Tuesday, August 24, 2021

A Beginner's Guide To Green Living Tour and Giveaway


A Beginner's Guide to Green Living

by Rebecca Henry

Genre: Nonfiction, How-To, Green Living

Just like the color, there can be multiple shades of green living. This book provides you with simple, easy, and fun recipes for all aspects of your home life. You will find plant-based recipes for basic cleaning products, skincare, herbal crafts, and even learn how to plant and maintain the herbs in your own garden. I designed this book to help motivate and educate you in the ways of green living, and also to share my sixteen years of experience in walking through this forest of green living myself. I hope you’ll find inspiration within these pages and create your own shade of green living!

I have traveled the world collecting recipes and ways to incorporate organic, plant-based, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly options into my daily life. Being a mother, I understand the importance of wanting to create a clean and green home environment. Most people are not aware of the hidden toxins lurking in their skincare and cleaning products. This book exposes those toxins and the health risks they pose. Besides providing recipes, I also suggest eco-friendly, plant-based commercial brand alternatives, making the switch to a green lifestyle easier for people to adapt. More and more people are realizing the need to go green, yet they are unsure how to begin. Some people are afraid that they cannot break their habits to adopt a green way of living. I want to reach those people and show them that green living can start with a conscious mind and a simple change to what they add to their grocery cart. It does not have to be an all-or-nothing switch.

But it is not just about the care of our health, this book also focuses on social issues in third world countries, eliminating zero-waste products in the home, the need for fair trade and organic clothing, toxic chemicals accumulating in the environment affecting aquatic life, animals, and waterways. I explain how to change your daily lives effortlessly and slowly, providing inspiring recipes and crafts, to help make a difference with these cultural and environmental issues. I encourage people with black thumbs to get into the garden by providing easy projects like re-growing spring onions from kitchen cuttings. It is my passion to show people that they can have two green thumbs!

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How Green Living Contributes To A Zero-Waste Home


Green living has important benefits. It’s eco-friendly, cruelty-free, sustainable and has the added advantage of being homemade. But green living also promotes a zero-waste lifestyle by helping to reduce the amount of plastic and non-biodegradable items we collect in our homes. By substituting and replacing disposable items in your house for more sustainable, plastic-free alternatives, you are reducing your carbon footprint by decreasing the amount of pollution that is being dispersed into the air, water, and the soil. A common misconception is that you can recycle all plastic. However, most plastics are not recyclable and end up in rapidly filling landfills or high energy using - incinerators across the world. Making a conscious effort to avoid buying unnecessary plastics and other non-biodegradable materials can help to eliminate the overuse of our planet’s natural resources. Just remember, every plastic item you see will never completely go away. It’s on this earth for good, even if it takes on some new form or another. I hope that the next generation will end this plastic age.

Plastic surrounds our daily lives; from the food we eat, the clothes we wear, to the bikes and cars we ride in, to the beds we lay on at night. Plastic is on our dining room table and in our showers. It is almost impossible to eradicate all plastics from your life, but you can make conscious choices to eliminate the number of plastics you bring into your home. Every little bit helps! Change begins with making the conscious decision to do things differently and that is walking the path of a greener lifestyle.

Rebecca Henry is an American author living in the UK. Her books range from vegan cookbooks to fantasy to sci-fi to Rebecca's latest release with Urban Edge Publishing, Louisiana Latte: A Chick Lit Comedy About Sisters, Stilletos, Coffee, and One Fabulous Diva! You can find all Rebecca's books on Amazon.

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