Friday, September 8, 2023

Succumb to Darkness Tour and Giveaway


Evanangela must learn to survive in the French vampire court after her fall from grace. 

The Revolution is coming, and soon, the gilded cage will burn.

Succumb to Darkness

by Lauren A. R. Masterson

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Evanangela falls from grace, her wings burned and her soul blackened as she is reborn into a vampire. Àmichemin adopts her into the vampire court and shows her a life of brutal slaughters masquerading as elegant affairs at Seigneur Verseau’s side. She must find her place in the realm of the damned and somehow regain her virtue.

But all is not well in the Nacre Court, as there is a dire blood shortage. The greed of the vampires is eroding the careful balance of the feeds, and Verseau and Àmichemin must act to prevent a full-on revolt within the court. Can she keep her secret and survive?

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Start at the beginning, and when you come to the end, stop.”
Mad Hatter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Lauren A.R. Masterson graduated from Columbia College of Chicago with a degree in Fiction Writing.  During her college days, she began working as a freelance model eventually making it her full-time profession after graduating.  She toured nationally, met scores of creative people, and had many adventures.  After retiring from modeling, and experiencing a divorce, Lauren felt the drain of her creativity.  But after finding a loving and supporting community she began exploring her writing talent and art again. Lauren is now a regular in the local Chicago writing communities and is dedicated to enhancing her craft.

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  1. I think this story sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


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