Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Tentacle Tied Tour and Giveaway


Tentacle Tied

by Zeina Khalem

Genre: Erotic Short Story

A cabin getaway gives one traveler more than she bargained for when she finds something lurking in the hot springs nearby...

This is an erotic 18+ mature short story featuring tentacles and sexual themes.

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I gave one last longing look at the spring, now rippling softly. Absently, I followed the ripples to a pair of dark eyes peeking from out of the water.

I gasped, tripped backward over a root, and scrambled to the tree line. Was I intoxicated again? Was it something in the air? A gas leak from a nearby mine? The eyes followed me but the figure did not move, its head poking out of the water up to the bridge of its nose.

The sound of my breath filled the clearing, hard and fast. Then it dawned on me that if this was a hallucination, a figment of my mind’s creation, then it couldn’t hurt me. Probably.

“Who… what are you?” I called across the clearing.

The creature emerged enough to speak over the water. “Rude.”

Though its voice was deep and quiet, I heard it as if from beside me – a deep, slow rumble that didn’t fill the clearing but vibrated through my body. I blinked. “Excuse me?”

“First, you wake me by rutting up against me. I was having the most remarkable dream before the interruption. Then, just as things get interesting, you run off like a frightened jackrabbit. Now, these rude questions. I have never understood you humans.”

“So you’re… not human.”

The creature stirred but I held my ground. It stepped closer, water trailing down its elongated chest and the curve of its belly before disappearing onto the surface of the pool. I swallowed hard. It stretched out its arm as if examining itself and leaned in a way that brought to mind a shrug. “I suppose I was human once.”

I stifled my next questions. What are you now? What made you this way?

“Is this your home?” I ventured instead, taking a step forward.

The creature stretched towards the banks of the spring. Its… their body was even longer than I realized, their torso ridged with muscles drawing my eyes down, lower until they were foiled by the reflection of the water. “I dwell here from time to time.”

I steeled myself and stepped forward again, balling my trembling hands into fists at my sides. Something deep and primal screamed at me to run, but a deeper curiosity compelled me forward still. The creature watched me without blinking, their facade as still as a stone. How many humans had they sucked in like this, to be consumed? Would I face ecstasy or oblivion if I kept going? Would it change a thing if I knew?

Zeina lives in the wild west and marvels at the weather every day. She tries to avoid cliches but sometimes can’t resist. She likes pole dancing, drawing, and feminism.

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