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The Feather's Push Tour and Giveaway


In a world disrupted by a social media app with unimaginable reach, a woman who can change emotions through touch must join forces with the man who once sought to kill her, racing to uncover the secret of their shared affliction.

The Feather's Push

Relented Part 2

by Noel Zamot

Genre: Speculative Thriller 

Amber Drake can sense emotions through touch. Today she learned she can change them.

In the wake of a near-fatal accident, Air Force Lieutenant Amber Drake awakens to a chilling reality: she can sense the emotions that others hide. The ability draws government interest, plunging her into a secretive, shadow world. Then a sudden tragedy rips through Amber's life, threatening her mission: shadow a young college professor named Kelly Austin, and her partner Simon Lyons. Simon's ability to glimpse seconds into the future makes him useful, enigmatic - and dangerous.

As Amber's condition evolves, she finds it easier to manipulate others - and spiral into darkness. When her cover is blown, Amber uncovers a disturbing truth-those she trusted harbor the darkest secrets.

In a world of rogue operatives, mind-controlled fanatics, and a social media platform with mind-altering reach, Amber discovers the connections to those she loves are the most powerful weapon. Trust, however, proves elusive - especially when she must rely on Simon Lyons, the man intertwined with her past - and capable of her demise.

"The Feather's Push," the gripping sequel to the best-selling "The Archer's Thread," blends the ingenuity of Blake Crouch with the genre-defying narratives of VE Schwab. The story propels readers into a too-familiar reality, where the lines between mind and machine blur, trust is illusory, and every touch can reveal or destroy. Will Amber survive this nightmare, or will she lose everything in its endless depths?

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Chapter 1 

Christopher Everett let the setting sun warm his mind. He loved shooting during golden hour, and todays sunset was spectacular. The Charles River disappeared to the west as the afternoon melted over slate gray water, lighting the Boston sky in colors that overwhelmed him. The low clouds would gift the Berkshires with an unspeakably beautiful evening. Across the Charles, the reserved majesty of MIT stood quiet and content. Behind him, Back Bay erupted across from an emerald esplanade vibrant with life. This would be the perfect ending to a spectacular day.

He arrived at his spot late for a great reason. His company closed a second round of funding at work, and he felt lucky to have even only a few minutes to catch the sunset before dinner with Kate. He couldnt wait to tell her all about the days events, about what it meant for his job, and their new future together. There was no time to waste.

He was about to capture the shot when a young woman stepped into view.

Hi, excuse me? Would you mind?” She seemed disheveled and clueless, but he tried his best to be polite. A good photographer should never rile a subject, even one burning up precious time during golden hour.

The girl stared, then walked up to him.

Miss? Im sorry, I just need a moment to take this—”

She reached out unexpectedly, almost awkwardly, and touched his forearm. Her hand was tiny, soft as a feather, and very warm.

He realized with a rush that she was beautiful, far more than the gold and pink sunset. He felt an overwhelming urge, right there, to remember her face forever.

Im so sorry, miss. Would you... would you mind if I took your picture?” He wanted to tell her she was the most interesting person hed ever seen, but words failed him. She was thin, with an auburn mane framing a delicate face, and honey-green eyes that toyed with a secret he could not understand. The sunset paled compared to her smile.

Thank you,” she whispered. Her lips parted in a soft pout that left him speechless. That is very sweet. Id love it.”

Her voice was low and throaty, and he drank it in. His heart soared, and he melted with a desire beyond anything hed experienced with Kate. He asked her to pose with her face lit by the fading sun. If he lost everything in life, hed still have this one perfect picture he would treasure more than anything, forever.

Click. Click.

Thank you. You... made my day.” He struggled to find words to convey the gratitude for being in her presence. Could I please have your number? Id love to send you a copy.” He smiled and hoped she would, too. If you dont mind.”

Well…” She flashed her mobile phone with a flirty smile. I was wondering if you could just download it from your camera?”

Oh, Im so sorry. I cant do that.” He was terrified for a moment that shed run away. Of all the days to be a film aficionado, this was the worst. Hed left his digital camera sitting on the table back at his apartment, excited to finish this roll. Im shooting film today. But I can definitely scan it and send it to you—”

The change in her eyes surprised him, beautiful through her anger. She stepped closer, and he melted with expectation. She touched him again with her deliciously warm hand. Her touch was electric.

The afternoon gloom covered him like sand, endless desperation with no escape. The girl in front of him probably had it all, but didnt care. Shed never understand why life was so difficult for him. He was worthless, sick of being a failure, ashamed that all his life had led to only this. He glanced at his stupid camera—why did he even do this?—and felt a deep, all-encompassing disgust with himself.

Cars flew by on Storrow Drive. He was a loser, in a dead-end startup job in Cambridge that he knew would fail and doom him to misery. Kate was probably cheating on him right now, laughing at him while she was having sex with a coworker. He realized he hated her, but he understood. The world was better off without him. He knew, finally and clearly, what he had to do. No one would know and no one would care, but the pain would soon be over.

He glanced over his shoulder as he stepped onto the parkway, barely hearing the people screaming at him. The girl with green eyes and auburn hair stood in a small crowd, staring at him and shaking her head with a terrified look on her face. She seemed to yell the word No.

His last thought before the truck slammed against him was I hope it hurts less than

The Archer's Thread

Relented Part 1

Gold Medal, 2021 Florida Book Awards for Popular Fiction
Silver, 2022 Florida Authors and Publishers Association President's Awards.
Finalist, ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition
Currently represented by Gravity Squared Entertainment for adaptation to the screen

Simon Lyons can see ten seconds into the future.

The condition is useful at work: quiet international negotiations with the worst people you've never heard of. His employers think he's quite valuable. His victims think he's a sociopath. He does his best to hide the truth from everyone: the condition is slowly driving him insane.

Searching for a cure, he disappears to Boston, the last place he remembers as home. A book from his past leads him to a young college professor with an unexpected gift: around Doctor Kelly Austin, the chaos of a thousand possibilities dies away, leaving behind clarity and peace. Desperate for normalcy, Simon manipulates everyone to enter Kelly's life, find the secret—and leave.

That's when his past returns, stopping at nothing to keep his the origin and extent of his "condition" buried. When someone discovers Doctor Austin might be the key to controlling the most dangerous person on earth, Simon must choose: return to a short life of violence, or sacrifice everything for the terror of redemption.

Even if you can see the future, you can never escape your past.

Readers who imagine how VE Schwab would've written a Jack Reacher adventure will enjoy this genre-bending thriller about sacrifice, secrets, and redemption.

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Noel Zamot is an award-winning author known for his speculative fiction novels, THE ARCHER’S THREAD and THE FEATHER’S PUSH. He has earned recognition in his home state of Florida and beyond, earning the Gold Medal for Popular Fiction at the 2021 Florida Book Awards, and a Silver Medal at the 2022 Florida Author’s and Publisher’s Association President’s Awards. He was also a distinguished finalist at Screencraft’s 2022 Cinematic Book Competition.

With a rich background as a combat aviator, economic development executive, and national security expert, Noel weaves his extensive experience in the military, intelligence, diplomacy, and technology into his writing. His works provoke thoughtful escapism, creating “what if?” scenarios set in eerily familiar near-future settings. His narratives echo the resonant issues depicted in today’s headlines, allowing readers to experience hidden worlds through the eyes of someone who has lived them.

Noel is represented by Gravity Squared Entertainment, who are working to adapt THE ARCHER’S THREAD to the screen, bringing his unique vision to a global audience.

Noel currently resides in Tarpon Springs, Florida, sharing adventures and bike rides with his wife, Diane. 

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