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Both Sides of the Fence

Thunderstruck Book 1

by Amelia Elliot

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Woman's Fiction 

That’s the thing about soulmates—you have to be brave enough to stay with them.

Dee Bullard acted responsibly her whole life. She worked hard, went to college, and became a veterinarian. Now in her late thirties, she’s stuck in the one place she always vowed to leave: her childhood home on a farm in Kansas. Then the boy next door breezes back into town, and past heartache catches up with them both.

After years in the Army’s special forces, there are some things that Ricky Lee never talks about. One of those things is the real reason he hasn’t come home in eight years: Dee. She’s a troublemaker who’s left him bearing the consequences one too many times. When Ricky’s father suddenly dies, he’s forced to return to care for his sick mother. Back in Dee’s orbit, Ricky can’t deny her. But he doesn’t think he can survive her either.

With nothing but a low cattle fence and a lifetime of memories standing between them, Ricky and Dee face a reckoning that will either break them forever or unite them for good.


*Small town


*Second chance

*Childhood sweethearts

*Forced proximity

*Soul mates

*Girl/Boy next door

Both Sides of the Fence is an epic love story about the choices you make when you’re young and how they impact you as you age. Spanning thirty-five years, it’s also a story about the struggles of millennials growing up in rural poverty and how they grapple with disillusionment with their American dreams and two decades of war as they strive for their HEA.

This is a contemporary romance novel containing explicit love scenes and adult language. Please use the 
Look Inside feature to review content warnings, which include spoilers.

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Conduct Unbecoming a Judge

Thunderstruck Book 2

Rich or poor, sick or healthy, everyone needs love.

For Esme Fernandes, life ended at thirty. First, she lost her ability to have children, and then she lost her husband. Certain she’s fated to die young like the rest of her family, Esme married her career instead. And it paid off: now thirty-eight, she’s a Federal judge, and determined to be worthy of her job.

Jack Bullard, twice 
People’s Sexiest Man Alive, is at a crossroads. Two years after a bewildering and brutal divorce, he misses his kids and is unfulfilled by his Hollywood stardom. But he’s made a career out of being irreplaceable, and too many people depend on him now.

When Jack and Esme collide—literally—sparks fly. But they also attract attention from the moment they meet, and not the good kind. Between scandalous pictures and Esme’s growing political conflict with a senator, things take a dangerous turn.

Just as Jack can see the future forming, the increasing scrutiny awakens Esme’s demons—and Jack has to decide whether fighting for her is selfish, or what they both need.



*Movie star hero

*Sworn off relationships female

*Protective male

*Strong female

*Cinnamon roll hero

*Emotional scars

*Single father

*Disability/chronic illness

Conduct Unbecoming a Judge is a steamy contemporary romance with a strong female lead struggling with chronic illness, and a protective, cinnamon roll hero. Please use the Look Inside feature to review content warnings, which include spoilers.

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All the Ways We're Wrong

Thunderstruck Book 3

You made a list of reasons why you don’t want to have sex with me?”

Ava Blum may be a sparkly, extroverted movie-star known for her extraordinary beauty, but she’s hiding the truth. She’s a divorced, single mother with PTSD, low self-esteem, and a non-existent love life. Unable to shake the lasting effects of abuse, she grieves her fortieth birthday alone in a remote mountain cabin.

Killian Kelly is a man of few words. A bookish, outdoorsy engineer, he keeps things simple. Abandoned before he was three, he barely survived childhood. Thirty years later, he’s found peace in his well-ordered, solitary life working in national forests.

When a mudslide buries Ava alive, Killian rescues her and guides her down the mountain. Surviving the wilderness together leads to an unexpected, inescapable bond. But they’re opposites with incompatible lives, and so they agree to go their separate ways. Instead, they fall into a reckless, passionate affair.

Ava’s convinced she’s not good enough for love, and Killian doesn’t know what love is. When they can’t walk away, they have to decide whether anything right can come from all the ways they’re wrong.


*Forced proximity

*Opposites attract


*Fish out of water

*Alpha hero

*Rejected as unworthy by parents

*Damsel in distress

*Different worlds

All the Ways We’re Wrong is a steamy contemporary romance containing descriptive love scenes and adult language. Please use the Look Inside feature to review content warnings, which include spoilers.

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Amelia Elliot works as a trial lawyer, copywriter, and author. She publishes on topics of law, business, and politics. ‘Amelia Elliot’ is the pen name for the author’s works in women’s literary fiction and romance. She lives with her husband and their three big dogs on a sailboat.

Disabled with chronic illness, she reads romances because they help her stay optimistic through pain and exhaustion. As a novelist, she writes stories that are funny, tragic, sexy, and real. Her novels have mature themes that contemplate human experiences, purpose, and trauma. She hopes her books help struggling readers find solace. They will always have a happily ever after.

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