Thursday, January 13, 2022

Tex by Rae B. Lake Release Boost

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Are you ready for Tex?

Tex: A Spawns of Chaos MC Novel

Series: Spawns of Chaos MC Book 2

Author: Rae B. Lake

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They’re trying to kill me.

They’re trying to kill me to get the formula of the drug I created, Blue Bunny.

The entire world wants it. From the mafia, to gangbangers on the corner, even other motorcycle clubs.

I never expected my club to join that list, though.

My own patch brothers want to take me out.

I run.

With Shepard and Giana.

The only two people I can trust.

Our only asylum is in Puerto Rico, offering a tropical peace.

Our plan?

To figure out how to save my life.

An added bonus?

There’s a club bunny caught in my snare.

Joda isn’t anything special.

But she connects with something in me that most women run away from.

The crazy no one can handle.

Her fear excites me. Her pain turns me on.

The look in her eyes as my hand tightens around her neck and the trust that I’ll let her go is my undoing.

All of who she is calms me and keeps the monsters away.

I crave her. More than that, I need her... more than she knows.

When my enemies find me, she’s the only thing I care about.

They have her and they’re going to kill her.

Now there’s nothing keeping the monsters in my head at bay.

And they’re going to destroy everything to get Joda back.

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