Monday, October 23, 2023

✱✱Audio Book Review✱✱ Right Guy, Wrong Word by Jewel E. Ann


Right Guy, Wrong Word
By: Jewel E. Ann
Narrated by: Stella Bloom & Oscar Reyes

Do books have souls?

Anna Black has the perfect novel choice for her book club. She also has a sexy new neighbor who jumps at the opportunity to join fellow bookworms in discussing her pick for their summer read.

It’s lust at first sight and the marriage of two literary souls. The charismatic owner of a new T-shirt store in Des Moines’ East Village, Eric Steinmann, has a confident air and an irresistible “mating dance”. He’s almost perfect...until he says the wrong word.

Will Anna and Eric write their own story? Or will their chemistry die when fiction turns into reality?

Right Guy, Wrong Word was originally written as a short story, "The Last Person". It’s been revised with significant changes to the original content and extended into a full-length novel.

Momma Says: 3 stars⭐⭐⭐

Before Right Guy, Wrong Word, I had only read one of Jewel E Ann's books, and I loved it. With that in mind, I had high hopes for this book, which may be why I came away with a middle of the road feeling about it. Maybe I expected too much? As I understand it, this was a short story turned novel, but to me, it still kind of felt like a short story - except it felt like a short story that went on too long. I think my feelings stem from my opinion of Anna. I just never quite warmed up to her. I get that she has her reasons for feeling the way she does about her favorite book, and in her shoes, I would probably react similarly, but I just couldn't get past her attitude and how she acted. Then, there's the whole elapsed time in the book. This pair took a really long time to get their stuff figured out. And that's after a couple of practice runs. I think, for me, Right Guy, Wrong Word was probably a case of Right Book, Wrong Reader, or Wrong Time because Jewel E Ann is clearly talented, and this one certainly has its moments when her wit and sense of humor shine.
I listened to this one, and the narrators were even newer to me than the author. Stella Bloom and Oscar Reyes both do a nice job with this one. Stella Bloom brings out the high-strung personality I picture for Anna as well as the moments of doubt as she struggles with what to do. Oscar Reyes is just right for Eric. He has just the right amount of surety in his voice while still coming across as soft-spoken and easy-going.
As I mentioned, I feel like this just wasn't the book for me, but I'll still read more of this author's work as well as listen to these talented narrators. 

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