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Elegy Tour and Giveaway


A Season of Angels Book 3
by Christopher Stanfield
Genre: YA Supernatural Thriller, Mystery

Fate. Fear. Family.

Lilith’s daring gamble worked. Hell is broken. But in the aftermath, Lilith must face a disconcerting truth. She may never return to the life she left behind. While the pain of that parting never truly healed, she knows that the end of her dark road is near at hand. It is a road paved in sacrifice and loss. In memory and love. And she knows now where it leads.

But the end isn’t the only fate that Lilith must confront. A peculiar stranger beckons, bringing knowledge of a family secret that will unravel the mysteries of Lilith’s past. And what she discovers will shake her fragile world yet again.

Lucifer, enraged at the loss of the realm he twisted, is more dangerous than ever. He now prepares one last bitter scheme that will herald his most brutal act of all. For Lilith, one thing remains… the last, terrible storm is here. And though Madeline and the Angels are by her side, Lilith must stand alone before the Devil or all she loves will fall at last.

“And what about you?”

 “I’m on the same road I was a year ago, just a little nearer to the end now.” 

“Lucifer?” He shuddered as the name drifted in a whisper beyond his lips. 

He shut his eyes and said nothing at first, and when it seemed like he might deign to speak, he turned and wrapped her in his strong, thick arms. Nothing else was said as they embraced, he was simply content to let his arms envelop her protectively. 

If she let herself go, she might have cried. She had certainly shed her fair share of tears in the last few days, but she managed to keep them back even as he held her tight. There was a flurry of thoughts that scattered out of the shadows, but it was difficult to grasp any long enough to recognize what it was. At times, she could have sworn she saw the apparition of Tatiana’s face, her round cheeks framed by curly wisps of blonde hair. But the emotion that caught fire in her heart wasn’t the sadness of what was lost. It was love. A love unspoken, yes, but it was the one emotion she knew that mattered more than all the rest. More present even than the fear she often felt as her familiar road grew dark. In his warm embrace she held to the memory of her dearest friend, the one she loved, despite the absence of the courage needed to express how much.

 “Whatever happens, you stay safe out there.” 

Lilith pulled back enough to meet his gaze. “I will.”

 “You end him. For all of us. But I don’t want to see you beyond that damn Veil, not just yet. Do you hear me?”

The Woman in Darkness
A Season of Angels Book 2

The War for Souls has just begun, but time is already running out…

In the wake of one tragic, fateful night, Genevieve leaves behind every aspect of her simple life, including her name. Now she’s known as Lilith, and with the memories of her erased from those she loved, it’s as if she never existed. As she seeks her new purpose, dreams of a sad, broken woman with raven hair--- a woman in a place more terrible than nightmares--- continue to haunt her.

Madeline is a fractured soul trapped in Hell after taking her own life. Lilith believes this stranger may be the key to shattering Lucifer’s hold over that frightful realm. But to find Madeline she’ll need a soul who knows the fetid hellscape. A Demon has been sent. But he must first brave the dark of Hell and survive the madness in himself.

While Lilith sets her daring game in motion, Lucifer plots a scheme that will determine the fate of all souls, both living and in death. Lilith must get to Madeline, fast. For if she fails, there will be no end to the darkness Lucifer will bring.

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Chapter 14

A name is a fragile thing. You never really think about it until it truly matters, and for Samael, it seemed to matter now in a way it never did before. His name was taken from him, forgotten in the endless torments of this forsaken place. All that remained was the name given to him by the Angel who raised him from the pit. He never hated that name as much as now. I have to find it again. Not the name Lucifer gave me. The name my mother chose. My name.


“Remember who you were,” he said to himself as he wandered along a shadowed field that stretched as far as his eyes could see. “Her name was Amani, and she loved you.” 

Her deep brown skin, her stark green eyes. The raven color of her hair, and the way it tumbled down her shoulders. Those were the things that came back to him, the remnants of memories dragged out of a forgotten past. Amani was her name, and she knew what his had been. If only he could hear her voice once more; it might stir that one forgotten piece out of the shadows that kept it hidden. 

But Hell tore away what was light and good within a human soul, leaving only the pall of shadows and the whispers of madness that never left. As a demon, Samael had done everything he could to rid himself of fear. This place was rife with it, of course, and always near as well. 

Now, he was here again, wandering the blasted fields of a place he hoped he would never see again. The fog was just as he remembered it, rotten and heavy in the air, hugging the ground and stirring in the stillness.

The Girl in the Storm
A Season of Angels Book 1

Seventeen-year old Genevieve Reidell loves to paint, and values her closest friends above all, but when a gunman terrorizes her high school, her near-reckless bravery sets her on a path that will change the entire course of her life. Her best friend is shot and dying but when Genevieve holds her, the bleeding stops and the wounds close. But when she tries to save another friend, she can’t. Overcome with guilt Genevieve struggles to understand.

But when a stranger arrives at her home with a mysterious book and an ominous warning, she learns about her destiny. Angels have protected her, but the time has come to unravel the mysteries that have haunted her for years. Genevieve must learn to harness and control her gifts and accept that whatever she does might not be enough. The Devil must be stopped, and Genevieve is ready to walk into the storm. She’s cheated death before, but can she save herself again without losing those she loves?

**Only .99 cents!!**

Chapter 11

“It is time we had a talk.” Michael walked forward and sat in the deep red chair Joseph had occupied and watched as his brother took a seat as well.

“Is it too late for that now?”

“Maybe.” Michael spoke, but neither of them knew whether it truly was or not. They were always inclined to believe that too much had been done to ever hope this gamble might change the course of what was yet to come. “But I would feel remiss if I didn’t try.”

“Would you believe me if I said that I had missed you?” Lucifer was a liar. Everyone knew that much about him, even if they didn’t believe he existed. But this… this was perhaps the first time in centuries he had told the truth without compunction. 

“I would.” 

Lucifer smiled then, a handsome smile that hinted at another side of him, lesser known and rarely understood. It might shock some people to think that Lucifer Morningstar had not always been the way he was now.

Christopher Stanfield is a West Texas native whose love of writing began at the age of fourteen, when inspired by a love of mythology, science fiction and fantasy, he began writing stories by hand whenever the time could be spared. After high school and a brief flirtation with college, he would spend the next eighteen years cultivating a career in Information Security at a small community bank located in his own hometown. But even then, his love of writing endured, and while dreams of characters and stories continued to occupy his imagination, he found an outlet for that creative muse by creating advertising copy for his employer. Through challenges and distractions, hard choices and the rudimentary demands of life, the dream of telling stories never waned. It was and ever remains more than merely a career. With that in mind, he enrolled in the BA Creative Writing program at Southern New Hampshire University, with an eye towards honing his craft and expanding upon his knowledge of the industry so that he might one achieve his dream of becoming published.

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