Wednesday, May 4, 2022

✱✱Book Review✱✱ Magpie by Elizabeth Day


She has almost everything. The rest she’ll take.

For fans of Gone Girl and The Perfect Nanny, a taut, psychological suspense novel about a perfect couple and their seemingly perfect roommate—that is until she threatens to destroy everything they’ve worked so hard to create.

Marisa and Jake are a perfect couple. And Kate, their new lodger, is the perfect roommate—and not just because her rent payments will give them the income they need to start trying for the baby of their dreams.

Except—no one is truly perfect. Sure, Kate doesn’t seem to care much about personal boundaries and can occasionally seem overly-familiar with Jake. But Marisa doesn’t let it concern her, knowing that soon Kate will be gone, and it will just be her, Jake, and their future baby.

Conceiving a baby is easier said than done, though, and Jake and Marisa’s perfect relationship is put to the test through months of fertility treatments and false starts. To make matters worse, Kate’s boundary-pushing turns into an all-out obsession—with Jake, with Marisa, and with their future child. Who is this woman? Why does she seem to know everything about Marisa and Jake?

In her quest to find out who Kate really is, Marisa might destroy everything she’s worked so hard to create—her perfect romance, her perfect family, and her perfect self.

Jake doesn’t know the half of what Marisa has created—and what she stands to lose.

For fans of 
Gone Girl and The Perfect Nanny, Magpie is a tense and twisting novel about mothers and children, envy and possession, and the dangers of getting everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Momma Says: 3 stars⭐⭐⭐

Magpie feels like a book that could've been an edge-of-your-seat thriller. It certainly captured my attention in the beginning. There are some pretty easy-to-figure-out hints dropped here and there, but the tension was good, and I wanted to see how it all played out. Then, things changed with what could've been a brilliant twist, but it's like something got lost along the way. It became more women's fiction and drama than thriller. At this point, the author does give us a poignant look at infertility, but the book lost that tension of a good thriller, which is what I was looking for. In the end, we get back to some tension in the story, but it was from another angle. By the time I turned the last page, I really wasn't sure what this one was supposed to be. It's almost like three stories in one, and combined, they lack what I was looking for based on the promise of "a taut, psychological suspense" we're told about in the blurb. Really, the thing that impressed me most was the author's gift with words. She writes an engaging tale and crafts characters that I wanted to know more about even as the storyline frustrated the daylights out of me. So, I would check out more of Elizabeth Day's work. I just don't think this was the book for me. 

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