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Little People: 10 Famous Composers by Clemency Crow Virtual Book Tour

Inspiration is a curious thing. It often arrives unannounced, sparked by the most unexpected of moments. For me, the wellspring of inspiration flows from three distinct sources.

Classical Music

Classical music has always held a special place in my heart. There's something about the intricate melodies and profound compositions that just gets the creative juices flowing! When I listen to music, I am transported to a different realm where creativity knows no bounds.

Of course, music played a large part in the inspiration for “10 Famous Composers”. I listened to several of the composers’ best known tunes. When I’m writing fiction, the music that inspires me depends on the scene I’m writing. We have an inspirational playlist which contains several gems from different artists through the ages.

Dog Walks

Walking my two rather lively spaniels is another cherished source of inspiration. As Orlando and Jess rush around in the undergrowth, I settle into thinking about whichever creative endeavour I’m on with at the moment. I’ve had some of my best eureka moments while walking the dogs! It helps that we live in one of the most inspirational places too!

Historical Figures

Reading about historical figures is embarking on a journey through time. These individuals, who have shaped the course of history with their actions, decisions, and ideas, offer a treasure trove of inspiration. Their stories are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, the power of vision, and the impact of perseverance.

“Famous Composers” is all about historical figures: 10 remarkable people who changed history through their musical talents. But reading about history is great for fiction too. I’ve included real people in some of my fantasy stories, such as Raedwald in “Taking Wing” was a real Anglo-Saxon king. He really killed Aethelfrith, which happens at the beginning of the story. Aethelfrith had a real son to Eanfrith who is one of the characters. It’s great to play around with history!

So, whether it's the strains of a symphony, the rhythm of a dog walk, or the wisdom of history, inspiration is all around us, waiting to be discovered. It's in the music we listen to, the paths we walk, and the stories we read. By opening ourselves to these experiences, we can find the motivation and insight to enrich our lives and fuel our passions.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse my blog post! While we continue to upload “Famous Composers” to Amazon, the paperback for “Famous Composers” is available from the Crowvus shop:

Embark on a musical journey through time with a captivating book specially crafted for children and young adults.

Through the pages of "Little People: 10 Famous Composers", readers will not only learn about the composers' masterpieces but also gain insight into the challenges and triumphs that fuelled their creativity.

Perfect for aspiring musicians, history enthusiasts, or anyone with a love for melody, "Little People: 10 Famous Composers" is an engaging and educational exploration of the power of music and the extraordinary individuals who composed their way into history.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

1770 - 1827

Beethoven has earned the distinction of being one of the world’s most popular composers, while being deaf. Although Beethoven said his deafness was because of an argument with a singer, he suffered from tinnitus which made his hearing worse.

Nevertheless, he went on to compose some of the world’s best loved songs, including ‘Ode to Joy’, (the Ninth Symphony, the Choral Symphony). This was later adopted by the EU as their anthem.

While Beethoven’s deafness did not stop him from composing as he used the vibrations from his piano, and he knew enough about the science of music to compose pleasing tunes and hear it in his head, it did make live performances almost impossible. This was a problem because it was an important source of income for the composer. Eventually, when his music began to get more popular, his income came from publishing his compositions and from people who believed enough in his work to give him money.

Beethoven was deaf, but that did not stop him from making great music. He wrote ‘Ode to Joy’, and a lot of piano music.

Clemency is a primary school teacher, children’s author, and illustrator, based in rural Caithness with her family and two needy spaniels. In fact, Clemency is typing this one handed, because Jess cries if she isn’t stroked for five seconds.

When she isn’t writing, Clemency loves designing new parts of her garden, trying to find plants that will withstand the 70mph winds that are likely to batter them. She is oftentimes to be found tearing her hair out at the prevalence of ground elder in the flower borders, while cultivated species struggle to survive.

Clemency’s favourite genre to write, and read, is fantasy adventure. This gives her ample opportunity to put her long suffering characters in perilous situations.


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