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Rendezvous at Midlife Blitz

Rendezvous at Midlife
Maggie Blake
Publication date: June 11th 2024
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

A fateful meeting in an airport sends her on the journey of her life.

Margot had always been a woman who knew what she wanted. She worked hard to build her successful locations scouting business in Los Angeles, and in her late forties, Margot felt she was in the prime of her life. A prosperous businesswoman with a loving husband and a beautiful daughter, Margot was living the dream. That is, until her husband left her for a younger woman. Moving forward with the help of her daughter and best friend, Margot once again enters the dating scene and soon finds that she is unable to make a meaningful connection.

Vaughn Jameson has spent his life on the road as a drummer for a well-known rock band, thankful to be living his childhood dream of making music and good times. While he yearns for something more, he isn’t sure what.

Margot and Vaughn’s lives change when they have a chance meeting that sends them on an incredible rendezvous at midlife.

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He started to pour more wine into her glass. “Rick, it’s been fascinating hearing about your accomplishments,” she said, deciding to give it one last try. “But I’d love to hear more about who you are as a person—what makes you tick, what drives you beyond these material achievements.”

“Uh…” he hesitated, clearly unprepared for such introspection. “I guess I just love the thrill of success, you know? The pursuit of excellence in all that I do.”

And there we have it—back to square one.

Margot’s eyes widened as she watched Rick, his mouth moving animatedly while recounting yet another tale of success. She noticed how the candlelight flickered across his slicked-back hair, casting shadows that seemed to emphasize his self-absorption.

“Rick,” Margot interjected with a tight-lipped smile, “I must say, your life is like a never-ending highlight reel. You should consider carrying around a billboard with all your accomplishments on it—you know, just to save time.”

“Ha!” he laughed, missing the sarcasm completely. “That’s not a bad idea, actually. But you know, I prefer to let my actions speak for themselves.”

Margot stifled a groan and took a really long sip of her wine, feeling the frustration bubble within her. She had given him every opportunity to reveal a more genuine side, but it seemed the universe was determined to test her patience.

Okay, Margot, time for some tough love. Maybe he just needs a little nudge in the right direction.

Leaning forward and catching his gaze, she said, “You’ve clearly led an impressive life, but I’m curious. Have you ever considered that there might be more to a person than their achievements?”

He blinked at her, seeming genuinely puzzled by the concept. “Well, sure, Margot. But isn’t that what makes us interesting? Our successes, our victories? What else is there?”

Margot sighed, realizing that this red flag was flapping wildly in the wind and she’d been ignoring it. Rick wasn’t taking any social cues from her blatant hints, and it dawned on her that he might not be genuinely interested in getting to know her at all. Or, for that matter, letting her know him.

“Margot?” Rick prompted, his eyebrows raised in anticipation of her response.

“I think what truly makes a person interesting is their ability to connect with others, Rick,” she began carefully, “To genuinely listen and engage with someone beyond just listing their accomplishments. Also, successes are great, but it’s the failures we’ve overcome that make a life worth hearing about. The shared journey.”

“Ah.” He looked slightly disarmed, but quickly recovered. “Well, Margot, surely you must realize that success is the result of failure. In that, I have shared my journey with you.”

When she didn’t respond, he shifted gears. “Okay, I am sure you have some fascinating stories of your own. Tell me, what’s your greatest achievement?”

Margot stared at him for a moment, realizing that, despite her best efforts, Rick was simply incapable of grasping the concept of genuine connection. With a sad smile, she replied, “My greatest achievement, Rick? Learning when it’s time to walk away.” With that, she placed her napkin over her plate, reached into her purse, laid a hundred-dollar bill onto the table, stood up, and left the restaurant.

Author Bio:

Maggie Blake, proud owner of a top-rated property management company in the greater Baton Rouge area, immerses herself in the vibrant Louisiana lifestyle. Having been brought up in the charming city of Rochester, New York, she now resides in the heart of Louisiana with her two precious rescue dogs. Maggie has always harbored a burning desire to write a book, a passion that remained unfulfilled until 2016 when at the Atlanta airport she met a man and it sparked her creative side.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020, she decided to start the journey of getting her books published. Maggie makes a mean New York-style pizza, enjoys reading, watching movies, and relaxing at home with her spouse—the very man from the airport!

Her debut novel Rendezvous at Midlife is book one in a series, with the additional three books releasing in rapid succession.

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