Tuesday, June 11, 2024

✱✱Book Review✱✱ Lace Em Up by Elise Faber


With a last name like Bang, the jokes were endless.

I’d decided long ago it was easier to pretend to embrace my namesake than try to prove myself to the world.
No one had ever seen through that…
Until I rescued a runaway bride from the side of the road.
Then my mom—my interfering, 
matchmaking mom—saw the diamond ring, made assumptions I didn’t have the heart to dispel, and, suddenly, Rory and I were pretending to be engaged.
Only…somewhere along the way, it became real.
Somewhere along the way, I realized I could never let her go.

Meet the Bang Brothers—five hot hockey-playing brothers who are allergic to commitment.

The brothers are about to face off against their newly-retired mother…who suddenly has plenty of time to play matchmaker. Add in their baby sister and some secret dating, a single dad, an accidental pregnancy, a marriage of convenience, and a wrong bed—or two—and these siblings are not going to know what hit them!

Lace 'em Up is Book 1 in the Bang Brothers Hockey series

Bang Brothers Hockey Series Titles:
  • Book 1: 6/11/2024–Lace ’em Up by Elise Faber
  • Book 2: 6/25/2024–Show ’em How by Jami Davenport
  • Book 3: 7/9/2024–Hit ’em Hard by Kat Mizera
  • Book 4: 7/23/2024–Lock ’em Down by Gina Azzi
  • Book 5: 8/6/2024–Light ’em Up by Kelly Jamieson
  • Book 6: 8/20/2024–Hook ’em Hard by Cathryn Fox


Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐
Lace Em Up came at just the right time for me. It's one of those books that leaves you smiling. Granted, it's not all happy and light. There is the very serious issue of physical abuse - not between King and Rory, but it is part of the story. I'll just leave that right there to avoid spoilers and move along to the good stuff.
King and Rory have great chemistry, and while they do have some stuff to work through, their relationship just feels right. They have a pull between them from the start that neither is able to resist, and the more I got to know each of them, the more I wanted their HEA.
Lace Em Up is part of a multi-author series, and Elise Faber got the ball rolling - or the puck sliding, as the case may be - with the eldest Bang sibling, Kingston, and Rory. Their romance is fast-paced and maybe happens a little faster than I'd expect, given their circumstances, but the whole full-speed-ahead relationship doesn't feel like such a stretch for them.
So, we have a lovable couple, some terrific secondary characters - Mama Bang is a hoot! - and a romance that leaves you smiling. That all adds up to a great weekend read, or if you're like me, an overnight read because I couldn't get enough of King and Rory. 

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