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Lone Wolf Tour and Giveaway


Stay with a cheating fiancé or else...

Lone Wolf

by Gretchen S.B.

Genre: Urban Fantasy 

Stay with a cheating fiancé or else...

When engaged to the son of the alpha, Emma is told not to expect fidelity. Wanting more from life she flees the only pack she's ever known to try and rebuild her life on the other side of the state. Only to find there is more to her abilities than meets the eye. The wolves in her new home are fighting a war, each faction wants Emma and her budding magical abilities on their side.

Will Emma stay out of the fight?
Will her fiancé track her down?
Is there anyone Emma can trust?

Previously published in Kindle Vella

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Her father stood, arms crossed over his chest, frowning over their Alpha’s left shoulder. No one in the pack looked the Alpha in the eyes except his mate, and possibly his children. Alpha Peters stood a yard and a half away from her father. His hands clasped in front of him, with a serious, concerned expression on his face. Next to him, only about a foot away, stood Richard, his expression smug.

What does that expression mean? What does he have to be smug about? He cheated on me.

Rip him a new one. Her wolf growled.

“Ah, Emma, thank you for joining us. As I said to your father, I apologize for interrupting your evening meal.” The Alpha’s smooth, deep voice was cordial, as if they were discussing clothing options for a formal event. He was an older, slightly taller version of Richard. There was never any doubt the two were related.

“Of course, Alpha.” Emma replied automatically as she came to stand only a few inches from her father. The anger vibrating off him was comforting. And she took a deep breath before looking at the Alpha’s chin, waiting for the older man to speak. Her nerves winding tighter now that she was close enough to smell Alpha Peters’ annoyance. 

“Your father informed me of the situation you and Richard find yourselves in. I, like several others, thought you were aware of his dalliances and had no problem with them. Honestly, I figured you were having a few yourself and were just more discreet than my son.” There was some disgust in his voice as he mentioned his son’s lack of discretion.

Emma felt her wolf bristle with insult, but Emma forced herself to remain calm. It wouldn’t do anyone any good for her to show any anger or aggression towards the Alpha. So instead, she said nothing and waited.

The Alpha sighed heavily. “I have come in an attempt to make amends with your family. Although you are not a beta family in my pack or an Alpha and another, Richard and I have come here so he can discuss a solution with you.” The older man turned to his son and motioned for him to step forward. “Richard?”

What the heck is going on and why do I think things are about to get worse?

Because they are. That sorry excuse for a wolf is hiding something. I can smell it on him. The growl was so thick Emma had trouble making out her wolf’s words. 

Richard took a step forward. Then he hesitated, but only for a moment, before a cocky smile reformed on his face. “I am sorry you had to find out about my dalliances in this way. I promise you, I planned to stop once our union was solidified. That is until the first child was conceived.”

Union? What union? Does that mean he meant to continue to cheat on me for a year or more? 

Of course he did. He would see no reason to stop. Her wolf snorted. Emma could feel her furry counterpart pacing within her in agitation.

“I see how my actions have affected you. Because of that, my father and I think it would be best to move up our timeline. Emma, I would like to ask for your hand in marriage. We can put this all behind us and start fresh as husband and wife.” He stepped forward again, opening a small box to show off a rather large, gaudy diamond ring.

You hate diamonds, snorted her wolf.

Before she could respond, she heard the soft growl coming from her father. “You insult my daughter.” Her father’s voice was so menacing it snapped Emma’s attention to him. Her father was an easy-going, lovable man. This was a side of him she never saw.

“Do not snap at my son. Know your place, wolf.” The Alpha growled back. It was a warning, and everyone in the room knew it.

Gretchen spawned in the Puget Sound region. After some wandering she returned there and now lives with her husband and the daintiest Rottweiler on the planet. When not drowning herself in coffee, as is custom in the Greater Seattle Area, Gretchen can be found at her day job or sitting at her desk in the home office, flailing her arms as she dictates to her computer.

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