Monday, October 24, 2022

✱✱Audio Book Review✱✱ Broken Man by Lydia Michaels


Broken Man
McCullough Mountain, Book 5
By: Lydia Michaels
Narrated by: David Allen Vargo

An eye-opening exploration of small-town life and adversity through an LGBT lens, best-selling author, Lydia Michaels, delivers a masterpiece of emotion in an unforgettable male-male romance that all listeners will love.

When Luke McCullough’s athletic potential is diminished by a field injury, his pride pays the price. Returning to his small town a broken man, the long road to recovery seems dreary and overshadowed by lost opportunities until he meets Tristan Hughes.

Tristan came to Center County to escape his past and start anew, but nothing prepared him for Luke. Intrigued, Tristan cautiously gets to know this formidable man and falls head over heels for the vulnerable soul hiding behind all that muscled intensity and drive.

Luke has never been interested in men. When he can’t get Tristan out of his head, he fights the inevitable. Stolen glances lead to heated encounters, followed by punishing regret, but Luke’s inability to face the truth of who he really is could cost him the only happiness he’s ever known.

Best-selling author, Lydia Michaels, has created an unforgettable family saga bursting with sizzling secrets and scandalous moments in this award-winning series, McCullough Mountain, where each story can be listened to as a stand-alone!

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

Finally! Luke and Tristan's story! If you've followed the McCullough Mountain series, you've gotten bits and pieces of this romance from other points of view. Lydia Michaels is a sneaky one, giving those little glimpses, because with each new book and each look at this pair, I was more and more anxious to get their love story. And what a story it is. Getting the whole thing from Luke and Tristan's points of view was everything I hoped for. This couple simultaneously made me swoon and frustrated me to no end. Broken Man is certainly an accurate title for this one, and at 5 books in, I'd have to say this one is the most emotional of the series so far. From the earlier mentioned swoons to big ugly cries and everything in between, the feels run the gamut, and I felt every single one. I'm thoroughly invested in these crazy McCullough's, so when they hurt, I hurt. Thankfully, the rest of the bunch does get some page time, which often adds some levity to the tension.
I had the pleasure of listening to this one, and David Allen Vargo gives a superb performance. He captures the emotion of the story perfectly, and it all comes through loud and clear. So, this fifth McCullough Mountain romance is another great pairing of good writing and good narration. 

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