Wednesday, November 25, 2020

New Release: Over Easy: The Dragon Born Academy book 2 by T.L. Christianson

 Author: T.L. Christianson

Title: Over Easy

Series: The Dragon Born Academy 

Release Date: November 25, 2020

Main Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Secondary Genres: Paranormal Romance, Sweet Romance, New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Mystery

Tropes: Love triangle, age gap, stuck together, coming of age


A taboo romance.
A destiny revealed.
Secrets uncovered.

The school year continues, and I’m digging more and more into my family history. It’s been shrouded in darkness for too long. But the more I poke into my mother’s shadowed past, the more I wonder if history is repeating itself.

Along my way, I’ve found an unlikely ally in fellow Prime Logan Brooks. And while my partially bonded mate, Ashe, is away serving in the Dragonborn Militia, Logan is here for me. He knows all the right things to do and say… 

As my feelings develop for both, but I know I can’t lead the other on. I thought I was meant to be with Ashe… but maybe I have a choice after all.

I’m solving this Dragonborn puzzle one piece at a time. I just hope that it isn’t tearing me apart as I do.



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EXCERPT – Dragon 

The corner of Elijah’s mouth curved up. “Are you scared? You’re probably scared, not having much experience. But it’s okay, flying really isn’t that hard…” He continued on his monologue while I ignored him and began walking toward the far side near Drake House.

Eli was still talking at me as if I were a complete moron who’d never flown a dragon before. 

Who was I to correct his misconception? 

I rolled my eyes and kept walking. When we were far enough away from the other students, I waited as he continued to talk. “…Do you want me to go first? I’ll go first? Wait, no… ladies first. 

I already know all this… You can go first—or do you want me to show you?”

“I’ll go,” I told him. 

Rolling my neck, I closed my eyes and released Aaraeth. She slid off my skin with a silent whoosh before sinking into the soft ground in front of me.

You are not going to correct him? She asked me, referring to Elijah. 

Nope, I replied. 

I’d been flying with Aaraeth almost every night since we’d been joined. Although I wasn’t experienced, flying with my beast was as natural as breathing for me. 

There were no words to describe the freedom, satisfaction, and completeness that filled me when I rode my dragon.

I shook my head slightly before kicking the harness straps out of my way. As I neared Aaraeth, she bent down so that I could climb up her front paw.

“That’s good…” Elijah said.

Turning, I ordered, “Quiet!”

I knew that would piss him off, but I didn’t care.

When I lifted one leg across Aaraeth, my foot smeared mud over her hindquarters, but we both ignored it. 

We had an audience. Her size alone attracted the attention of almost all the other students and their wyverns. 

When the sun poked out from its thick blanket of clouds, Aaraeth straightened and stretched, extending her wings outward. Her blue, green iridescent scales sparkled like jewels as the light hit them, and I watched the awed faces as our audience took her in.

My dragon, Aaraeth, was breathtaking and both terrifying at the same time.

T.L. Christianson

Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance that’s unique, spellbinding, and sexy. 

T.L.'s blend of real-world science and fantasy makes her novels come alive like nothing you've read before.

Believe in the unbelievable...

T.L. is the author of the Shades of Red vampire series and the Dragon Born Academy series, so if you like science, mystery and a little romance then she’s your gal! As a Colorado native and graduate of the University of Colorado in Boulder, she’s an avid outdoorswoman. When T.L.'s not outside or working on her latest novel, you'll find her reading, listening to science podcasts, or playing the Sims.

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