Saturday, October 10, 2020

Book Tour: What She Left Behind by Rebecca Caswell


Rebecca Caswell is a writer living in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming. She is a joy-filled wife and mother of three. When Rebecca is not writing, she runs a salon and furniture renovating business called Teal House Beauty Lounge.

What She Left Behind is Rebecca’s first book. She wrote it hoping to help others cope with the profound losses that we all must face.  
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In life we are blessed to have those who we love. Those we depend on. Those whose very existence proved to help to shape and form us into the very person we are. But what happens when you lose someone whose light, love, and strength brought so much significance and guidance to your life? How do families navigate through the pain of losing a mentor, mother, wife, and friend? What happens as the family dynamics begin to change and shift? After our lives are turned upside down do we ever find ourselves back to a new normal? What She Left Behind is a deep emotional journey that takes you into the abyss of love and loss. It is a memoir of a fight with grief. It takes you down a winding personal account of tragic events and one woman's struggle to find who she really is without the love and strength of her mother. Caught between holding on and letting go, she attempts to weed through the pain and trails that the family faces. This is a story about finding our way out of the depths of heartache and the redemptive way we find ourselves back home.

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Top Ten List


  1. Reading (Thrillers, Suspense)

  2. Writing

  3. Gardening (Flowers and Veggies)

  4. Pasta

  5. Glamping

  6. Hiking

  7. Sunsets

  8. Warm Weater

  9. Family

  10. My Animals (3 dogs, 2 cats, 3 chickens, and 2 ducks)

Snippet 3:

As we approach my mother's room, I take a deep breath and attempt to shake off the nerves that remain jangled inside of me. Let her be stable; let her be stable, sings like a song within me—a chant. A melody was pumping with every beat of my heart. My wish. My prayer. Please, God, hear me. My song cries out in a whimper.

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