong?”

“I was going to talk to you about it when I got home.”

“Nope. Tell me now. I got news for you, too, that you probably aren’t going to want to hear.”

“You first?” he asked hopefully.


“OK. I got a call today from Georgia. From Gerald Stevens. He said my ex was trying to get ahold of me and that I needed to call her because…”

Sarah gave him a few seconds to continue, and when he didn’t, she prompted, “Because why?”

“Because I have a seven-year-old son named Tristan that I didn’t know about,” Ben said in a rush.

Sarah leaned against her bedroom door and slid to the floor. A son. Ben had a son.

Jayne Townsley lives with her multi-generational family in Northeast Oklahoma’s aptly named Green Country. A transplanted Okie from the Chicago suburbs, she has grown to love this state and its people with a passion, happily calling it home for the past 15 years.
Jayne shares her home with a rescued Shollie named Maui and two cats called Gamora and Nebula.
Jayne enjoys old-fashioned road trips and is in the process of planning one to tour Oklahoma’s Route 66.
She is also something of a Disney World addict.
Run to You is her debut novel. She writes clean romance with a sharp edge.

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