Saturday, October 29, 2022

✱✱Book Review✱✱ Kiss of Death (Cronus Society) by Rhea Watson


Cronus Society: a shadow organization operating in the grey between humanity and the secret supernatural world. To some, Cronus is a monster. To others, it’s the only defense against a paranormal apocalypse.

In the prison of a possessed soul, he finds me.

In a field of blood, they hunt me.

Bastian, Daemon, and Hannibal…

Once the golden boys of the Silver Plains, the angels I desired in secret are now fallen soldiers in Lucifer’s legion.

Dark, dangerous, and hungry—for me.

Treaties be damned, they kidnap me from the secret society blackmailing me for my gifts, and they won’t release me until I accept that while I loved them from afar a lifetime ago, they loved me too.

I have always been the missing piece of their heart bond.

Me. Once an angel of no importance, too cowardly to fight.

Me—an angel no more.

We strike a deal. We owe it to ourselves to explore what fate foretold.

The time was wrong back then.

But now?

Trapped in the vast wastes of Hell, scheming fallen and demons aplenty, with three chances for my scarred princes to woo me…

Well, now might not be the right time either, no matter how our hearts burn to bond.

Kiss of Death is a standalone Why Choose romance set in the Cronus Society universe. It is a comfort read, aka low anxiety with heroes who worship their beloved, and is told exclusively from the heroine’s POV. It features the It’s Always Been You trope, which can feel a bit like insta-love, and no cliffhangers. Books in this series can be read in any order. Please heed the warnings listed at the start of the book.

Momma Says: 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I've been reading this author, under one pen name or another, for some time now, and she never fails to wow me. So, at the risk of repeating myself - Wow! The writing, the story, the characters, the cover! All of it, just wow! 
We're back in the Cronus Society world with fallen angels. Bastian, Daemon, and Hannibal are ready to pull out all the stops to win Aurelia's heart. Each of the three brings a little something different to the relationship, and they're all fiercely protective of Aurelia, who is so much stronger than anyone could guess - and maybe doesn't need quite so much protecting. She certainly holds her own with her three sexy-as-sin fallen angels.
As indicated in the blurb, a lot of this story takes place in Hell, and Rhea Watson's imaginative version of it is unlike any I've come across. We also get Rhea's wonderfully descriptive writing to paint a picture of it that we can see as the story progresses. From the gates to travel back and forth to a rejuvenating pool to a visit with Morningstar himself, this is a well-crafted and fascinating world.
Rather than go on and risk revealing the book's secrets, I'll move on to the writing, which is just exceptional. That is the one constant across this author's books: regardless of the pen name or the genre, she has a way with words that only adds to the enjoyment of the story. Her writing always reminds me of some of the classics. Where the prose is a little flowery but not so much as to fall into the purple category. There are often lines that I'll read, and they're so good I have to read them again. I'm a note taker, and I tend to jot things down as I'm reading, but as usually happens with this author, I was so pulled into the characters and their story that I read the last line and realized I hadn't jotted a single note - and I read the whole thing straight through. 

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