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Assassinated By Love Tour and Giveaway


Assassinated By Love

The Illusive Lovers Series Book 1

by S Courtney

Genre: Dark Romance 

Ember (Emmy)
Why am I on a site like this?
Simple, my roommates.
My real life is a façade
I want to be told I'm a good girl
To be disciplined when wrong
To explore all my curiosities
I want to be the perfect submissive as much as he wants to dominate me
But there's something he's hiding
How can I trust him as my dom if he can't trust me with who he is?

Colin, that's who I am today
A persona that isn't even real
Locked the real me away before my first kill
After almost 20 years of pulling the trigger, I think about life on the outside
And it starts with this website
I thought it was all wrong until I met her
She's what I want as a submissive
We are learning this lifestyle together
Until she wanted to know more about me...
How do I make her understand?
If something happens to her, I'll set this world on fire

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I had to remember that I was here on a recon mission. Jimmy Gregarno had made quite a name for himself in the short time he moved his business to the greater Miami district. He was gaining power almost instantly by offering a better product than his competition, causing a power shift. A few of those competitors who didn’t willingly side with Jimmy seemed to have disappeared. Additionally, to the disappearance of his rivals, there was intel he was running some dark operation, but info was little to non-existent. The only ones that knew the details were Jimmy and his closest men. Finding out exactly what it was is my assignment.

I had another hour before I would walk into the club as another patron celebrating the weekend to get eyes on Jimmy. I was able to crack the security cams for the club; it was Fisher-Price level. I spotted Emmy and some guy grinding against her in the VIP section.

Who the fuck is he?! 

I zoom in. She nudges him and smiles, a drink in her hand. He is way too close and comfortable to be some random stranger. Matter of fact, he looks like the ex from the newly added profile picture. By the way he was dancing and touching her, watching her curves brush against him, it was clear he wanted to reclaim her. And she was playfully pushing him away but not in a serious manner. Judging by her dress, she was looking to get into a whole lot of trouble. Little did she know she was going to get it...from me. I’ll spank her ass until it’s as red as a stop sign and she’s dripping wet with arousal. I’ll keep her on edge until she’s begging me to cum. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on my disobedient little pussy cat.

I slip on my suit jacket and head out to Sinners.

As much as I am aroused, I’m also ticked off. I don't understand?! Was she trying to rile me up on purpose? Because she succeeded. This was a bit of bratty behavior, but it wasn’t as off-putting as other girls and it wasn’t to the level of super brat, I had caused her to act out. 

I realized that if some drunk punk wanted to be stupid and pick a fight with me at the club, I would probably break his fingers and compound fracture his arm within the blink of an eye. I was in no mood.

I stroll up to the 2nd level of the club, giving me a bird's eye view of the entire venue. I haven't spotted Jimmy yet, so I'm observing the typical crowd filled with college kids, probably some underage, and the 25-35 crowd. I may be older, but I look like I could still fit in. I sip my bourbon while eyeing all the young women who sexily move their bodies to the beat, yet none of them compared to Emmy. 

I keep my eye on her while trying to complete my mission. I take the required photos for the agency and make some notes about Jimmy’s behavior and any information I could get on his secret operation. I wasn’t there to kill him, but the ex with his paws all over Emmy may disappear tonight!

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S Courtney is new to the published writing community but has been a lifelong writer and began creatively writing in junior high.

She is the author of the paranormal romance, the Bound Series, which includes Bound to You, Bound by Destiny, and Unapologetically Nessa which are available on paperback and kindle.

She is also the author of her contemporary romance, the Black Aces MC, a motorcycle club romance and the Sandman, a dark, slow burn paranormal romance.

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