Monday, July 19, 2021

Monsters Among Us Tour and Giveaway


Monsters Among Us
by Liz Zemlicka
Genre: Horror

Are there truths in legends? How far would the people of a small town go to keep the truth? When four bored and curious teenagers; Gabby, Max, Luke and Becca explore the forest surrounding their small town. They stumble upon something terrifying and deadly.
Soon it stalks them until one of them is dead, one is missing and they send one away for twenty years.
Now adults, a determined Gabby and Max set out to find the truth about what happened to their friends. But what they find in that forest is nothing they ever could have imagined.
Sometimes the truth is far more horrifying.

"Quite intriguing, a very good read from start to finish.”
— ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Richard Biddle

We were the last ones at the swimming pond; we got out and dried off. We were all standing by the tree that Becca and I had been sitting under earlier, gathering our things, talking, and laughing.  We slowly made our way up to the showers and the bike rack when Max, who was in the lead, stopped dead in his tracks. Becca wasn't paying attention and ran right into his back "whoa! Why did you stop?" She laughed and looked past him to where he was staring; her laugh died in her throat. We were all frozen, staring at the thing next to our bikes. It was human, but it wasn't; I can barely find the words to describe what we saw that day. It stood on two legs, like a human; it was very tall, had to be close to seven feet or more, and thin, so thin that I could see the outline of its rib cage. It stood tall with its head up so high that its large antler rack pointed directly behind it. Its face was up to the sky, and it let out a sickeningly loud, shrill, glass-shattering scream or howl; I'm not sure what it was, but it was so loud we all dropped our things and covered our ears. We were frozen where we stood in fear. I'm not even sure we breathed.

Liz started writing as a teenager and has always stayed an avid reader. With inspiration from great writers of horror fiction like Stephen King, Anne Rice, Ray Bradbury and many more. She has improved her writing style and found her niche in storytelling and entertaining. Born and raised in the Midwest. A nurse, mother to three boys, and a pit bull rescue mama. She always had a fascination with the unseen and things that can play with your mind and terrify you beyond the reach of your five senses.

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$15 Amazon giftcard, 
Swag Pack, 
Paperback Copy of Monsters Among Us
 – 1 winner each!

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