Friday, November 17, 2023

✱✱Audio Book Review✱✱ Love Redesigned by Lauren Asher


Love Redesigned
Lakefront Billionaires, Book 1
By: Lauren Asher
Narrated by: Noah B. Perez & Vanessa Vasquez


If I ever caught on fire, Dahlia Muñoz would fan the flames with a smile. So, when she returns to Lake Wisteria, I fully intend to avoid the interior designer. At least until my meddling mother exploits my savior complex.

The faster I help Dahlia find her creative spark, the sooner she will leave town. But while I was busy getting rid of Dahlia, I overlooked one potential issue. What happens if I want her to stay?


People say the devil has many faces, but I know only one. Julian Lopez—my childhood rival and family frenemy. I vow to steer clear of him while recovering from my broken engagement, but then the billionaire makes an irresistible offer. Renovate a historic house together and triple our profits.

Our temporary truce becomes compromised as we face years’ worth of denied attraction and mixed emotions. Giving into our desire is inevitable...but falling in love? That isn’t part of the plan.

Love Redesigned is a steamy small-town romance about two family friends-turned-childhood rivals. It is the first book in the stand-alone Lakefront Billionaires series and has a happy ending.

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

Julian and Dahlia have great chemistry, and they are really good together when they can get out of their own way. There's a lot of history between them as rivals, so there's a lot to work through on their way to figuring things out. This is a small-town romance, so we get a town full of secondary characters in addition to the romantic couple. Just like with any real small town, there are characters to love and some to hate - many more of the former, but there has to be one to two to cause trouble for the blooming romance. As far as ones to love, I particularly loved the meddling mothers!
This is my first time reading/listening to Lauren Asher's work, and in my opinion, she's a gifted storyteller. I do think this one could've been shortened a fair amount and still been an emotionally charged story. It felt like the story moved along in a straight line rather than progressing for a significant chunk of the book. Honestly, that could've really been detrimental to the book, at least for me, if not for the superb narration.
Noah B. Perez and Vanessa Vasquez give such an authentic performance in this one. I love duet narration, and it is so good here. The banter, the emotion, the attraction, and even the steamy goodness are so well done that it feels like you're right there in the middle of the story with them. There's something compelling about the narration of this book that made me want to keep listening to these narrators. I don't think Lauren Asher could've chosen any better than Perez and Vasquez for this one.
So, to sum it up, we have some pretty darn good writing combined with some pretty darn good narration to come together for a compelling romance. As the start of a series, it's a solid introduction to a town full of colorful characters I want to know more about. 

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