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A Whiskey Sweet Treat Tour and Giveaway


A Whiskey Sweet Treat

A Whiskey Sweet Novel Book 2

by Kelsey Elise Sparrow

Genre: Contemporary Romance

My best recipes come out of moments of spontaneity.
Savannah Flowers

Mixing a goody-two-shoes baker with a detective who has questionable morals is a recipe for disaster.
Holden Cross

A random order for a loyal customer introduced me to the man of my dreams. It also led me to a moment of great devastation. I can’t believe both are the result of knowing the same man. I don’t know if we’ll be able to come back from this.
I’m seriously screwed.

Lies. Confusion. Secrets. All have become second nature in my world. I live this life and think nothing of the effect it has on others. Until her. She enters and demanded more. More than any other has asked of me.
More lies, a rumor, then the truth. F*cked that up royally.

*Formerly titled Hot Cross Buns

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I recognize her from somewhere. I just can’t place it. Whenever it was, she looked different. I believe her hair was a different color the last time I saw her.

Sav, what are you … what are you doing here? I thought you left for your …” Looking in my direction, she takes a breath before continuing. “Date. Wait, did you bring your date to your work?”

The two women stand staring at one another for a moment. Some silent exchange happens using their facial expressions before Savannah releases an exasperated sigh. All of this happens while I fight the urge to laugh at what I’ve just witnessed.

 “Li Li … um … hey. We were just …” Savannah begins but I don’t give her a chance to spin this and make it something it isn’t.

Standing here waiting for her to decide whether she is going to go with me on our date or if she is going to return inside to work. It seems like a waste of a hella sexy outfit if she just ends up back in there, don’t you think?”

Don’t do that. She’s not part of this,” Savannah argues in an attempt to keep her friend from weighing in on the subject.

It makes me think the friend is going to agree with me when she does give her opinion. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. I don’t peg the friend as the type to keep things to herself. I’m guessing this is something Savannah is well aware of or she wouldn’t be trying to keep her friend from speaking.

The young woman smiles as her gaze flits between Savannah and me. I have to smirk because she seems to be enjoying Savannah’s unease as well as the predicament we find ourselves in.

Is she being difficult?” the young woman—this Li Li person—asks.

I snicker as I nod my head.

Not the word I’d use, but that just about sums it up,” I advise her as I adjust my stance against the wall.

She tends to be bitchy if she feels like she’s not getting her way. Is that what’s happening here?” Li Li asks me.

Savannah’s expression is hilarious as she gapes at her friend.

Are you kidding me right now? I’m standing right here,” Savannah tells us.

Yes, you are. Though, you shouldn’t be. You should be on a date with this …” Li Li looks over at me then shakes out her hand as if she’s trying to shake something off it. She hooks a thumb towards me before she speaks again. “Do you see him? Why in the hell are you wasting time when you’ve got all of this magnificence literally waiting for you?”

Savannah groans then rolls her eyes as I smile at Li Li. It’s decided. I like her. I like her a lot. I think she’s the kind of woman I’d have around to keep things real.

Kelsey Elise Sparrow is an author and lover of romance novels. She writes in various genres: rom-com, MC, PNR, and historical to name a few. As a lover of great movies, music, and books, her characters express interests in each as well as so much more. The worlds she creates are based upon dreams and imaginings that will take the reader on a journey unlike any other.
Kelsey calls Georgia her home. She is mother to a wonderful son, loves playing games, Marvel, and exploring. Her most notable series is The Norton Sisters. Watch for what's to come with The Whiskey Sweet and Inked to the Max novel series. 

Stories with Heart. Sass. Shock.

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