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Raven & Hummingbird Tour and Giveaway

Siobhan's Secret 
Raven and Hummingbird Book 1 
by Nikki Broadwell 
Genre: Fantasy 

Kat’s life is a disaster. Her mother is dead, and her stepfather has kicked her out of the one home she’s always counted on, leaving her nothing but the Celtic knot locket Siobhan gave her on her eighteenth birthday. Unable to focus enough to hold down a job she ends up at the women’s shelter where she sees the truth of what life can dish out.

And on top of all that she is positive that her mother did not die from natural causes. But without a dime to her name she has no way to prove it.

In the shelter she meets Cerridwen, an older woman who seems kind enough. But when this same woman appears in Kat’s dream as the goddess of the underworld and keeper of the magical cauldron of inspiration, Kat is more than a little disturbed. Just a dream she tells herself the next morning, dismissing her uneasiness.

In the meantime a strange man seems to be stalking her, his torn jeans and filthy Grateful Dead T-shirt indicating that he’s a drug addict who she wants nothing to do with. And why are there enormous dark birds everywhere she looks? She’s never seen a raven in the city.

As life shifts around her Kat discovers a world she didn’t know existed, her grasp on reality disappearing as she struggles to understand what is happening. 

Kat’s fingers tightened on the door handle, her stomach churning as she pulled it closed behind her. Inside that house her life lay like shards of broken glass, a scatter of bright fragments that could never be put back together. Glancing upward she saw her stepfather peering down at her from the second story bedroom window, his rough features dark with anger. They had argued, and for the first time Kat had said her piece. “My mother didn’t die by natural means!” she’d shrieked, watching his skin turn a mottled magenta. “And I’m going to prove it.”
“Just try it, little girl,” he’d replied, his eyes narrowing.
He hadn’t even denied it, only threatening her with his stance and tone. He would use whatever it took to grind her down and disprove what she knew to be true.
Darkness was spreading across the city, the idea of a meal or a place to lay her head fading with the light. She stumbled down a street of row houses, watching lights clicking on, the sound of laughter reaching her ears. Her head ached, her legs weak from traversing the city streets—in search of what? She had no place to go.

Dagda's Daughter 
Raven and Hummingbird Book 2 

The Celtic all father god, Dagda, has positioned himself on Earth to maximize his power. But his emotional fate is not so simple; he has broken all the rules regarding humans and gods. In the meantime, his daughter, Katel is poised on the brink of her half-goddess power, which is considerable. Dagda’s attempts to keep her under his control are wearing thin.
Due to Dagda’s illegal actions, the light snatchers have surfaced, their intention to leach the color from all worlds. What the future holds is now as uncertain as the wind. 

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“I’m going over there,” Brant told her once they arrived at the hardwood forest near the homeless camp on the edge of the city.
Kat gazed at where he pointed. “But that’s the homeless camp.”
“Yeah, I know. I like talking to them.”
“I’ll take Pooka with me, then.”
Brant nodded. “She knows what to do.”
“Really? How do you know that?”
“Because she’s not really a dog, she’s more like a protection spirit.”
Kat laughed. “You are too much.”
He shrugged and headed off, his hands deep in the pockets of his low-slung shorts. 
“Okay, it’s you and me,” Kat whispered, taking a trail she knew. It led into what she liked to think of as the magical part of the forest, the place where she could swear she heard fairies and tiny creatures whispering. The sun always shone there, despite what the weather was up to everywhere else. She couldn’t remember how she’d discovered this place. Someone had brought her here, and led her down these shadowy trails to locate special herbs, but for some reason the person was nameless and faceless, a blank in her memory. 
Pooka loped ahead, floppy ears alert as she stopped to sniff this or that. She had to be part sheepdog with her long black and white fur and intelligent brown eyes. 
Kat hurried down the trail that Pooka chose, not surprised when she came to a cleared area with chamomile growing. She bent to add it to the basket slung over her arm. It was so nice to be on her own for a change where she could think and process all that had happened this past month.  But instead of processing she was overtaken by a vision. 
She was with Brant, but he was older—closer to her own age. He was handsome and attentive, his arm around her waist as they walked together under the trees. She knew they were heading toward a pond where they would strip off their clothes and go skinny-dipping. And after that they would make love in the tall grass. Pooka’s bark snapped her out of it. 
She shivered, her heart pounding. The idea of making love with the kid she was raising was disgusting and immoral. It was barely ten seconds later that a man was standing in front of her, the same one who’d bothered her several times in the past. But she hadn’t seen him in a while, and never here.  He was wide-shouldered and barrel chested with coal black hair and piercing eyes the color of the sky just before the stars appeared. Pooka snapped at his legs, her mouth curled back in an angry snarl. When the man kicked at her, Kat shouted, “Leave her alone!” 
He moved closer, his hands making intricate patterns as his eyes pinned her like a bug. From her past experiences she knew that if she didn’t run right now, she’d be rooted to the spot until he was finished with her. She moved backward away from him, stumbling in her haste. And when Pooka distracted him, taking his gaze from hers, she turned and ran. Behind her Pooka’s growls grew even more ferocious, the man shouting at her in a language Kat couldn’t understand. She heard the thunk of his boot connecting with Pooka, the whimper that came afterward. 

Kat's Conundrum 
Raven and Hummingbird Book 3 

Kat’s life is out of control. Earth is in the clutches of some unseen force, with something even worse around the corner. In the meantime, Bran, the god she loves, has taken off for Otherworld and has yet to return.

A drink from the cauldron of wisdom and inspiration should have given her something to work with, but whatever she learned has either left her brain or wasn’t there in the first place.

As chaos ensues around her, Kat careens from one place to another, her ability to effect change lost in a sea of doubt. Her destiny lies in the balance, but circumstances keep getting in the way.

But it’s when her memories are stolen, that the threads that held her together unravel. The Fae world is ready and willing to claim her, but are they trustworthy? Her life is about to change in ways she can’t imagine, and if she isn’t careful, she’ll lose all touch with who she is. 

**Only .99 cents!** 

Bones rattled as the witch shook the bag and muttered her questions. She pulled the drawstring open and let them scatter across the dirt floor, the action causing the candle to flicker and nearly go out. “It is as I thought,” she mumbled, her gaze moving from the bones to the shadow on the cave wall. “I will make you whole again, and when I do, you will assist me.”
She moved the candle in its holder and examined the bones again, gnarled fingers running through her matted gray hair. “They tell me that I am the one who will bring down the world. Once I am finished the world will reflect what I, and others like me, want.” She rose from where she kneeled. “But first I must stop the girl who has come from the god’s loins. She is my nemesis and my trial. If she succeeds, I will fail.” She glanced down again. “And I cannot fail.” She bent to gather the bones together, replacing them in the velvet bag. Turning, she placed her hand on the wall where the shadow hovered. “Soon, my love. We will be together very soon.” Outside the cave the wind came up, howling like wild dogs. The candle blew out, plunging the cave into darkness. 

I was raised by fairies in a sylvan glade under a massive oak tree. My early life was spent wandering fields and woods searching for acorns and berries and staring at the cloud shadows racing across the landscape while listening to the whispers on the wind. The woods have always called to me, their silken tones luring me onto narrow paths leading to the hidden magical places. 

Magic and the mystical are alive and well in all my books. Celtic and Norse fantasy, time travel, murder mixed up with ghosts, humor and steamy romance, and a shapeshifting coyote, all inhabit my novels. If confused about where to begin--start with Moonstone, book 1 of Wolfmoon. 

My books are not what you would call literature, and yet they are not mere entertainment either. They are unique--humorous at times, sad at times, and page-turners that take the reader into a world separate from this one. I do not write to market, I write from my heart. 

I couldn't stop writing if I tried--it is the heart and soul of me now. I am still astounded by how my characters lead me on, taking me down meandering paths where I hadn't planned to go. The muse sits on my shoulder most days, and when she's absent I flounder and realize I need a break. I love all things magic, including the Tarot, the runes, divination of all kinds, ghosts, clairvoyance, astral travel--you name it. Magic is all around us if only we open our eyes to it. 

I lived in the Pacific Northwest for sixteen years before moving to the desert southwest with my husband, a cat and a dog. The move was hard because I left family behind, but Arizona is a wonderful place to be and the weather, at least in the winter, is delightful! 

In my spare time I do yoga, hike, garden, and enjoy the bird and animal life that abound in the desert. Check my blog for tales of close encounters with rattlesnakes, coyotes and javelina! And if you want more writing related info, go to

To learn more and to take advantage of promos, free books, etc...please visit my website posted below. 
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