Monday, January 2, 2023

Excerpt Tour: Doomed Unless by Luc Gagnon M.Sc. Ph.D.

Doomed, Unless

by Luc Gagnon




In this book, you will learn how political correctness has greatly underestimated climate change impacts and overestimated the benefits of new technologies. This is a recipe for disaster. There is still hope if we eliminate political correctness from climate policy, as many options are available to save modern civilization.


Luc Gagnon's book is a breath of fresh air in the climate debate. Based on rigorous analysis and a critical eye refined over his long career, the author offers us a raw picture of the failure of climate policies. Too often, these policies are fueled by good thinking and political correctness rather than by facts... A book to read and discuss absolutely.

- Normand Mousseau, Professor, Physical Science, Montreal University

We need a new way of understanding the energy transition. This book sheds a harsh light on why inertia is winning, despite the importance of our scientific knowledge... Almost no one has the courage to clearly identify (the needed) changes for fear of offending this or that group. Luc Gagnon has that courage.

- Pierre-Olivier Pineau, Professor, Hautes Études Commerciales, Montreal University

The author has the lucidity to accept the real causes plaguing humanity and ultimately threatening its survival. Clearly, without deceit. An essential work.

- Jean-François Lefebvre, Sustainable Development, Quebec University. at Montreal


EXCERPT (Exclusive Excerpt):

Climate change impacts have been greatly underestimated, while the benefits of new technologies have been overestimated. This is a recipe for disaster. This is due to political correctness, a social exercise where politicians and experts must ensure that nobody is offended. It becomes unacceptable to say that a group is creating a problem. 

Politicians prefer to listen to promoters of new technologies, who make unreasonable promises.  

Political correctness is dangerous: it has lured us into false perceptions that will ensure failure. Fortunately, understanding political correctness allows us to transform these false perceptions into efficient actions.


This book on climate change is unique because the author has experience from different, even opposite, perspectives:

• University teacher in Urban Planning, Environmental Science, and Engineering.

• 15 years of work for environmental groups dealing with climate change, public transit, and sustainable development.

• 20 years for Hydro-Quebec as Senior Advisor, Climate Change.

• Years of research on life-cycle assessments (LCAs) of energy options.

• His expertise in energy was recognized by the International Energy Agency and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He has published numerous articles.

• With a life-cycle approach, he is able to identify when promoters or politicians make misleading promises due to political correctness.

He was nominated, on three occasions, as Expert reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Dr. Gagnon has published numerous articles on greenhouse gas emissions and the energy payback of energy options. 

His expertise in life-cycle assessments allows him to identify when promoters or politicians make misleading promises due to political correctness.  In sum, he is able to detect when communications are self-serving and designed to impress, without concern for the truth.

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