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The Casanova Family Series Tour and Giveaway


The Biggest Win

Casanova Family Series Book 1

by Carolina Jax

Genre: Contemporary Small Town Sports Romance 

From the time I was a young kid, I wanted out of this small town. I wanted more. So, I worked hard and I did it.
I got the biggest opportunity of my life as an NFL quarterback.
As a first round draft pick, I was top of my game.
Then I blew it.
Now I’m back home wishing for another way out, another chance to be great.
Something is missing. Football is all I’ve known, so that must be it, right?
When my best friends sister returns to town, and I enlist her in getting back into footballs good graces, she stirs something inside me that I haven’t felt in years.
Turns out I did find what I was missing, exactly where I was told not to look for it.
Will I still be able to leave or will she convince me my next biggest win is right here at home?

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Francesca is outstanding. Seeing her open the door tonight, in that black dress, she was stunning. She’s naturally beautiful and draws people close. Whether she sees it or not, she has a way of carrying herself that make people flock to her. 

I’m one of them. She sucked me in all those years ago; I’ve never let go and I’ve never been the same since.  

I couldn’t leave her again if I tried. 

She really has a knack for PR whether she wants to admit it or not. She makes me feel like I’m the most important person here tonight. She has introduced me to some new faces as well as helped me reconnect with old. The good news is that people recognize me and my talents, and no one has mentioned any of my risqué behavior. As we wind down from dinner, she excuses herself to the restroom and I say I’ll get us fresh drinks from the bar. As I am waiting for the bartender, a man approaches. 

“Coach Gage, what a pleasant surprise.”

I turn at the mention of my name, but I don’t recognize this guy. He looks sketchy. Like a bookie or something. “I’m sorry, I’ve seen so many faces tonight, but I don’t recall your name.”

“Nick Goldman,” he replies. “I believe we have a mutual friend.” He raises his brows like we share a secret. 

Goldman. As in Goldman PR. This is the douche who dragged Chess’ name through the mud. 

I turn my back on him. “Enjoy your night, Nick.” It’s better to not engage with him at all. Though there is a ton of things I’d love to say to him, I keep my composure, willing this bartender to get a move on. 

But Nick keeps talking. “Do you like my sloppy seconds? It’s clear Frankie likes slumming too.” 

At the mention of her name, I turn and swing. I didn’t want to. It took all I had to not pop him at first sight. But when he slams her name again, I can’t hold back. I see red. I connect with his jaw. The blonde woman he was standing with screams. Nick falls onto the bar then pushes from it, bending at the waist and tries to ram me in the stomach. I lift my knee, slamming him in the nose and pushing him back down to the floor. There’s more screaming and gasps and I’m being pulled from him and restrained by two men. There’s another man lifting Nick back up. Chess comes around the corner to see us squaring off at each other, Nick still running his mouth.

“I’ll sue you! You just assaulted me!”

“You shouldn’t talk shit when you can’t back it up.”

“Oh please, man, is her pussy really worth the legal fight I’m going to bring to you?”

I roar and charge him again, but a third man jumps in and holds me back. Nick yells, “You’re nothing but a has been. Everyone sees right through this charade you two have going on. I’ll expose you! I’ll end you! Then I’ll own you!” 

The Biggest Christmas Wedding

A Casanova Family Novella

'Twas the night before the wedding and all through the house, no one was sleeping for there were too many shouts!
'Give me wine! Give me shots! Let’s do this right now!' My wild maid of honor just couldn’t settle down.

Tomorrow I would marry the coach of my dreams,
The day was finally here, it had been fifteen years!

The excitement was palpable in a little town called Christmas,
Everyone was yelling 'You won’t want to miss this!'

Coach Gage and Francesca were finally tying the knot,
But would it be that easy? I think not.

Come along for the ride and see what they do,
Which Casanova brother will come to the rescue?

Spend Christmas in Christmas for the Biggest Wedding this town has ever seen.
Fall in love all over again with Jackson and Francesca and the rest of the Casanova Family!

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I know Adam is under a lot of stress right now. He’s had a huge shakeup in his personal life, so much so it’s affected all of us, too. I know the rate at which my wedding has come about is hard for him to grasp especially while he is fighting his own demons on love. 

But I need him. I need my best friend. And if I need to talk about my future wife, even if it his sister, I need him to put that to the side and be there for me. 

He pulls up alongside my truck, down by the field. I told him to meet me here after practice ended. He jumps out of his truck carrying two cups of coffee, handing one over to me. 

“You spike those?”

“Do I need to?” he asks in a gruff tone.

“A little booze never hurt anyone.”

And with that he pulls a small bottle of whiskey from his back pocket, hands me his cup, and opens the whiskey. “Pop the top and let me fill ‘em up.”

“I knew you had it in you, bro.” I chuckle as I put the coffees on the hood of my truck, take the top off and watch him pour some in. Then I raise my brow as he pours a double shot into his own.

“That bad, huh?” I ask quietly. 

He just shrugs. “One step forward and two back. Not sure how we’re going to get past it.” He takes a big gulp, making a face as the whiskey no doubt burns his throat on the way down. Then nods at me. “What’d you do to my sister? You must have fucked up; I know it’s the only reason you’d have me out here right now.”

I grin. “Now come on, why’s it always gotta be my fault? You know she’s difficult.”

He barks a laugh. “She’s a Casanova, of course she’s difficult. But you chose that level of difficulty and now you have to deal with it. So come on. Out with it.”

I’m not sure how to start so I just blurt it out. “I think she’s having second thoughts.”

Adam chokes on his coffee. “The fuck! Warn a guy, Gage.”

“I just did. I’m warning you; I think she’s having second thoughts about getting married and I need you to convince me she’s not.”

He just stares at me. 

“I’m not ok, bro. Convince me.” I shout at him in a clipped tone.

He sighs, leaning back against the truck, kicking his leg out in front of him and crossing it over the other at the ankle. Still holding his coffee in one hand, the other clenches at the back of his neck. He sighs again. Loudly. 

Fucking take your time asshole, meanwhile, I’m dying a slow death over here. 

“Just spit it out, Knight. If you know something, you better tell me.” I’m getting angry. I don’t like feeling vulnerable and that’s what happening here. 

He shoots me a side look then looks back out on the football field we grew up on. The field where it all started for him and I. For Francesca and me. The joining of our families. 

The Biggest Secret

Casanova Family Series Book 2


Hard work drives me.

I watched my father work his ass off for our family.

Being the oldest, its my job to continue that. Take care of my parents, my brothers, my sister.

Idle time and idle hands make for poor decisions.

Work now, work hard and the future will fall into place.

Boy was I wrong.

My future walked out on me when I couldn’t put her first.

When I couldn’t find balance.

But now my future just gave me a second chance. Will I be able to hold onto it this time? Will I learn from my mistakes? Because it’s not just about me and her anymore.


I’ve seen what second choice looks like all of my life. My dad left my mom because his first choice was booze. My sister’s fiancé chose another woman over her.

Even my own boyfriend couldn’t choose me over his work.

So I left. Was it the right thing to do? Probably not. But I wouldn’t know what a good decision is if it smacked me in the face.

Now it’s not just me I’m choosing for. I’m not alone anymore and need to think of how our future will play out. Can I go from being second choice to getting, and giving, a second chance?

**Releases Feb 1, 2023 – PreOrder Now!**

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Shaking my head, I reach out and turn the knob and it does nothing. “She locked the door.” I bang on it. “Sissy! What the fucks going on in there?” I yell. 

 Farrah comes to the door next, opens it and steps out quickly shutting it behind her. “What’s up guys?” She leans against the door, looking nowhere near comfortable. 

I eye her. “Who’s inside Farrah?”

“Adam now isn’t a good time. You should get back to work. Your sister has wedding stuff all over the place and I know how talking about her wedding gives you hives, when you start thinking about her, and Jackson, and the honeymo—”

I push past her and into the house. I’ve had enough of this strange behavior. Someone is inside here that they do not want me to see. Billy follows me. 


I cut her a glare that shuts her right up. “Why are you yelling?” I continue walking through the living room and into the kitchen. I see my sister in the backyard through the window. Farrah and Britt are nervously watching Billy and me.

Just then the door from the garage opens and Adley, Chelsea’s sister walks through. She pulls up short when she sees me and now, I understand why they didn’t want me to come inside.  

Chelsea Jo is here. In my house. 

I swing my eyes back to the two girls. “Is this why you were locking me out of my own house?” I raise a brow. “Is she here?” I say low. 

Both girls start talking at the same time and its then that I catch a glimpse of a little boy running through the back yard with my sister close behind. She catches him and swings him around, turning and laughing as Chelsea comes into view as well. My breath catches in my throat. 

I wasn’t ready for this today. She said she wanted to see me, but I thought I had a few more days to wrap my head around her visit. 

“Whose kid is that?” I ask as I start making my way around the island and over to the backdoor. Billy is trailing right behind me. He hasn’t said a word and that makes me even more nervous. 

I reach for the handle and Britt jumps in front of me. Again. “Jesus Britt! Enough! Let me through!” I push her out of the way, I’m sure I’ll hear shit from Bobby later, but something is not right here.

 And then it happens in slow motion. Chess and Chelsea are laughing, and the boy is squealing, excited to being swung around. Like a record scratch, his face comes into view, and everyone freezes. 

It hits me like a ton of bricks. 


I’m staring at the boy. He’s staring back at me. I can’t take my eyes from him. I feel everyone looking at me, but I cannot move. My feet have grown root and my heart has splintered.

And I know. 

Contemporary romance writer, lover of all things steamy and HEA

Hailing from a tiny town in New York, Carolina spends her free time with her military husband, their two sons and her chocolate lab, Lincoln. Her avid love for reading slowly morphed into an “I want to do that, too!” attitude and a dream was born with a pen and paper.

Carolina Jax writes contemporary romances about her favorite things – football, small towns and big hearts. Her stories are based on an everyday life with amazing people finding amazing love. They have the perfect combination of love, lust and laughs, and always with a Happily Ever After.

When she’s not on the field watching her boys play football and lacrosse, she loves to drink wine with friends, watch the Philadelphia Eagles (hopefully) win, read about alpha heroes, and dream about everything Christmas.

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