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Beauty of the Dark Tour and Giveaway

Beauty of the Dark: The Complete Trilogy
by Amanda Leigh
Genre: Mature YA Paranormal Romance

Delicious. Tantalizing. Mysterious."

For the first time, the Beauty of the Dark trilogy is bundled together, including an exclusive short story. Experience the intrigue, magic, romance, and heartbreak with Kiara, Trent, and Kaleib.

From a sinister demon to unthinkable betrayal to forbidden feelings...can they overcome their differences? Will Trent and Kiara give in to their connection? Find out who prevails in this epic battle.  

SCARRED – Book 1

A sassy witch, a vampire sworn to protect her, and a vampire that’s falling for her...? All bets are off.

Kiara was born with power. At eighteen, her powers are peaked, and she's destined to destroy the demon threatening her home town. But even with her power and the help of Kaleib, a vampire who’s like an older brother to her, they're not strong enough to stand against the evil. Enter Trent, a vampire with a secret past, and the tables turn, giving them a fighting chance.
Kiara shouldn’t feel anything toward Trent, especially since Kaleib hates him, but a strong attraction builds between them during their mission. Trent has successfully avoided caring about anyone for over one hundred years, and he plans to keep it that way. When Kiara asks for help, he can’t seem to deny her. Never would he imagine that he’d run into Kaleib, someone from his past--a vampire who knows his secret. Trent convinces himself he's aiding Kiara for his own selfish amusement, but the little witch seems immune to his charms and she's chipping away at his walls. To his dismay, he finds himself beginning to care for Kiara.
Between the demon that wants to kill her and two fighting vampires, how will things play out for Kiara and Trent? Will this demon let them live to find out?

BURNED – Book 2

Just when it seems things can’t get worse…they do.

When Kiara wakes up as a vampire, she knows things will never be the same. Her best friend is dead and the demon that killed her is still out there somewhere. They're back to square one and Kiara’s newfound thirst hovers over everything they do. The hostility between Trent and Kaleib still brews just below the surface. Will Kiara hold it together or will she lose control? Will her new thirst be too much?
Kiara blames Trent for Sarah’s death and hates herself every time she feels something for him. Their budding trust is tested. Despite everything, he tries to be there for her. By her bedside when she wakes, helping her figure out how to tell her godparents what she is now, even staying in her house when she can’t sleep.
When Kiara’s dreams are plagued with visions of Sarah threatening her, Kaleib and Trent say that it's coincidence. Her mind dealing with the loss. But as the visions come while she’s awake, it looks less like coincidence and more like something sinister.
Is it her anger over Sarah’s untimely death or is it something more? Something dangerous?
Chapter One
Her voice.
That’s what drew me to her. It was gorgeous, perfect, angelic.
Ironic, that a demon should be drawn to the voice of an angel.                
Or that’s what she sounded like to me. I was out hunting, the bitter, cool air rushing across my skin as I tried to catch a whiff of a young woman’s blood. Someone vulnerable. The young women were so easy. If I found the right one, with some charm and a well-placed compliment, they would be mine. But in the middle of hunting, my ears picked up the angelic sound of someone singing. I was drawn to the peaceful melody. I hadn’t experienced real peace in so long. I had to discover who this beautiful voice belonged to. I soon found the source of the singing. It was coming from the second story of a white house with a big wrap around porch. I scaled the tree next to the window to get a better look at the singer.
She had hair the color of gold, flowing down the length of her back. Her eyes were the color of the late evening sky and she had fair skin. I stayed and watched her, losing track of the time.
I slipped away before she could notice me. But I couldn’t stop with just that one night. Something unnameable kept me coming back. I watched and listened to her for six nights until one night as she sat down on her bed she stopped singing, and seemed to pass out. I leaned forward in the tree, trying to get a better look. At this point, it was merely curiosity that was driving me. I’d given up caring about anyone long ago.
“Who are you?” a voice beside me on the tree branch said. I spun my head towards the sound. It was the girl. In my nearly two hundred years on this Earth, I’d come to know there was more than what met the eye. Even so, I wasn’t always privy to the inner workings of such things. I raised my eyebrows and then crinkled them in confusion.
“How did you get up here?” I asked, turning back to her room. Her body was still there. Is she…?
“Am I dead?” she asked the question for me. “No. I astral projected. You know, my soul or consciousness or whatever you like to call it, exited my body? I’m a witch. What are you?” She volunteered that information so easily. Wasn’t that careless?
She was even more stunning up close. Gold hair cascading down her back and over her shoulders, framed her delicate face perfectly. Her ivory skin made her dark blue eyes stand out. The light tinge of peach to her cheeks. Her dark pink stained lips.  My eyes raked over her body. I’d been with countless women and none of them had ignited a desire this strong within me. There was a pull almost hypnotic. I hadn’t felt that since…
“Well?” her words cut through my thought and my eyes snapped back to hers.
“A vampire,” I said. She didn’t look at all startled.                                                                                
“What?” she snapped at me.
“Normal people would be scared.”
“Well, in case this little detail escaped you, I’m not normal.”
“No detail escapes me.” I grinned, showing my fangs. I had just been hunting and made no effort to hide them.
“Well, I beg your pardon,” she said. She wasn’t startled by my fangs either. If she was, she hid it well.
“What’s your name?” I asked her.
“I thought no detail escaped you.” She smirked.
“That particular detail I was never in a position to figure out,” I explained.
“I see,” she said. I cocked my head, waiting for an answer. “My name is Kiara. And yours?”
“Trent.” I held out my hand. She glanced at it warily for a moment and then joined her hand with mine. Her skin was like touching velvet. My leather jacket brushed her hand as we shook. I could tell she was eyeing my jacket. Perhaps it wasn’t the apparel she expected a vampire to wear. She let her eyes meet mine. The way she was looking at me it seemed like she was studying me. Sizing up her opponent. Trying to see what my next move would be.
“So,” she said, drawing her eyes away from mine for a moment. “Why have you been watching me?”
I smiled at her and wondered how long she’d known I was watching her before she confronted me.
“I was curious,” I said finally.
Her forehead creased. “What about?”
“About your voice….have you heard of sirens?”
“Mythological creatures that used to lure sailors? Yeah, I’ve heard of them. You’re saying I remind you of a Siren?”
“Just your voice,” I answered.
Her eyebrows rose briefly and one side of her pink mouth lifted up in a quick half smile. A breeze blew through the tree we were in; making the scent of pine even stronger to my nostrils.  “Why thank you very much,” she said.
“You’re not a siren are you?” I threw her my best smirk. She was really quite beautiful. Maybe she’d be a potential source of blood later on. Best to flirt now.
She laughed; a tinkling noise like jingling bells. “No.” She shook her head, her dark gold hair swinging from side to side. “Just a witch.”
© Amanda Leigh

ANGEL – Book 3

The epic conclusion of Amanda Leigh's Upper YA Paranormal Romance trilogy.

With a battle close at hand, Kiara must face the darkness inside her.

The only way for Kiara to save her loved ones from a sinister demon is to turn herself over. But doing so would ensure the destruction of not just those she loves, but the whole world. When she refuses, someone close is taken from her in warning, sending her into hiding with Trent and Kaleib. While a battle looms, Trent and Kaleib must put aside their hostilities toward each other to protect Kiara. They help her navigate the impending fight, not to mention the hunger fighting within her.
As the final fight draws near, Kiara and Trent grow closer, the limited space ramping up tension and making their passion hard to deny. Will their feelings strengthen them or be their undoing?
When the time comes, will Kiara yield to the darkness within her to destroy the monster haunting her?

Amanda Leigh has had a love of words since before she could write them herself. Once she learned to read and write herself she just couldn't stop. She reads any genre as long as the book sounds interesting. Which may explain why she can't and never will be able to stick to one genre in her writing. From Contemporary Romance to Women's Fiction to Paranormal Romance to Poetry and more to come. When she's not writing or reading she enjoys getting swept away in a great TV show, going to the theater, listening to music, cooking and many different forms of art. She has a cat she adores and also loves Psychology, tea, coffee, chocolate and Elvis Presley. Not necessarily in that order. Feel free to get in touch with her.

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