Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Love Deleted Tour and Giveaway


Are you sure you want to erase your love?

Love Deleted

by Paul Indigo

Genre: Women's Fiction, Light SciFi, Love Story

"A masterpiece" PH ... "Absolutely amazing" BA ... "The coolest idea ever" JK ... "Brilliant" EF ... "Not like anything else I've ever read..." AC ... "Exceptionally unique" RA ... "Good luck putting this one down" EN ... "I'm amazed it's a debut novel" KK ... "I loved it so much I'd invite the characters to dinner" BT


This is an impossible love story…

Cooper came home unexpectedly early that day. The day her world collapsed. The day she heard things she shouldn’t have. Saw things she shouldn’t have.

Now Cooper is running away. Driving recklessly. Blindly. A broken heart spiralling out of control after witnessing an earth-shattering scene.

Then Cooper discovers the website. Speaks to the doctors. Can they help her? Can they give her the treatment she desperately wants? Yes they can. They can do something mind-blowing.

They can surgically erase her love for her husband Jethro.

Only what appears to be the perfect solution sets off a devastating chain of events not only for Jethro and herself. But one also involving their teenage son Daniel in ways she can’t imagine.

A life-shattering moment. A rash decision. An easy solution. This isn’t just a love story. Not when a heart isn’t just broken, it is irreversibly silenced.

This is an impossible love story.

*Amazingly, this novel was inspired by the latest in genuine, cutting-edge medical technology.

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I'm a British author who loves page-turners. It doesn't have to be a thriller. It can be anything, I just want to feel that desperate urge to turn the page. And if it grabs me on the first page...or the first paragraph...or the first sentence...Well! All the better.

I worked in the television industry for many years. However, though I’ve worked with words all my life, I’ve only recently decided to do something with it. I have a love of radio dramas and audio books and my writing has been heavily influenced by both.

I live on the English coast and love sea and nature reserve walks whenever I get the opportunity (at least once a week, sometimes more). I also love to wake early, long before the rest of the world has caught up with me.

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