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Canada's Kiddie Geography and History in ABC's... by Marena Woodsit Excerpt Tour


Canada's Kiddie Geography and History in ABC's...

by Marena Woodsit


Middle Grade, Non-fiction


Who said geography and history can't be fun? Marena Woodsit's new book, Canada's Kiddie History and Geography in ABC's, points out various interesting facts and places in an easy-to-read style (H for history, G for geography) that will captivate children of all ages. A map and legend of the great country of Canada can help pinpoint where much of the facts take place along with fun and real life characters.


EXCERPT (Exclusive Excerpt)


G= Geography

H= History

G- G: is for the five Great Lakes, the largest in the world. The Great Lakes are found mostly within the province of Ontario and partly within the United States. They are Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, (the only one totally in the United States), Lake Erie, and Lake Superior. Now, to better remember them, if you spell out the first letter of each lake, you get the word… HOMES.

H- G: is for The Great Depression in the 1930s when people were out of work, unhappy, and hungry. There also was no rain, land dried up and farmers couldn’t grow food.


Ms. Woodsit, a retired teacher, has been writing for fun for years and is now publishing children's books. During her time as a teacher she felt students needed more basic facts about their country, such as learning we had a queen, that the capital of our provinces and territories weren't known and what some of our natural resources and wonders were. She has also helped with composing lyrics to a number of songs with her songwriting and performing friends. She loves travelling, swimming and taking care of her animals.





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