Monday, October 23, 2023

Get Out and Stay Out by Shavonne Bulmer Virtual Book Tour

Get Out and Stay Out
Make Room For Yourself 
Book One
Shavonne Bulmer

Genre: Memoir and Biography
Date of Publication: 16 August 2023
Number of pages: 60
Word Count: 19661

Book Description: 

This is a story of my journey of getting out an abusive relationship and the emotional and mental challenges I faced when deciding to do so and trying to remain out.

If you are someone who wants to get out or have got out an abusive relationship, this eBook brings awareness to the challenges you will face when doing so. I am someone who successfully got out and stayed out of an abusive relationship, I share my journey, pain and start to recovery within this book.

May this bring awareness, hope and encouragement!

Excerpt- Cracked Heart

My heart is cracked, as the warmth of my love starts to seep through the wounds of my heart it is being replaced by the chills of the cold wind forming tiny icicles along the openings of the cracks. The warm song of my heart is being replaced with the cringing howl of the wind, the howl that carries the message of hurt and brokenness. My heart was once full but now it is hollow allowing the howl of the wind to echo through my empty chambers of my heart as it becomes the Grim Reaper, blowing away any fragments of shattered memories and hope.

My heart that was once Summer is now Winter, Autumn was skipped which has resulted in my heart not being able to adapt to the rapid drop in temperature and now has the appearance of a glittering glass web spun by the black widow spider of hurt. The cracks shimmer from the light dancing off the icicles as the light tries to leave an encouraging promise of hope… hope that my heart will beat again. My heart is so empty that the emptiness creates a burden of heaviness that slows down the beat of my heart to a loud thump.

Winter brings about comfort of rest, I need to rest now in hibernation. I will rebuild what is broken, revive what it dead and fill what is empty, this will take time. The Winter season of my heart will eventually pass into Spring allowing my heart to adapt to the increase in temperature and no longer resemble the cracked glass of sadness.

About the Author: 

Shavonne is an abusive relationship survivor who decided to leave her abusive relationship at 34 weeks pregnant, move towns and restart her life. She has written about her journey to bring awareness to the challenges she faced both mentally and emotionally to bring encouragement and hope.


  1. Thank you for featuring my book 🙏

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my book

  3. A journey of courage and strength . This book will bring hope to the abused out there. It is written literally as well as figuratively of the pain and deception that occurs.Even the unabused can benefit from this book . In short this book is heartbreakingly true and Im sure will help many ,by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. A book that shows that you have to decide your action plan, your way forward, your destiny and then act on it and not looking back. Trust in yourself and The Lord Jesus to be with you, strengthen you and guide you.

  5. I know the author personally and she is a true inspiration!


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