Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Lilly Black's A Deeper Shade of Jade

Familiar with Lilly Black's Jaded Series?
If not, what are you waiting for....

Lilly Black's Jaded Series tells the story of Evan Lucien (female), a former runaway left frigid by years of sexual abuse, and Cain Ballantyne, a strikingly handsome billionaire who was born to privilege.  Streetwise and hardwired to expect the worst of people, Evan sees him immediately for what he is - a playboy out for a good time, but determined to prove her wrong, her persistent suitor spares no resource in seducing her, reminding her at every turn that only one man will succeed where all others have failed.  And Cain is that man...

When Cain tries to rekindle his romance with Evan (F), she isn't so eager to take him back until he proves his loyalty and love by submitting to all of the punishment he deserves for breaking her heart. Willing to do anything for her, he accepts her terms, giving her reins until she is ready to come home to him and return their lives to normal...normal meaning exclusive parties, designer clothing, mind-bending sex, and lots of baggage. Normal also means living as suspect number one for the murder of his ex-girlfriends, and the body count keeps rising.

Evan gradually begins to reveal her past to Cain, and she learns that he hasn't told her the last of his secrets either. With glimpses into Lucy's past, Caleb's marriage, and the events that turned Catherine's heart to ice, A Deeper Shade of Jade is a rollercoaster ride that comes crashing into the station with a cliffhanger so bad, you will curse the name Lilly Black. 

A Deeper Shade of Jade is available on Amazon
Kindle Unlimited

About Lilly:
From San Diego, Lilly Black moved to the southeastern U.S. with her husband of 20 years without whom, this series would not be possible.


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