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Forevermore Blitz

Forevermore: A Romance Anthology
Publication date: October 10th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

You are cordially invited.

The Moore family requests the pleasure of your company on a starry harvest night, rich with tales of passion, magic, and love.

Our beloved Filipino American family hosts a gathering at Hacienda Luz this autumn for another grand celebration – Vida and Rafa’s long-anticipated wedding. As promises of fidelity and infinity fill the air, ten couples live and relive intimate stories that attest to the true meaning of happily ever after.

Acclaimed and bestselling Filipino American authors – Aurora Paige, Elle Cruz, June Gray, Kaye Rockwell, Liz Durano, Maan Gabriel, Maida Malby, Mia Hopkins, Sarah Smith, and Tif Marcelo – bring you Forevermore, a romance collection celebrating love everlasting.

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Forevermore, A Romance Anthology is a collection of new and never-been-published stories by the authors that brought you Pasko Na, My Love, A Holiday Romance Anthology and from exciting voices in Filipino American Romantic Fiction. Lola Naty is back along with her sprawling multicultural family, friends from all over the world, and a gatecrasher or two.

  • Moments In The Vineyard by Aurora Paige
  • The Memory of You by Elle Cruz
  • Double Exposure by June Gray
  • Maybe This Time by Kaye Rockwell
  • Stay With Me by Liz Durano
  • Someone’s Always Saying Goodbye by Maan Gabriel
  • Now That I Have You by Maida Malby
  • Moonlight Serenade by Mia Hopkins
  • The Stand-In by Sarah Smith
  • Win Your Love by Tif Marcelo

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Moonlight Serenade – Mia Hopkins

After surviving the war, Natividad Moore, her husband Robert and their three young children move from the Philippines to Robert’s family home in Napa, California. There, instead of a peaceful refuge, they discover isolation, a failing vineyard and Robert’s cold, disapproving mother. In the face of these obstacles, Naty yearns to reconnect with Robert. But has the war changed him, and their love, forever?

The Memory of You – Elle Cruz

Once upon a time, a terrible mistake sparked the vengeful heart of a witch. Over sixty years later, the curse strikes its mark. Not only is Eli Amaro doomed to repeat the same day over and over again, but he is also forced to re-live the same excruciating sacrifice forever. To break the evil spell, he must give up what he loves the most, and he’s not sure he has the heart to do it.

Maybe This Time – Kaye Rockwell

Gabriella Alonso and Cole Williams used to be best friends who were secretly in love with each other. Until one night changed the course of their lives forever. Now ten years later, Gabriella, who is hiding a dark secret, is surprised to find out she will be working with the guy who ghosted and abandoned her when she needed him the most. Cole is determined to make things right. He spent the last two years looking for her but he’s shocked to find a complete stranger instead of the girl he used to know. Can Cole win Gabriella over? Or will the ghosts of their past destroy any chance he ever had?

Someone’s Always Saying Goodbye – Maan Gabriel

As a bestselling romance author, Carisa “Carrie” Bloom knows the formula for happily ever after. It’s the reason she is living one of her own. But when her beautifully crafted fairy tale ends tragically, she is left both fragile and broken.

For years, Carrie stays away from the limelight, abandoning her career to live a quiet life, until she receives a proposal from a British film producer, Joshua Grant, to turn one of her books into a movie. It only takes one day and a night in London for this opportunity of a lifetime to change their lives forever.

But is Joshua ready for this? And is Carrie brave enough to take a chance again? She must choose to stop believing that in her life, Someone’s Always Saying Goodbye.

Moments In the Vineyard – Aurora Paige


The Russos are ruthless and want my vineyard. No amount of money can buy what’s mine. I’m making sure of it. Until I run into Sebastian Russo. My enemy. I’m supposed to stay away from him. What happens when the moment we have in my vineyard changes all that?


I have one task—take Maldonado Vineyard. It’ll be easy. I’m irresistible. Ava Maldonado will hand it right over.

I’m wrong– Ava makes me forget why I initially approached her. I’m forced to choose between my love and my family. Whatever I choose, I’m losing someone I love.

Double Exposure – June Gray

When twenty-seven-year-old Roxie flew to California to photograph the Moore-Balmaseda wedding, the last person she expected to see among the guests was AJ, the man who broke her heart almost a decade ago.

The moment AJ saw Roxie again, he knew she hadn’t forgiven him. But he was determined not to waste this second chance. This time, he would prove that he was no longer that same kid who made foolish but well-meaning mistakes.

But can AJ earn her trust again? And can Roxie find it in her heart to forgive?

Stay With Me – Liz Durano

It’s been three years since landscape painter Tallie Vicente walled off her heart after losing her husband and the scandal that followed. But when car trouble while driving from New Mexico to Napa Valley to attend her best friend’s wedding ends up having her sharing a room—and a bed—with a young gorgeous doctor, unexpected sparks fly between them, proving that it’s never too late to fall in love again.

The Stand-In – Sarah Smith

When florist Violet sees her cheating ex at the wedding she’s working, she panics and asks Toby, her ruggedly handsome and tatted up coworker, to pretend to be her boyfriend. Together they make the perfect fake couple, but when Toby accidentally lets it slip that he’s been hiding a crush on Violet, it throws their entire friendship for a loop…in the hottest way.

Win Your Love – Tif Marcelo

After being unceremoniously stood up by her fake date to her cousin’s wedding, Alexandra Moore’s day goes from bad to worse when she has to fight over the last gift of the wedding registry with former neighbor and all-around rival, Jordan Franco. But as the wedding and reception minutes click by, along with their constant bickering and mini-competitions, Alex and Jordan reignite the spark that almost brought them together years ago. Will they let their ambition reign? Or will they finally concede that love wins above all?

Now That I Have You – Maida Malby

One year after they met, Vida and Rafa are engaged. Soon, plans for a grand Filipino Cuban American wedding in the fall are underway. As the countdown winds down, things go smoothly … maybe too smoothly. Will their special day go off without a hitch, or will disaster strike before they can promise to love now and forevermore?

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