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Virtual Book Tour: The Silvery Path: The Underworlds by Dennis Scheel


When I first began writing, I didn’t think of the pros or cons of writing in any specific genre; I just wanted to tell my story. But having written four books, the differences became more evident. Even now, with the Underworlds series completed, I’ve started my new project, Mars Warriors, which is a departure from the fantasy genre I’ve become adept at. This shift to sci-fi and paranormal fiction makes me extremely aware of the liberties the fantasy genre afforded me.

I’ve now dabbled in science fiction and fantasy, which to some extent, are opposites. One has a world created from magic and pure imagination, while the other has a basis in science. In fantasy, in my stories, I had some characters who were mind readers. This magical element, which empowered my characters to act on proprietary knowledge, is not something I can rely on in my new book because I’d need a scientific basis for that ability.  The closest element I’m exploring is introducing a girl who can sense spirits, which isn’t magic per se, but I still find it intriguing as I need to approach that narrative element differently and do copious research on other aspects of the story because it takes place on Earth, so everything relies on real-world physics and science. Sure, my story focuses on Martians, so I am taking some liberties, but I’m grounding them and their technology in science, as opposed to a magic system. I have to remember that.

Fantasy, being unbridled and unrestricted, was both a blessing and a curse at times, as well. For example, I had the liberty of solving problems with magic, but sometimes, finding a sensible solution was more challenging because it was easy to overthink things when the world was so open. I’ve always loved science fiction but have been surprised to discover the different set of challenges it presents that I haven’t experienced before with the fantasy genre. Ultimately, I’ve learned that I have to do whatever it takes to make a great stories within the “rules” of its genre.

Will it end in peace or a silvery dose of fate?

Henna’s manipulation knows no bounds,

Denida is still the object of her prophecy, while Lucifer, God, and Gabriel remain in her sights.

Having seen her son, Nina is more determined than ever to bring him back from Henna’s world of dead souls. Meanwhile, the Darkness runs rampant across the Underworlds and on Earth as Lucifer’s grief over Heavani’s death overwhelms him.

Everyone has their own goals and ends, but one thing is inescapable: the bright silvery path that Henna willed.

Can these characters escape destiny’s hold on them, or will they become pawns in Henna’s quest for revenge?

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Silvery-Path-Underworlds-Dennis-Scheel-ebook/dp/B0CZ4D4KHC/ref=sr_1_3

The Colonel sat in front of a cluster of seven monitors, which displayed live feeds from robots across the Underworlds. Naphtali spoke to the Colonel from World Eight’s feed. 

“Things will be different with Dan in charge, won’t it?” Naphtali asked.

The Colonel shrugged. “I sure hope not. Denida left him in charge, so it shouldn’t be that bad. Thankfully, we don’t have any demons running amuck anymore.”

“Yeah, everything’s better, now.” Naphtali smiled widely.

“I wonder…” The Colonel scratched his head. “- if this ‘war’ of Lucifer’s will change that.”

Naphtali’s smile froze. “War?”

“The one against Heaven.”

Naphtali gasped. “Lucifer wants war with Heaven? I thought God and Lucifer would always just have a private power struggle between themselves.”

Why does it matter? 

“Beep,” a monitor a few screens away flicked on. 

The Colonel tilted his head. Earth? “Just a sec, Naphtali.” He approached the monitor.

“Is anyone there? Demons are attacking us!” a soldier stared in the camera with wide, bloodshot eyes, as a demon tackled him, terminating the feed.

How can demons be on Earth? The Colonel wiped a bead of sweat on the back of his neck.

“John!” Naphtali hollered.

The Colonel blinked out of his daze and hurried back to World Eight’s feed.

Naphtali sat hunched over at the monitor, drenched in blood.

“What happened to you?”

“Demons,” Naphtali murmured. “Inform Denida.”

The Colonel nodded. “Are you okay to get cleaned up and-”

Naphtali spun around to a scuffle. A pair of demons slammed him into the feed, cutting the signal.

“Naphtali!” The Colonel punched the keys and shook the monitor. “Work, dammit!” After a few minutes of his eyes growing wide with concern, he jumped up and ran out, sprinting though the offices, eventually slamming through a door. “Dan!”

“What is it, now?” Dan put laid his pen on his desk and frowned.

“Demons… Naphtali needs our assistance. It’s not just Earth.”

“Naph…” Dan leaned back in his chair with a pensive expression.

“On World Eight, the former demon,” the Colonel reminded Dan.

Dan lit up, but bit his lip with concern. “Why are there demons in the Underworlds? I thought Denida ended that invasion.”

“Lucifer threw Denida out of Hell. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Denida’s deal, anymore.”

Wring about myself… oh, the horror!

As a Christmas Child, I believe magic is everywhere, especially during the winter, and I try to weave that magic into my stories. After all, my firm belief in karma and destiny has shaped who I am, so it should guide my stories, as well.

I was born and raised in Denmark, but faced many challenges during my life, one of which was my inability to write my stories in Danish! I’ve had my stories brewing in my head since I was a child and struggled for years to express them properly. After recovering from a diabetic attack that left me hospitalized, I managed to find my writer’s voice in English, and am thrilled to now have the ability to share my tales with you.


Site: https://dennisscheel.com/

The Silvery Path: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CZ4D4KHC

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LordDenida

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