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✱✱AudioBook Review✱✱ The Downfall of Us Duet by Claudia Burgoa


The Downfall of Us Duet
By: Claudia Burgoa
Narrated by: Jason Clarke, Maxine Mitchell, & Lance Greenfield

One moment destroyed our perfect love.

This is an emotional, angsty, tearjerker, why choose romance duet by USA Today best-selling a author Claudia Burgoa.

I fell in love with Archer St. James long ago. We were children, but our hearts just knew it. We were soulmates. Our love was eternal. But it wasn’t. 

My future and my heart shattered the day he died. Well, they say he died, but I still sense him. They call it ghost pains. It’s like my soul can’t live without him. And after seven years, I’m almost ready to let him go....

There are two men who claimed to care for me—even love me. One looks almost like the man I lost. The other is so different, but the invisible link between us pulls me to him. My already shattered heart is torn between the past, the present, and a dangerous future with two men.

The End of Me is the first book of The Downfall of Us Duet. An angst-filled why choose MMF romance about broken hearts, loss, and hope.

Momma Says: 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Wow! All the stars for this one, and I haven't even gotten my hands on book two yet. I'm so thoroughly invested in these characters, and I have been since the very first page. Claudia Burgoa always gives us an emotional journey, but The End of Me is like the mother of all journeys. This is the kind of story with the kind of characters that get under your skin. When I wasn't reading, I was thinking about the characters and itching to get back to them.
Everyone should have a love like Archer and Piper, that one person who understands you and knows you better than anyone else. Piper spoke to me in so many ways. Her grief, her need to crawl in bed and stay there, her effort to push forward because that's what Archer would want. I understand that on a very personal level. I also understand not being on anyone else's timeline when it comes to grief. Needless to say, I shed a serious lot of tears as I read The End of Me - some for Piper and some for me. As for Archer, I don't want to give spoilers, but his careful planning in case something happened to him just blew me away, and that falls back to what I said about that person who knows you better than anyone else.
So, I'll stop there before I venture into spoiler territory - there are other characters, but too much about them gives things away. Anyway, did I love this book? Absolutely! Do I recommend it? Without a doubt. And if the person behind all those feels happens to be reading this, I really need book two now, please!
Jason Clarke, Maxine Mitchell, and Lance Greenfield voice these wonderful characters, and if you've never had the pleasure of listening to any of these narrators, you are missing out. All three are excellent choices for this duet, and they captured the angst and emotion of this first in the duet perfectly. 

He saved my heart. She owns my soul.

From USA Today best-selling author Claudia Burgoa comes the highly anticipated conclusion to The Downfall of Us Duet.

The first time I saw her, I had a feeling about her.

It was the hypnotizing indigo eyes. Her smile. Her.

I find myself drawn to her music. I can’t stop thinking about her voice. I’m captivated by her beauty. I don’t understand the bond between us. Also, I belong to someone else.

He put me together when I was broken. He loved me when I couldn’t stand on my own two feet. We fought for our freedom. But still, I feel incomplete. Piper Decker might own a piece of me. But Derek Hastings claimed me when I was broken. Can I belong to two people? Can we coexist as one and find our forever?

When Forever Finds Us is a heartwrenching story of finding who you are before you can offer your heart.

Momma Says: 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The blurb for The End of Me, book 1 in The Downfall of Us Duet, called the duet 'an emotional, angsty, tearjerker,' and I called the first book the mother of all emotional journeys. Neither was an overstatement. That said, this duet is one of my favorites, and I don't just mean favorite in Claudia Burgoa's list of books, although that's true (there are a lot of favorites in that category). This is a favorite for me, period. I realize that's really saying something, but it's completely true. These characters and their story got so far under my skin that if I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about it and itching to get back to it. I know, I know, this is not the first impossible-to-put-down romance I've read, it's not even the first I've read by this author, but these characters, especially Piper, got to me. You cannot read this duet and meet these characters and not want them to work out.
That's not to say they didn't frustrate me from time to time. They definitely did, and I wanted to shake one or all of them until their teeth rattled, but that all goes right back to the many feels that make up this romance. It is a #whychoose? love story, and once you meet all three parts of this relationship, you'll understand why I say these characters had to find their way to each other. They just had to.
And that's my cue to stop before I give away the book's secrets. If you've already read the first book in the duet, then you already know some of those secrets. If you were waiting for both books to binge-read, my advice is simple - settle in with your drink of choice and dive right in. Oh, and have plenty of tissues at hand because you are gonna need them.
If you're like me and can't get enough of these characters, or if you prefer the audiobook, Jason Clarke, Maxine Mitchell, and Lance Greenfield knock it out of the park. Claudia Burgoa could not have chosen any better for the narration of this angst-filled romance. I always enjoy any of these narrators, and to get all three in one duet is a special treat. 

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