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The Alchemy Thief Tour and Giveaway


The Alchemy Thief
Pirates and Puritans Book 1
by R.A. Denny
Genre: Historical Fiction

When the secrets of the past threaten to destroy the future.

A tale of hope, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of a woman, this sweeping epic spans the Atlantic from New England to Morocco during the Age of Exploration.

2019: A young woman finds a relic engraved with a mysterious symbol off the coast of Martha's Vineyard. Terrorists in Morocco steal a 17th-century book engraved with the same symbol. As the woman struggles to unravel the secrets behind the symbol, her life changes in ways she could never have imagined.

1657: Transported back in time, she meets the alchemist, John Winthrop, Jr. who is plotting to lure the greatest scientific minds to the New World. But the more she learns, the more she fears for the lives of the loved ones she left behind.

In a stunning twist of fate, a modern terrorist has traveled into the past, where he has become a Barbary Corsair. He has plans of his own. And he will stop at nothing to succeed.

Inside the information building, Peri spoke to a man dressed as a Pilgrim. She took her post on the pier by a small ramp that led into the ship, so she could greet tourists as they arrived.

As Peri waited on the dock, she imagined what the bay would have looked like years ago.  Trying to get into her role, she looked up at the Mayflower II and pictured spending months on the water inside that ship. The Pilgrims must have been either very brave or very desperate. It would have been so cramped inside. And to think poor Mary Chilton’s parents died onboard, leaving her alone in the new world.

Peri was so busy daydreaming she didn’t notice the dark clouds rolling in again. Her phone beeped under all her clothes, but she ignored it.  A sudden crash of thunder jolted her to alert. It sounded so nearby that it startled her. Out across the water, a jagged flash of lightning lit up the sky, followed by another boom. 

The warning was brief. The clouds opened up.  Torrents of rain drenched her clothes. In the parking lot, dozens of arriving tourists ran for cover. She wasn’t sure if she should leave her post. Peri threw her cloak over her shoulders, pulled her bodkin out of her cap, and began lacing up the cloak. 

The sky lit up again with lightning, but this time between jagged bolts, a ball of white light appeared. It looked like a miniature sun. The giant bubble of light floated rapidly towards Peri, its blue edges dancing like solar flares. Too scared to run, she froze like a rabbit.

The ball hovered over her. In a burst of light, it rushed directly at her. Terrified, she pointed the bodkin at the light, as if to pop a balloon. She squeezed her eyes closed and grimaced, preparing to be struck. Like a vacuum cleaner sucks up a flea, the sphere of light pulled her inside. Then she was falling, like in a dream. She felt no pain. Maybe she was dead. 

R.A. Denny is the author of six historical fiction and fantasy novels.  Readers have described her books as deep, spirited, and imaginative.
After receiving her Juris Doctor from Duke University, she practiced criminal law for over twenty years.  During that time, R.A. developed creative methods to educate the public about the law, presenting dramatic programs to over 300,000 people across the United States and producing a full-length feature film that screened internationally.
R.A. left the law to pursue her passion for writing. She had promised her dying mother she would finish the research they had begun in the Library of Congress when R.A. was 11 years old.  One mysterious line about her 9th-great-grandfather led to years of research and a trip to Morocco.  The result is R.A.’s latest novel, The Alchemy Thief. 
An adventurous traveler, R.A. enjoys swimming, kayaking, and horseback riding.  She delights in pursuing creative projects with her two adult sons and playing silly games with her grandchildren.  

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