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The Crafstman Blitz


Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Romance Thriller

Date Published: May 5, 2023

Publisher: Absolute Author Publishing House


Jatin wants nothing more to do with women. Haunted by his wife’s devastating betrayal and their bitter divorce, the only woman he’d ever be interested in would be one who literally worships the ground he walks on. But that’s impossible in modern India. Jatin is fine living completely alone, growing ever angrier and more violent.

When a catastrophic event confronts him with his own mortality, Jatin has a choice to make. He can continue with his former empty way of life, or he can shape the world he desires. Faced with a beautiful young girl whose mind is a blank slate, he finally has a chance to test his theories about what a woman should be. And, more importantly, about what will make him happy. Jatin becomes a master craftsman, shaping a web of deceit to create the perfect partner. But what will he do when his dream world starts crashing in?


About the Author

Sam Arcot is a software engineer by day and an aspiring author by night, ready to take the publishing world by storm with his upcoming debut novel, The Craftsman. Hailing from India, Sam is now based in Chicago. His unique cultural experiences have inspired him to explore the influence worldviews have on individuals and society through his writing.

His first book was penned when he was just 19 years old, and it quickly became a sensation with its gripping plot and nail-biting suspense. Now, Sam is set to introduce his psychological romance thriller to the American audience, promising a captivating read with its compelling characters and page-turning storyline.

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