Thursday, June 22, 2023

A. Blackbird Author Spotlight Tour and Giveaway


Bluestone Academy

Bluestone Book 1

by A. Blackbird

Genre: Paranormal Academy Dark Romance 

I'm just like them. I'm an elite, my brother is in with the it crowd, but I'm shunned.

Money can't buy you everything. Well, it certainly can't buy me acceptance in our world.

At Bluestone Academy, it doesn't matter that I'm a witch like the rest of them.

I'm a deadblood—a witch without power.

And I pay for my acceptance into the witching school every single day.

It doesn't end out of the doors, either.

This is my life. I'll always be one of them, and forever be shunned—
by the one I've loved my whole life.

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Hearts & Spades Book 1

by A. Blackbird

Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance, Wonderland Retelling

Mad as hatters, here they all are. To home and from, Rose is very far.

What would you do to claw your way back to the only home you've ever known? How far would you go to 

To save herself, Rose must work with a dangerous, mysterious ally Night, who might just be her greatest threat.

When the rebels attack the small Hearts village, blacksmith Rose is thrown down the forbidden well and down it, she finds the Three Sisters of horror stories and folklore. With half the village down the well, the Sisters open the doors to the Hatterthon--a deadly game of murder and survival.
If Rose ever wants to make it out alive, she must be more brutal than any other player and stick with Night--the mysterious player she's allied with, threatens all she knows with his dangerous smiles and even deadlier eyes. In the Hatterthon, everyone is a little mad...
And the only way out is to win. By any means necessary.

HEARTS is a Wonderland retelling, hold the Alice! Set in a medieval Wonderland, this series welcomes old favourites with a dark twist to a beloved story.

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by A. Blackbird

Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance, Red Riding Hood Retelling

A Dark Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

The villagers call her Red.
It's the colour of her lips, her cloak, and the blood that stains her when she returns from the woods. The villagers call her Red for many reasons, but most of all, they're too afraid to call her what she really is. 
Witch. But when a wolf stalks the village, Red might be the only one who can save them from the beast...the beast who has his sights set on her already. Red races against the three days until the full moon to uncover the wolf's identity, find out what he wants from her, and save herself. To hell with the village, Red just wants to save herself. That's what good witches do.

A dark re-telling of the old tale, where Red Riding Hood isn't so little, and mightn't be so good after all.

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"A. BLACKBIRD" is a sister penname to "Q. BLACKBIRD"

With "A", you'll find all the Blackbird "SOFTER STORIES" - those with less graphic scenes, put simply. Cleaner tales that still explore dark themes, and more YA friendly reads.

With "Q" - the main penname - you'll find those darker themed tales written in gritty, dark detail. Those books don't pull their punches!

To keep these stories and content separate for the readers, "A" and "Q" BLACKBIRD are not connected on the book pages, but if both themes are to your liking, check out Q BLACKBIRD's best-selling series, DARK FAE BLACK WORLD!! *all the content warnings apply*

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