Monday, March 6, 2023

Excerpt Tour: Icarus Over Collins by Hector Duarte Jr.

 Icarus Over Collins

by Hector Duarte, Jr.


Contemporary Fiction

(Bilingual Spanish/English)


After her friend Sandy Mangual tragically falls to his death, Bailey Cohen discovers images of his grisly corpse have been uploaded and shared through social media, by someone very close to her.

Fed up, in a stagnant relationship with an emotionally-abusive boyfriend, Bailey enlists the help of quiet, unnoticed, underappreciated Bernardo Castillo, who works the luxury Miami Beach high rise in which she stays.

Bernardo will have to dredge up the shady past he’s long worked to tamp down in order to set off on a journey of vengeance that will reshape and morph each person engulfed along its way.

Icarus Over Collins is a short, punchy revenge story as cracked and slivered as hot Miami pavement.

Tras la trágica caída accidental de su amigo, Bailey Cohen descubre que imágenes del cadáver han sido clandestinamente descargadas a redes sociales. Por alguien muy cercana.

Bailey contara con la ayuda de Bernardo Castillo, empleado del condominio lujoso en Miami Beach cuya Bailey habita.

En nombre de su amigo fallecido, Bernardo y Bailey tendrán que excavar sus pasados umbríos en camino hacia la venganza. Un viaje que reformara a todos envueltos.

Icarus Over Collins es un cuento de venganza tan caluroso y rajado como las aceras bordeando todo Miami.


EXCERPT (Exclusive Excerpt):

I turn right, looking out to the ocean. A kite surfer cuts into a wave, is airborne for what feels like minutes, and glides back down onto the water.

Across the street, the sound of shattering glass rips me from my daydream. High above The Landings, Sandy dangles over Collins Avenue.  

Glass rains to the street below. 

“Get back up!” I scream like he can hear me. Like those words could magically catapult him back to stability and safety. Sixteen fucking years old. Too impatient to wait seven days for a God damn key. 

Sandy falls fast to the ground. He is not suspended like the kite surfer, is instead pulled to the concrete below. I remember Gabe’s words. Repeated so often, they’ve become a mantra. “Bye bye, birdie.”

Fixated, I follow his young body’s trajectory straight to the pavement, fast as a missile. Pedestrians down below point and follow his track, too. A couple of silent, harrowing seconds after he hits, a small crowd surrounds the body. Seconds after that, screams reach my ears.


Hector Duarte, Jr. is a writer/educator out of Miami, Fl, where he lives with his wife, son, and cat.  His fiction has been published widely online and in print, like the recent anthologies Pa Que Tu Lo Sepas: Stories to Benefit the People of Puerto Rico, and Shotgun Honey Presents Volume 4: Recoil. In September of 2018, Shotgun Honey Books published his full-length short story collection Desperate Times Call. He welcomes you to follow him on Twitter.



Hector Duarte, Jr. will be awarding a $10 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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