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Light From the Dark Tour and Giveaway


She escaped the cage of one serial killer, only to fall right into the arms of another…

Light From the Dark: Protecting What's Theirs

by R Sullins

Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense 

She escaped the cage of one serial killer, only to fall right into the arms of another…

She was everything they had been waiting for.

Brent and Ethan had been in a committed relationship since high school.

They were both dominant men and enjoyed testing each other’s limits,

But they each knew they longed to feel the softness of a woman.

But not any woman.

The perfect woman for them.

Casey had been running for so long, and so far,

she didn’t even know where she was anymore.

Literally, she had no idea where her bus dropped her off.

All she knew was that she was tired, deep down in her bones.

She knew the small town seemed nice, and the owners of the diner were good people.

She also knew that the men she had caught a glimpse of made her heart beat faster—and if the rings they wore were any indication, they were both taken.

Brent and Ethan needed to convince this frightened young woman to stay in town long enough to give them a chance.

They knew she was running from something, and to them, it didn’t matter what that was. They were ready to protect her from anything.

But how would Casey feel when she found out one of her men had even more blood on his hands than the killer she was running from?

Please know your triggers! All TW/CW are available on my website under the book title

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Dressing for the occasion

I could barely hold in my excitement. I was full of jittery nerves, scared out of my mind, but strangely excited for reasons I couldn’t explain even to myself. 

Brent climbed into the cab of the truck next to me and pressed the button to start the engine. He put his hand on my bouncing thigh and began to drive away from the house, the path of the circular driveway lit by lights embedded along the sides. I was too wound up to take in the beauty of their landscaping tonight, though. 

He gave my thigh a squeeze, then gave me the side eye. “Dollface, what the fuck are you wearing?”

I glanced down at my black yoga pants and the black t-shirt peeking out from under my black hoodie. I had my hair pulled back into a low ponytail and tucked under a black beanie. Unfortunately, all I had was the one pair of beat-up pink sneakers. I looked over at him, wearing pretty much what he did every day. He had on a pair of jeans that were worn and faded around his thick thighs and other stress points, looking like an expensive pair of jeans that someone would pay hundreds for. 

“Ummm, blood?” Blood didn’t show on black, right? Wasn’t he afraid that his clothes would get ruined? How many pairs of jeans did he go through? I liked the way he looked in those jeans, and I hated the thought of having to throw them out.

“What?” He sounded like he was fighting back a laugh, so I huffed out a breath and crossed my arms. I turned my head to glare out the window. “Dollface?”

I sighed. “I thought killers would wear all black.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s cat burglars, baby.” His chuckle had me turning to glare at him, thankful the dark interior hid the pink in my cheeks.

R. Sullins is a USA Today bestselling author, an International Bestseller, and a KDP All Star.

Family is number one in her life, followed by her menagerie of pets. Be patient with her, she’s not very good at peopling. 

She is a lover of fairies, tattoos, and coffee cups, has a vast collection of them all, and receives a glare from her teenager every time she brings home a new cup to squeeze into the cabinet. 

When she’s not writing, you will probably be able to find her reading a book. But, no matter what genre you find her immersed in, there is always one thing that her favorite stories have in common…you will never, ever find her reading any book with cheating. So rest assured! She will never write one, either. 

A bit of drama, a dash of spice, a little bit of innocence, and a large dab of alpha is what makes up the recipe for her stories.  Find more of her here:

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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