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Sedona Pack Series Tour and Giveaway


Sedona Sin
Sedona Pack Book 1
by Lisa Kessler
Genre: Paranormal Romance

2020 Book Buyers Best Winner - Best Paranormal Romance

A new Alpha will rise...

Asher Mateo's future was stolen the night the Sedona Pack Alpha marked him to be bitten. Drafted into the werewolf Pack, Asher was forced to become a man he hardly recognized. After heading up a rebellion to overthrow their Alpha, Asher can't wash the sins from his hands and yearns for a fresh start. But he can't bring himself to leave Naomi and her twin boys. Without a strong Alpha to lead the Pack, all their lives are at risk from a new threat who will stop at nothing to expose shifters to the world as blood thirsty killers.

Naomi Rossi used to be a graphic designer with a black belt in karate and deadly aim with ninja stars, but under a full moon a wolf bite left her changed forever. Now she's a single mom to her twin boys, and doing her best to help her friend Asher see himself the way she does, as a leader. But a passing touch, threatens all of her plans as her wolf recognizes this man is destined to be much more than a friend...

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I’d known Asher long enough to know he was usually a man of few words, and he was as far from a player as you could get. If he dated at all, I didn’t know about it. I also never caught him in a lie. So when he told me his attraction to me was about who I was, not because of some primal wolf instinct, I believed him. I wanted to pinch myself.

But then he kissed me. Only this wasn’t a sweet, chaste kiss like the one we’d had in the snow. This was a hungry, possessive kiss. I surrendered to the passion, my desire for him consuming me. My fingers slid back into his long, silky hair, clutching fistfuls and enjoying the growl rumbling his chest. He got up from his stool without breaking the kiss and lifted me into his arms as though I weighed nothing.

My teeth grazed his lower lip as he carried me down the hall toward the master bedroom. Holding me with one arm, he closed the door and then lowered me until my feet touched the ground. I slid my hands under his shirt, lifting it over his head, and he did the same to mine before claiming my lips again. The heat from his body warmed me all over as he held me tight against him, and I suddenly needed to get rid of my bra, my pants— Hell, everything had to go. I didn’t want anything coming between us. Ever.

“Need you naked,” I gasped into the kiss, my voice so breathless I almost didn’t recognize it.

Dear god, I’d never seen such a sexy smile on Asher’s face before. Wolfish. Damn, if he ever discovered the power of that grin, I was in trouble.

“You first.” His voice was deep, raw, and even sexier than his smile, if that was possible. He had my bra unhooked and off in record time. His fingers worked on my jeans as he kissed me again. My hardened nipples brushed his chest and I moaned, heat curling low in my belly. I ran my hands down his chiseled abs and unbuttoned his pants. I slid his boxers and jeans down over his perfect ass. He caught the front before his erection got in the way, and his pants fell to the floor.

I wriggled out of my own, and suddenly, insecurity swamped me. I hadn’t been naked with a man of my own choosing since before I was bitten, and with no one at all since I gave birth to twins in that storage facility. The last time I’d had a boyfriend, I didn’t have stretch marks right below my belly button, my boobs were probably perkier, and although I was still fit, my bikini body was long gone.

Asher’s gaze wandered over me, and I fought the urge to cover myself. His head cocked slightly. “What’s wrong?”

I walked my fingers up his tan, rock-hard abs and finally met his eyes. “Truth?”

“Always.” His large hand slid up my back as he drew me closer to him. His touch was reassuring, and while his erection pulsed between us, his gaze remained patient. The desire was there, but he clearly wasn’t going to rush me.

And I loved him for that.

Wait, I what?

He frowned. “We can slow this down. I’m not going anywhere.”

I shook my head, pushing the shock of my revelation away. “No, I want this.” I chuckled, rolling my eyes. “It’s just…I wish I was as hot as you are.”

“You’re shitting me.” His smile made my heart skip. “You are so beautiful, Naomi.” For a moment, he seemed to be searching for words, then finally chuckled. “I have never in my life wanted a woman more than I want you right now. I…” He shook his head. “Sorry, it’s tough to get the blood back up to my brain.” His admission made me laugh, and his brow rose. “I’m not kidding. I wouldn’t change a single thing about you.”

Sedona Seduction
Sedona Pack Book 2

Reviewers Choice for Best Series 2019 - Paranormal Romance Guild

Jaguar shifter, Vance Park used to be one of the Nero Organization's top assassins, but today he calls the Sedona Pack his family, and Sedona, Arizona, his home. He's no longer a hired gun, but a new senate candidate with insider secrets into Nero's shifter experiments, may change all that. Campaign promises could put targets on the backs of all the people Vance cares about, especially Kaya. He may have one last job after all.

Kaya Blackwing has always been a loner, but through a twist of fate, she's finally found her Pack, and a place to belong. When she discovers her one true mate is a man with a deathwish, and more secrets than she can count, she struggles to redirect her wolf's primal instincts, but one kiss from Vance seduces her to dream of a future together, and she won't give it up without a fight.


The Sedona Pack Each novel can be read as a stand alone, but you may enjoy reading the series in order as well.

At the end of the Moon Series, the Sedona Pack is freed from their tyrannical Alpha, but they're left without a leader. With bitten wolves, skin walkers, and former Nero operatives, this Pack will navigate uncharted waters against a government that may no longer hide their secret.

Sedona Scandal
Sedona Pack Book 3

Chandler Williams keeps his personal life very separated from his public life as a news anchor, but the new story he's chasing seems to lead him on a collision course with not only exposing himself as a jaguar shifter, but potentially his entire Pack. He should drop it, but after meeting with the woman with haunting gray eyes he can't turn back.

Wendy Cain still has nightmares of the night she was bitten by a werewolf and changed forever, and she's determined to find a cure even if it means becoming a lab rat for the government. When she brings her story to her favorite investigative news anchor, one touch turns her world upside down. Her wolf recognizes her mate. But loving him could be the end for both of them.

Radio chatter filled the cockpit, and she glanced my way. “Who are you talking to? I don’t see an air traffic control tower down there.”

“All the pilots in the area are on the same frequency. When there’s no tower, we all watch out for each other. There are usually a few people listening on the ground, too.” I pressed the coms button on final approach to let everyone know we were coming in, then I gripped the yolk with both hands. “Here we go…”

Landings offered a delicious spike of adrenaline as I leveled the wings with the ground below and activated the hydraulic power. The landing gear dropped, and the indicator lights came to life. I lowered the flaps by ten degrees as I approached the threshold markings showing the beginning of the runway and then adjusted them again to keep the wings level. Flaring for landing, I kept the nose up slightly and pulled back on the yoke. The landing gear made contact with the pavement, jerking us out of weightless flight. I engaged the brakes until we slowed to a crawl.

Back to Earth, to reality.

She squeezed my thigh. “Nice work.”

I chuckled. “Not my first landing.”

My first with a copilot, though. And I liked it.

We rode in silence as I taxied down to my parking spot and turned off the engine. I leaned over to kiss her cheek, but she turned and pressed her soft lips to mine. I slid my hand back into her hair, tasting her as her lips parted. Damn, I couldn’t get enough of her.

She hummed as she broke the kiss and opened her eyes. “That was amazing. Thank you.”

I rested my forehead against hers. “The kiss or the flight?”

She laughed, a sexy playful spark in her eyes. “Both.”

“Hope you’ll come fly with me again sometime.”

“Deal.” She smiled and looked down at the ground outside. “So how do we get out?”

I unlatched the canopy and slid it open. “Give me a second.” I climbed out of the cockpit and dropped to the ground. If I were still human, I would’ve taken it in steps, climbing out and onto the wing before using the step. But I wasn’t human, and neither was my copilot, even though she was still learning to embrace it.

I walked over to her side and smiled up at her. “Are you coming?”

She grinned. “Did you seriously just jump down?”

“Yeah.” I gestured for her to follow. “Your turn.”

“I’ll break my leg.”

“It’s not that far.” I scanned the empty airstrip before meeting her eyes again. “You’re a badass werewolf, remember. This is nothing. You can make it.”

She didn’t look convinced, but she got out and hung onto the edge, laughing and kicking her feet. “It’s too far.”

“You’re practically on the ground.” I grinned. “You’ve got this.”

She let go and landed on both feet. I didn’t even need to steady her. She turned around with her eyes shining. “Made it.”

God, I loved seeing her smile.

I bottled it up and took out my phone. Asher, Vance, and Kaya wouldn’t be back from Phoenix for almost an hour so I sent a text to Cole to pick us up.


Finishing up at a ranch call. Should be to the airport in about an hour. 


I thanked him and stuffed my phone in my pocket. “Want to hike to the vortex?”

Sedona was the mecca for energy vortexes, places where ley lines deep in the Earth crossed. Tourists from around the world came to town searching for spiritual meaning, and the vortices were a big draw. The vortex near the airport was only a short hike along rocky, uneven terrain.

Wendy peered down at her shiny black flats and sighed. “I wish I’d worn hiking shoes.”

“No problem.” I turned around and crouched down. “Hop on.”

“You’re going to carry me?” She laughed. “No. You’ll twist your ankle.”

I looked over my shoulder, trying not to laugh. “I’m a jaguar, remember? Cat’s always land on their feet.”

She rolled her eyes and hopped onto my back. I caught her knees, enjoying the feel of her breasts pressed against my back. Her lips brushed my ear as she wrapped her arms around my neck. “If you think I’m going to make out with you at the vortex…you’re right.”

I started to run, making her squeak in surprise. Her laughter echoed off the rocks, and just as it did when flying in my plane, the rest of the world faded away.

“You’re going to get heat stroke,” she cautioned.

“Nah. I’m just desperate for another kiss.” I slowed my pace to a walk, keeping my eye on the rocky trail ahead. The elevation in Sedona made the temperature more moderate than the unforgiving desert of Phoenix.

She rested her chin on my shoulder, her cheek against mine, and my fucking heart was in her hands. I never wanted to lose this closeness, this fun, this amazing, badass werewolf on my back. A selfish part of me hoped she’d never find her mate.

Sedona Surrender
Sedona Pack Book 4

Cole Vega never expected to find his mate. He didn’t figure he deserved one anyway. But during a ranch call to assist a mare with a difficult delivery, he meets the newest employee at the farm. She also happens to be the sister of one of his packmates, and she’s off-limits.

Madison Williams moved to Sedona to be closer to her brother. Taking a marketing position at a large cattle ranch in Sedona, she expects she’ll have plenty of time to spend with her brother and his fiance, but nothing is as it seems, and everyone in town has secrets including her new employer, Deidra Harlow. When she bumps into the sexy veterinarian, sparks fly, but there’s something he’s not telling her.

One touch makes keeping his distance from her impossible, but one mate for life means putting Madison’s needs above his own. He can’t tell her he’s a werewolf, or that her brother was bitten and now shifts into a jaguar, and if she discovers she’s working at a ranch owned by a top secret defense contractor her life will be in danger. Surrendering to his feelings is not an option...

Sedona Serenity
Sedona Pack Book 5

Two lost souls, lost no more...

Ryker Lawson has had a string of bad luck over the years. After a disaster at work, he mounted his Harley and rode into the sunset, only to be attacked and bitten by a werewolf. Burying the past, he’s focused on the future as a member of the Sedona Pack and working as the bartender of their Wolf Pack Bar.

Serenity Harlow is in the battle for her sanity and her life. After her mother’s torturous attempts to “cure” her powerful psychic abilities, she’s lost in the maze of her own mind. Ryker’s voice calls to her, luring her back to her physical body, but if she can’t control the power growing inside of her, she could lead to his destruction.

One touch and fate sets them on a collision course with tragedy, but Ryker isn’t afraid of a fight. In fact, he’s betting his life that his luck is finally about to change...

Sedona Sacrifice
Sedona Pack Book 6

For Gage Woods, being a single dad means making sacrifices, and being a werewolf on top of it all makes secrets a must. As his pack brothers find their true mates, he yearns for his own, but dating is almost as perilous as fighting the rogue jaguar shifters who attack his pack. The moment he decides to give up and focus on his boys, fate steps in, but what if Becca is actually working with the enemy?

Becca Yates has always been a loner, and never more alone than today. When her uncle calls her with a dire warning about her boss and only real friend, her world is upended. She’s not sure who she can trust anymore, but if she doesn’t figure it out soon, it could cost her life.

With his special forces background Gage is ready to help Becca fight for the truth. The question is, will it set them free, or put them on a collision course with a disaster that even love can’t survive.

Sedona Suspect
Sedona Pack Book 7

Natasha Sokolov is a survivor, but this new cage she finds herself in could be the end of her colorful career as a jaguar shifting assassin. After she starts tailing a state Supreme Court justice, she finds herself locked up on bogus charges, and with the new moon approaching, her choices are grim. End her life now, or expose shifters as a reality to the entire world.

Dex Stewart is a sought after contractor in Sedona with a reputation for his craftsmanship, but it’s his demolitions abilities that his Alpha is depending on now. When the pack gets word that a shifter is being held in the Arizona lock up, Dex discovers the prisoner he’s risking everything to free, is also an enemy of the pack.

Helping her escape is only the beginning of his problems. The moment Dex touches her his loyalties are torn. This suspect is also his mate, but love might come at too high a price for him to bear...

“How much do you know about werewolves?”

I shrugged. “Just the basics, I guess. You shift during the full moon, work and live in packs, and you have a keener sense of smell than I do, but I can find you in the dark. You’re also strong.” I looked over at his chiseled profile. “Am I missing anything?”

He nodded and his gaze locked on mine. “We have one true mate for life, just like wolves. They’re chosen by fate, and the wolf in our soul will recognize them when we touch skin to skin.”

I narrowed my eyes. “Are you trying to tell me you’re…married?”

“No.” He frowned shaking his head. “I’m trying to tell you when I grabbed your wrist in that jail, my wolf went berserk.”

“What?” I fought to focus. I must’ve misunderstood. “How can that be? I’m a jaguar shifter.”

He shrugged. “Vance is Kaya’s mate and he’s a jaguar.” He broke eye contact, his voice distant. “I just turned forty the other day and I lost hope I’d ever find my mate, but Deacon was sure she was out there. He said fate would bring us together once the time was right.” He pinched the bridge of his nose, sucking in a shaky breath as he shook his head. “I fucking hate this. I should be sweeping you off your feet, but I just held my brother’s hand and watched him fade away. My best friend in the whole damned world is gone. Snuffed out. How can fate be this heartless?”

“Oh, fate and I go way back.” I squeezed his hand. “She can be a bitch.”

He chuckled softly. I caught myself wishing I could hear him really laugh. He glanced my way. “Thanks for not sprinting back to the house when I mentioned mates.”

“Just to be clear, I’m not sure where to go from here.” I focused on our joined hands. I didn’t know anything about this man who seemed to think fate had chosen me to be his mate. It wasn’t that I didn’t want a relationship. More that my way of life meant I couldn’t have one. “I don’t have that wolf instinct.”

“I’m well aware.” He met my eyes. “That’s why I should be working my ass off to sweep you off your feet.”

I chuckled with a slow nod. “I get it now. I could walk away but you…”

“Will never love another.”

“That might be romantic if we even knew each other.” I laughed. I couldn’t help it. “You don’t know me other than the fact I fought with Naomi when she was escaping from the Nero satellite facility.”

“True.” He nodded. “And you don’t even know my last name.”

“Stewart.” Before he could ask, I added, “I read it on your truck.”

He almost smiled. “So, now I know you’re beautiful, deadly, and literate.”

I shouldn’t like that he thought I was beautiful. Shouldn’t. But I did. I bumped him with my shoulder. “You’re funny even when your heart is broken.”

“That could be the only time I’m funny.” He shrugged, and behind all the pain in his eyes, I noticed a longing that I recognized. I’d seen it before when I looked in the mirror. That wish that someday I might matter to someone.

He raised a brow. “You don’t know anything about me either.”

“I guess not.” A gust of wind came up from the valley tugging hair free from my messy braid. Before I could comment on how bad I must look, he reached over to tuck my hair behind my ear and my breath caught in throat.

He released my hand and brought the other up to the other side of my face. My pulse raced. I knew he could hear it, because I had no trouble hearing his keeping time with mine. My lips parted as I lost myself in his eyes.

“I’m so broken right now,” he whispered. “I’ve dreamed of finding my mate for most of my life. Never thought when I found her that I’d have no heart left to give.”

I placed my hand on his chest, my voice wobbled. “You must hate me.”

Confusion lined his features. “Why would you think that?”

My mouth went dry. “If I hadn’t gotten arrested, your brother would still be alive.”

Tears shone in his eyes as he shook his head. “If you hadn’t gone to jail, we never would have touched. You’d be out of my life by now. Long gone.”

“You’d be better off if I was.” I choked out the bitter truth I wished I could bury. Lying came so easily to me…but not with him. “You’d have your brother.”

“Don’t,” he whispered, his thumb stroking my cheek. “My brother didn’t blame you. Not even for a second.”

His eyes dipped to my lips and back up. I should pull away and protect myself. I couldn’t stay here. I’d have to say goodbye.

But I didn’t move. He crushed his lips to mine, and I wrapped my arms around him, clinging to him like a lifeline in a storm as our tongues wrestled in an urgent, desperate passion. His hand slid into my hair, his fingers threading through my braid, tightening until I shivered against him. The fever in my veins surprised me. I’d been with many men for a variety of reasons through my life, but the emotion in this kiss was new.

I wanted to put his heart back together. I ached to take away his hurt. And I yearned to know all there was to know about him.

And that could get him killed.

I broke the kiss and stumbled back a couple steps.

There was a new fire in his eyes and his aura throbbed with the red and pink of desire. His nostrils flared as he sucked in a breath. “I’m not sorry.”

“I’d like to keep it that way.” My voice was breathless.

He tipped his head slightly. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

I wet my well-kissed lips. “The police are looking for me. I’m going to have to disappear. I can’t stay here without putting you and your pack in jeopardy.” I gestured to the red rocks. “We can’t hide here forever. I’m going to finish Judge Jones and then I have to start over somewhere else. Being with me will put a target on your back.”

“Being without you isn’t an option,” he growled.

“You’re being blinded by wolf instincts.” I hated saying those words out loud. This was the first person who had ever risked themselves for me. It would’ve been nice to believe it was because he cared about me, but it was instinctual. Nothing more. “You don’t know me, Dex. You’ve already lost too much. I won’t stay and destroy your whole pack. I won’t.”

The intensity in his gaze threatened to break my will. Would it be so bad to rush back into his arms and escape in the warmth of his kiss? Yes. Eventually he’d hate me. He’d lose everything he loved.

I steeled myself, turned around, and walked back to the house.

Lisa Kessler is a Best Selling author of dark paranormal fiction. She's a two-time San Diego Book Award winner for Best Published Fantasy-Sci-fi-Horror and Best Published Romance. Her books have also won the PRISM award, the Award of Excellence, the National Excellence in Romantic Fiction Award, the Award of Merit from the Holt Medallion, and an International Digital Award for Best Paranormal.

Her short stories have been published in print anthologies and magazines, and her vampire story, Immortal Beloved, was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award.

When she's not writing, Lisa is a professional vocalist, and has performed with San Diego Opera as well as other musical theater companies in San Diego.

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